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Christmas tree, kitchen window and weekend sales!

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Star Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

{norway 9′ tree/clip on candles/wood bead garland/similar bead garland/gold bead garland/similar gold bead garland/rizzo textured ball ornaments/

similar ornaments/lit wood star ornament/jeweled snowflake ornament/similar tree skirt/chunky wool jute rug}


I hope you are all enjoying the weekend! We are back from visiting family in Utah and had the best time. I’m sad our trip is over! Vacations/holidays always go by way too quickly don’t they!? I’ll share some pics from our trip in my next post but wanted to share my family room Christmas tree and kitchen widow with you today! (Along with fun things I’m loving on sale right now!) I’m so behind on sharing my Christmas decor. By this time last year I had already shared most of my holiday decor and hosted my holiday party. Where is that girl? She didn’t show up this year.. ha! I’m definitely behind and I’m blaming it on all things college (tours/applications/housing/deadlines) and my girls are doing most of the work! But so much to keep track of. It’s crazy how much work all of that has been with two girls going through it. We’re starting to hear back from some schools so that’s exciting! And sad for me to think of them leaving. So I’m going to move on to happy thoughts like Christmas tree decorating! I’m tricky like that. :)

Star Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

Family room tree is up and I’m loving the clip on candles and lit star ornaments this year! In my opinion holiday lights are like throw pillows.. you can never have too many. ;) I always keep this tree on the simple, elegant side and kind of like it that way. Then I can be more playful and fun with other trees in my house. :)

Star Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

I love doubling simple bead garlands on this tree and I added more of the gold and rustic orange colored ornaments because they tie in with the orange/brown trees I’m using on my mantel. Sticking with fall colors in these main rooms this year!

Star Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

These jeweled snowflake ornaments are so beautiful in person! Just stunning! So I added a few of those too.

Star Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

Once I get my trees up and decorated I never want to take them down!

Star Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

There is nothing like the cozy glow of a Christmas tree.

Star Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

{mantel sources}

Bonus that it ties in so nicely with my mantel. :)

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{antiqued metal tray/faux eucalyptus swag/flickering candles/taper candles/candle holders/rustic trees/JOY trivet/holiday tree shaped board/

marble lazy susan/green glass tree candle/gilded evergreen balsam candle/similar crock/brass salt grinder/brass pepper grinder/candle snuffer/

pine garland here or here/snowy cedar garland/cedar garland}

My kitchen is feeling cozy too! I loved my little holiday tray so much that I repeated that same look above my cooktop. Two clicks with the remote and it’s all lit up for the night! For my kitchen window I decided to carry over this look in the kitchen..

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

and combine it with this look in the family room..

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

which created this cozy scene with a glow like no other!

I’m not mad about it. :)

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

If you asked me what my all time favorite Christmas decor is and I could only pick ONE item I would tell you I couldn’t do it because I love too many things. Ha. :) But then if you MADE me pick just one item and I was absolutely FORCED to pick one and only one, I would pick my lit birch trees.

You probably knew that. :) I’ve been decorating with them for years and still today I just couldn’t love them more! (Mine are all the small and medium and they are on sale this weekend!) 

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

How gorgeous are they next to these large lit glass trees and small lit glass trees? They look like they were meant to be side by side for life! I added all of my favorite candles and my favorite faux snow and hung the beautiful jeweled snowflake ornaments I used on my tree in the window.

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

I’m not going to lie.. the snowflakes have been an adjustment for my OCD because they won’t stay facing forward. They like to spin and turn and land sideways which is beautiful and more like real snowflakes and I keep reminding myself to accept and love the imperfection.

But really I just want all 5 of them to hold still and face forward.

It’s a work in progress. And when I say “it’s” a work in progress I actually mean “I’m” a work in progress. With a ways to go. Ha.

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

But even with the rotating snowflakes, I’m pretty smitten with this view. I hope you like it too!

Ok.. so many good sales this weekend! I’ve had fun shopping for holiday gifts! My sister and I braved a few stores together Friday but I’ve done most of my shopping on-line. Below is everything I have or love that’s on sale including some items I’m buying for Christmas! I’ll share more Cyber Monday Gift Ideas on Monday. Enjoy the end of the holiday weekend! I so hope it was a good one this year. :)


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Christmas tree, kitchen window and weekend sales!

  1. Erin, your house is looking SO beautiful and festive. Love it! Even those pesky twisty snowflakes. I’m sure it’s just stunning at night, so cozy and warm looking. Good luck with the college stuff. It’s a lot, I know! They’ll land where it is best for them, but getting there… One daughter here is in the midst of applying and interviewing for paid internships for next summer. My other daughter is looking into nurse externships and realizing she is getting closer to being done. Always something! Me, I’m recovering from a nasty head cold that hit just as my week off from school started. Ugh. I guess it was better than having it while I was supposed to be at work. Thank you for sharing all your finds. I know that is a tremendous amount of work. I appreciate you. Glad you had a wonderful holiday!!

  2. Always such beautiful decor and great gift ideas! I’ve been lagging behind in getting to read your blogposts, and I’ve missed them. Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much MaryJo! That makes my day. I’m behind on blog comments so we are even! ;) Always love hearing from you so much. Happy December to you and your family! xo

  3. Nothing against the trees since that’s what I’ve used for several years for decorating, but I do miss the black little houses.

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