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Hanging Bike Garage Organization

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Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Well hello! I hope you’re all having a great month and moms I hope you’re surviving May madness! We had a couple of not fun weeks being sick at our house. I spent Mother’s Day in bed because of a lovely sinus infection and I kind of want a re-do on that one. Guess I’ll have to wait a year! Ha. Really I’m just so grateful to be feeling better. It always make you extra aware and appreciative of your health when you go through not so healthy times doesn’t it!? I’m especially grateful to be getting some of my energy back because I’m definitely going to need it finishing up this month!

Totally switching gears because today we are talking bike organization!

How was that for a transition.. bikes.. switching gears.. clever right? Yes.. the sinus infection may have affected a few brain cells as well.. ha. I can see my kids all shaking their heads right now. 

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

You might remember the original way we stored bikes in our garage on the floor using a system similar to this rack (our exact rack isn’t in stock anymore.) We also stored our scooters next to them using these little stands that link together. I loved this system! It was perfect when our kids were little and were constantly riding their bikes. It made it so easy for them to safely get their bike and go on a ride and then put it back. We upgraded our bikes when life shut down in 2020 and (like so many others) we were riding them almost every day and I loved having our bikes so easily accessible.

Fast forward to today. Life is back to full speed with ALL the activities and we are lucky if we can find one day a month to use our bikes. (Hoping for more riding time this summer!)

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Plus my little minis who used to look like this zooming around on their razor scooters in the back yard..

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

now look like this. My girls grew up (tear) and we now have TWO teenage drivers. Don’t blink moms! I really don’t know how this is even happening! But here we are and aside from not using the bikes as often we also needed more garage space for cars.

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Kenny spent some time researching what would work best and finally decided to go with these rail mount lifts that would hold the bikes on our garage ceiling. He got to work installing the mounts and had no problems attaching them to the ceiling.

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Two up.. two more to go!

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Of course he couldn’t have done it without such a trustworthy and loyal assistant. :)

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

A few hours later and done! We now have a new system for bike organization and I have to say that we are obsessed! It feels amazing having the bikes off of the ground and out of the way. I can’t believe how much space it gave us back. Now we can easily park all of our cars with room to walk around them.

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

I had Kenny come out to take these pics so that he could show me (and you!) how to get the bikes down and put them up. The bikes are attached with hooks and a rope. To get them down you pull and release the lock (just like using a blind!) and then use the rope to lower the bike.

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

There is a locking mechanism that keeps things secure and they are so easy to raise and lower. Really so simple!

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

You can attach the ropes to the wall but because of the way we hung ours it was easier to just tie the extra rope around a bike petal.

Hanging Bike Garage Organization (Sunny Side Up)

So nice to have our bikes off the floor and out of the way! I wanted to share our new system in case it’s the right solution for any of you too. You can also use these mounts to hold ladders. Let me know if you have any questions! I’ll also share more on IG stories and save it to a garage highlight if you hang with me there. :)

I’ll be back with more organization (and other fun things) soon! There’s no stopping the projects (or cheesy jokes) when mom is feeling like herself again.



xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Hanging Bike Garage Organization

  1. So very sorry to hear you were so sick, Erin! And here I thought you were just busy with May and all the madness. It’s nice to see you up and about. Your new bike storage looks like a great solution. So happy for you to be able to utilize it for more car space. Congrats on have two teen drivers. A lot of worry…it’s what moms do, but a bit more freedom as well. Plus, they don’t usually mind running to the store for you if you need something you forgot for dinner. Ask me how I know. LOL I hope you have a great and healthy end of school year run! Hugs!

  2. We have 2 similar racks that each have 2 slings/loops to hang our kayaks above our cars in our garage. They lock the same as yours do. They work well but I’m always afraid one will fall on my car cuz that’s how my brain is lol.

  3. Erin,
    what a clean and organized garage and of course, we expect nothing less from you!
    My grandfather always said, “you can tell what to expect from a restaurant by viewing their bathrooms and a home by viewing the garage and shed!”. My grandfather, BTW, was the most organized man to ever walk this earth!
    Having to smile at Kole right there and involved. Takes me back a bit……..
    We used to get 15-18 ft REAL Christmas trees. REAL, back THEN. We really liked the look of the tree going all the way up into the family room vaulted ceiling. It was quite a job back then and NO one wanted to go “fake” at that time. After hit and miss and some broken ornaments w/a tree not being anchored, we devised a system with the second-floor balcony over the family room and someone being up on that balcony and someone below w/the tree, trunk of the tree and the water stand. Of course, my girls were not interested and worried about their nails! My son loved this stuff. He was right up there with my husband with the ropes and this sort of “pully system” we devised. He never could wait for this and from Halloween on kept asking WHEN could we do it. HE was the most shocked of all when I said “it’s over. We are going NORMAL sized and FAKE!” I can still see his face when he said, “what will we do about our pulleys and ropes?” For him the FUN was the installation! PERIOD…
    BOYS-you have to love them no matter if pre teen or full size man! Where would we be without them!? Better yet-WHAT do we do WITH THEM!! ;-D
    Loved this post but waiting for MORE decorating! Glad you are feeling better. Bed is the best place for sinus infections. Sadly we moms never get the “do overs” b/c too much STUFF is going on! NEXT YEAR my friend! Your Mothers Day and MY anniversary!
    Up the Anty for the missed year! YES!

  4. Wow, I am inspired to do the same, thank you! I’m also admiring the floor. Do you know which product it’s covered in?

  5. Erin, your garage is so organized and clean! I’m jealous!
    My husband and I used to ride bikes until I kept falling in front of cars. Then he decided to give my bike away. :-(
    I only counted four bikes…aren’t there 5 in your family? Does Kenny ride? Was that a motorcycle I saw in the photo? Enjoy all the fun you and your family can have while you still have them at home. Our kids grow up too fast!
    Feel better soon!

    1. Oh no Mira! Bike riding can be dangerous.. so happy you weren’t hurt! We only have 4 bikes because the girls share one! They are so busy that it’s rare we get both of them on a ride with us. It’s usually me, Kenny, Kole and if we’re lucky one of the girls. :) And yes! My husband loves riding motorcycles. Talk about dangerous.. yikes! He’s very careful and has ridden them his whole life. I still get anxious though every time he leaves the house on it! Kids definitely grow too fast.. trying to enjoy every day with them! Thanks for the sweet comment.. enjoy your summer! xo

  6. Thanks Erin!

    Where did you get your peg board(?), cabinets and shelving for the garage organization?


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