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May Amazon Buys

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May Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend so far!  We’ve been busy celebrating our sweet 15 year old.  Such a fun few days full of friends and food and shopping and games and pedicures and movies and pool time and Starbucks pink drinks galore!  I’m going to need a weekend to recover from this weekend. :)  I think she felt the love and that was the goal so mission accomplished!  We love our Addison SO much.

I can’t believe it’s the last day in May!  Below are my Amazon purchases for the month.  More of a few old favorites and a few new favorites I’m excited about too.  (I snapped all of these pics with my phone so ignore the poor lighting!)

May Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{glass jar with flowers/similar crock/faux pink peonies/dish brush}

Such a small thing but I needed a dish scrubber for this sink by the window and found this cute bamboo dish brush.

May Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I placed it in a decorative bowl and now something so useful doubles as decor.  Bring on the dishes!  Kind of crazy but they aren’t as much of a chore for me with my cute new brush.  Wonder how long that feeling will last. :)

May Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{reclaimed wood vase/navy shelf vase/similar faux white flowers/liberty banner/navy throw/cordova tray/terracotta bowl/wood chain/made for living book/marble box/

I added a few patriotic touches to the living room!  I love having it up in time to remember and honor everyone who served our country on Memorial Day.  Very similar to last year’s decor with my favorite banner on my mantel, but I added a few new things.  (This gorgeous large tray is on sale today!)

May Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

My favorite being this decorative wood chain!  I wanted something a little bigger for my terracotta bowl and this is perfect!  I’ve seen very similar decorative chains for a lot more money so I was thrilled when I found this.  It came with some cute smaller beads too!

May Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{weekly planner pad/daily plan}

Time to refill my weekly planner pad!  I use the weekly pad a lot to organize my blog/IG content.  It helps me to see the entire week on one page.  I also like the habit tracker at the bottom.  “Drink more water” and “put away clothes in closet immediately” seem to be two habits I’m always working on and have yet to nail.  Someday I’ll get there!  The daily plan is great for busy days that need more scheduling.

May Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

(gold vase/faux peonies/cross hatch/wicker tray/macrame coasters/pink glasses/floral pillow}

I’m THRILLED about these macrame coasters!  Our glasses always sweat (is it a humidity thing!?) and it drives me crazy when water is dripping all over the table.  I have a lot of pretty decorative coasters, but they don’t absorb water on the outside of the cup.  These coasters are not only cute to have out on my coffee table, but they also keep my table from getting wet.  Score!  It’s the little things. :)  (A mad game of Clue was going on behind the scenes in this picture.) 

May Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{collapsible colander}

Meet my new summer obsession!  I LOVE this collapsible colander!  It’s thin and easy to store when you aren’t using it.

May Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

When you are using it just pull out the handles and push the bottom and wa-la!  A deep colander that makes draining food a breeze.  I especially love it for fruit that I want to wash and cut so it’s ready to eat.

May Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Done and done.  This is so handy!  Especially for sinks that are large and deep.

A few other Amazon favorites from the month include my favorite mascara, a few travel bags (so excited for upcoming summer trips!), Kenny’s hair gel (he loves Reformer), another set of our favorite sheets (gave them to a friend for her birthday!), the items I mentioned above and the book Effortless.  I’ve been listening to it on Audible.  I loved Greg McKeown’s first book Essentialism (so good if you haven’t already read it!) so I thought I’d give his next book a try now that I’m back to my days of living in my car. :)  I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done!

May. Amazon buys (

1- toiletry travel bag   2- dish brush    3- hair putty

4- effortless   5- maybelline mascara  6- coasters

7- electronic organizer    8- decorative wood bead chain.

9- weekly planner notepad  10- happy birthday banner set

11- kitchen strainer  12- bed sheet set

I’d love to hear about any Amazon items you’re loving!  It’s always fun sharing favorites. :)  Speaking of favorites.. below are a few fun things I found at Pottery Barn that are on sale since I didn’t have time to round them up before.  If you missed my last post I included all of my Memorial Day weekend sale picks from favorite stores.  Everything is marked down through today!  I was so happy to hear that my post was helpful from some of you.

Enjoy your week everyone!  I hope it’s off to a good start. :)

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “May Amazon Buys

  1. I’m in a shopping mood this weekend :)
    Saturday morning someone posted about some great pool noodles so I sent them to my brother….then saw a good round-up and thought of my mother so sent one her way….now going to order Essentialism for me! Love seeing what others are buying and loving :)
    Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Jenni! Oh my word.. me too! So many great sales this weekend plus it’s just that time of year with summer and outdoor things on our minds. We need new pool noodles this year too! Ha. :) I hope your weekend was relaxing!

  2. your house is always so beautiful and super clean. Uhhh, why doesn’t my kitchen sink area look so wonderful? Gorgeous post as always and Love all that you do.

    1. You are too kind Sherilynne.. thank you! I have to tell you though that when I took that picture of my kitchen sink my family room/couch area was a disaster! We definitely get messy around here. :) Thanks again for your sweet words.. means a lot to me! xo

  3. Happiest of birthdays a day late to Addison! Wow, she is your mini you! Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing your May picks. I will have to look into the colander for sure. Man, those strawberries look delicious! Do you like strawberry rhubarb flavor? I came across a delicious pie filling recipe last year that I don’t use for pies, but as a topping for ice-cream. It’s from Michael at the Inspired By Charm blog. Just made it again (second batch) yesterday. Yum! Your little scrubber is so cute. Nice bowl, too. I have to check out Essentialism from the library. I did once, but I think it was around Christmas time and I never really got a chance to read it. I have been listening to his podcast on my walks. Jon Acuff has one, too. Great listens. They’ve talked about Effortless and I want to read that one, too. :) Good luck with the end of year craziness. You can do it! And make it look effortless. ;)

    1. Jeanne! So funny.. I just downloaded Jon Acuff’s book “Finish” the other day too! We are so on the same page.. ha. I need to look up their podcasts! I’m such a sucker for motivational stuff like that. :) Thank you for the sweet b-day wishes for Addie! Your strawberry pie filling turned ice-cream topping sounds heavenly. I love anything strawberry. So happy it’s summer – they are so fresh and delicious! Enjoy your week! xo

  4. Loved hearing about all the fun things you got to do for Addie’s birthday – I can’t help but remember how dismal things were by May of last year, ugh! Luckily a distant memory now. Need to download Essentialism – always love a good book recommendation!

    1. Oh my word.. right!? So happy to have that behind us! If you read/listen to Essentialism let me know what you think! I loved it!

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