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Hot Chocolate & Teen Gift Ideas

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hot chocolate station (Sunny Side Up)

{black wood cheese board here or here}

Happy Sunday! We are officially starting our family Christmas movie nights this week and I am so ready for it! At 8 pm there will be a Christmas movie on in the family room every night we are home from now through the holidays. If people need to be on their laptops during the movie finishing up work that’s fine! We’ve got a lot of movies to watch in a short period of time so it’s time to get serious. Ha. I asked my kids if they want to take turns picking out the movie OR if they want me to write all of our favorite Christmas movie titles on pieces of paper and put them in a jar so we can draw one out each night. They liked the jar idea! They also requested hot chocolate so I set up this cute little hot cocoa station. It’s simple but just right for the 5 of us and our family movie nights.

hot chocolate station (Sunny Side Up)

{hot chocolate bar sign}

I ordered this cute sign to set behind my hot chocolate station mostly to cover the plug outlet on this wall! I wish it was a little bigger but it will do for this year.

hot chocolate station (Sunny Side Up)

{large glass tree/small glass tree/snowflake marshmallows}

I set out a couple of my pretty glass trees and laid out some of these cute snowflake marshmallows. Aren’t they fun!? My kids loved them. I knew they would!

hot chocolate station (Sunny Side Up)

{Christmas spoons/stirring spoons/similar glass}

Another fun addition are these adorable Christmas spoons I ordered. They have little Christmas pendants on the end of them and are  just right for stirring hot chocolate. Another hit with the kids!

hot chocolate station (Sunny Side Up)

{set of 5 glass kitchen canisters}

Because I don’t have a lot of space on this counter I knew I needed skinny jars for the toppings. I found this cute set of 5 glass kitchen canisters on-line and they are perfect! I love the sealed lids too. Hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, candy canes, chocolate chips and crushed peppermint. Our family favorites for hot chocolate. :)

hot chocolate station (Sunny Side Up)

This is going to be a busy spot for the next few weeks! I’m not mad about it. :)

hot chocolate station (Sunny Side Up)

{cozy vibes pjs/ugg slippers/Christmas movie mug}

I’m also not mad about the fact that when I’m home I’m in Christmas pjs. Love this cozy vibes set! Brand is PJ salvage so a little more pricey but they are so soft and comfy. I especially love that they are cute for the holidays but will also work through the winter months after Christmas too.

Got my Christmas movie mug, pjs, and hot chocolate. I am SET. If you need me you know where I’ll be. :)

hot chocolate station (Sunny Side Up)

{mama wants a silent night mug}

A few more mugs I love! Speaking all sorts of truth here. :)

hot chocolate station (Sunny Side Up)

{mama claus mug}

hot chocolate station (Sunny Side Up)

{bite me mug}

This one just made me smile. Ha. :)

I’ve been chipping away at my holiday shopping and thought I’d share some cute things I’m seeing and loving for my teens! My girls are so easy to shop for. I can basically just pick out things I love! The items below are all things they have and use or items on their wish list for this year. Kole is another story. Teen boys are HARD to buy for aren’t they!? I rounded up some of the items I’m debating/ordering for Kole. If you have a teen boy and know of some other fun gift ideas please share! It’s a tricky stage for gift giving. I hope these gift ideas help!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Off to make a Christmas movie jar. :)

1- portable charger   2- black hair ties

3-pouch wristlet   4- hoop earrings   5-aquaphor

1-instant camera   2- 12 games of christmas   3- vibrant shoelaces

4- mad libs   5- ninja multitool   6-apple airtag

7-candy filled canes   8- styling paste   9-football   10- mint tins

1- bose headphones   2-poloroid camera   3- arm warmers

4-vanity mirror   5- gold under eye patches   6- desk pencil holder

7- silk pillow case   8-sunset lamp   9- everywhere belt bag   10- facial cleansing brush

1-flying disc   2-light up baseball   3-puzzle game

4-bose headphones   5- pop sensory fidget toy   6-hooded jacket

7-inflatable blow movie projector   8- slammo game set

9-ugg slipper   10- GPS tracker for kids

1-bath wrap   2- sherpa robe   3-jewelry box   4- heart pillow

5- faux fur round chair   6-travel pouch   7 –jewelry tower

1-ombre basketball hoop   2- faux fur backrest   3- beanbag toss game

4- photo holder   5-bean bag chair   6- pom pom string lights

1-light up shelf   2-basketball hoop   3- iPad stand   4- hook rack

5- football field pillow   6- star light up pillow   7- mario block alarm clock

1-NFL wallet   2-basketball bean bag toss

3- mountain art   4- faux leather lounger   5- gaming chair

 6- dartboard   7-body pillow   8-football LED light

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate & Teen Gift Ideas

  1. Enjoy your movie nights! What a cute hot cocoa bar. Those are some big snowflake marshmallows. I picked up a box of peppermint hot chocolate packets at Walmart for my daughter. It looks like the mini marshmallows in it are peppermint. She’s excited to try it soon. :) You have some fun gift ideas. Yes, girls are easy. And even though I don’t really have experience buying for boys, I do find my husband hard to buy for sometimes! We caught the mid to end of Home Alone last night. I hadn’t seen it in so long it was mostly new to me. My husband was giggling a lot at the pranks and the mom in me was worried about how much pain the guys were in. LOL

    1. Ha! Home Alone is such a classic! That’s Kole’s favorite every year. :) Husbands and boys are always the hardest aren’t they!? Definitely more of a struggle for me too. Thank you so much Jeanne! I hope you are having a good December! :)

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