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*This post is sponsored by OKA. All opinions and product selections are my own!
Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

I have a couple of fun new furniture additions in my home that I’m excited to share! Can you spot the first?

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{Amarolo Narrow Console Table}

I think I hear the angels. Which is rare when I’m not organizing. ;) Isn’t this narrow console table beautiful! I can’t explain the joy I felt when I landed on this. It’s from OKA and they have so many beautiful furniture options.

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

I have been looking for a slim console table for years to put behind our family room couch. Our coffee table is always filled with a combo of decor (because it looks pretty and I love it) and laptops/papers (because Kenny and I often work from our couch in the evenings while we watch TV). I knew a table behind the couch would be ideal for setting drinks and snacks. I needed a place to set the popcorn! :)

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

But I’ve had a few obstacles in the way. This is a main walkway in our home so I knew the table needed to be skinny enough to allow plenty of room for people to walk though even when the barstools were pulled away from the island. Every option I landed on either wasn’t skinny enough or I just didn’t love it. Finally I found something that checked all the boxes!

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

This narrow console table is exactly what I wanted! It’s so skinny! Perfect to set behind a couch or in any narrow space.

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

I love the beautiful wood herringbone pattern! And the gold legs. It works so well with our existing furniture. You hear the angels too now right!?

I knew you did. :)

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

I might add a vase or something at some point (I have a hard time not decorating every surface in our home!) but for now I’m keeping this beautiful table clear. Popcorn and drinks only. I am one happy blogger with a place to set my snacks at night. :)

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. second new addition in our home is this beautiful bench! Years ago I bought two stools for our guest room to sit at the end of this bed. Then I promptly moved one to my family room and Kenny promptly stole the other for an extra seat in his office. Every time my parents come to visit they ask for their stools back. Ha.

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{Hester Bench}

I have a feeling they will like this even better. IF it stays in the guest room. Because I’m very tempted to move it into our master bedroom! Such a stunning bench!

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

Beautiful linen for the seat and it’s comfortable but also firm. Perfect for people or luggage.. for a bedroom or an entry or a dining room.

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

It was love at first sight for me with that diamond pattern on the bottom! I couldn’t love it more. Pieces like this are an investment so I take my time researching options. I couldn’t be happier with these two new additions to our home! OKA has so many beautiful pieces of furniture. Below are other items I’ve been eyeing on their website!

Furniture Finds (Sunny Side Up)

I have a place for you to set your luggage again mom and dad!


I’d come and visit quick though before this bench accidentally moves to my bedroom.

Like come tomorrow.


xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Furniture Finds

  1. Thrilled for you to have found these beautiful furniture pieces that add not only function to your home but beauty as well. You definitely have a great eye for pieces like these. I like the herringbone on the console table and the linen texture on the bench. So pretty! Have a great day, Erin!

  2. Yes! I DO hear the Angels! ;-D Skinny consoles are rare. You will have this for years! So many places it can be used just like the bench!
    THIS console MIGHT be skinny enough to put between my sofa and the wall in my small beach place! Forever trying to find ways to display glass containers of shells and Seaglass!
    I once saw one actually used behind a queen or double size bed in a bedroom too small for much other than the bed and one small nightstand. Stuff was on it where it would have been on a nightstand if room allowed. No headboard, of course.
    Still trying to figure out WHICH Elin Hildebrand book had the guest room with white linens and Navy throw pillows. Also, it had scrubbed pine furnishings. Coming up cold without rereading all the books! So many books, not enough time! Wish this had come up during Covid lockdown!
    Good luck keeping the console surface clean (just a popcorn bowl) Clean, devoid of anything surfaces are apparently illegal in my home!

    1. Ha ha.. they are usually illegal in mine too! We’ll see how long this lasts. I have a sudden urge to add some containers of seaglass! What a beautiful idea. :)

  3. I especially love the bench. I need a shorter version of that to put in our entryway. I don’t want to overcrowd the area but we need something for when we go out of the front door and need to put shoes on, also for our guests. We’re a no shoes inside the house household so it’s off and back on when leaving. I was trying to convince the hubs to just build one for me. He’s got the ability but no time. Other than that he doesn’t want me to add any more furniture in our living room. He said it just another thing to dust and to make the room look smaller. We do like an open minimalist look for the most part.

  4. Erin – you are so funny – it feels good to laugh!🙂. Practical & lovely additions. Hoping your parents get to visit soon so they don’t miss getting to use the lovely new bench😁

  5. Hi! I know this post is well over a year old but I have just now stumbled upon it whilst hunting high and low for a truly narrow console. I LOVE your Amarolo table! I was curious to know how dark is the wood (before I purchase one for myself)? The Oka page describes it as natural but in your photos your barstools look natural and the table looks much darker. I’m good with a tad dark staining but nothing espresso dark. If you happen to have the time I’d love your opinion on the stain shade.
    A new follower!

    1. Hi Susan! Love that narrow console! It’s such a good size for tight spaces! It’s definitely darker than natural (like my barstools) but I wouldn’t call it espresso. It’s very true to how it looks in these pictures and a tad lighter than my dark wood floors. I think you’ll like it! I hope that helps! :)

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