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Office paint and organization accessories

Office paint/decor (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Friday!  Anyone setting aside time to make some paper piles this weekend?  If you are I might be stopping by.  Call me crazy but that’s my idea of a good time.  Ha.  I hope my last post was helpful if you need to get your paper/home office set up whipped into shape!  My office is looking a little different than the pictures I just shared.  If you hang out with me on IG stories you’ve probably already seen my new office paint!  I was debating between about 10 different shades of green.

I just love green.  Did you know that?

I bet you did. :)

{chunky wool jute rug/everygirl planner/sugar paper products}

It kind of made me smile when I realized that I had picked up shades of green that matched my planner, my binder and about 10 different shirts I own.  Clearly I’m drawn to this shade!  I finally narrowed it down to one and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Office paint/decor (Sunny Side Up)

The winner?  Sherwin Williams “Quietude” at 50%.  I tried it at 75% and 25% too.. because I’m tricky like that.  But 50% was hands down the winner.  Not too dark.. not too light.  Green with a grey tone (which was what I wanted) but not so much that it looks more grey than green.

Office paint/decor (Sunny Side Up)

Ignore the Christmas rug.  I took these pics right after the paint was dry and hadn’t switched out the rug yet!

Office paint/decor (Sunny Side Up)

What do you think!?  Fun change!?

Office paint/decor (Sunny Side Up)

Office paint/decor (Sunny Side Up)

I was so ready for something new in this space!

Office paint/decor (Sunny Side Up)

{Woven Tacha Rug}

I can’t wait to decorate and I’m kicking things off with my new office rug!  My kids spend as much time in this room as I do so I wanted something that felt fun.  I also wanted a rug that complimented the new green paint, but was neutral enough that it would work with any other colors/decor I decide to decorate with.  This woven tacha rug is perfect and even more beautiful in person.  So much texture and I love the rose gold stripes!  I think I’m going to need a rug pad under it to flatten it completely but this table is SO heavy!  I’m not sure I can convince Kenny to lift it for me again.. ha.  *Sidenote because I get asked about this table a lot.. I had it made custom when we built the house.  I sketched the legs and my carpenter made them and then we put a quartz slab on top.  Hence the reason it’s SO heavy. :)   

I hope you like the changes so far!  I know some people like the blue paint better and that’s ok.  For me this green paint is a welcome change.  It feels calm and so me.. like I’m coming home. :)  I desperately need some new barstools.  The seats on our previous barstools in this room completely peeled off!  They were inexpensive from Home Goods so I guess I’m lucky they lasted as long as they did.  We’ve been pulling our kitchen barstools in this room to use temporarily and the back and forth is getting a little old. :)  I’ll share the new barstools when I find them and other office progress along the way!

If you are working on your home office and paper organization with me this week and need a few storage solutions I found so many great options!  Both for paper and also for overall office organization.  I lined them all below!

Enjoy your weekend and call if you’re organizing!

I’ll bring the popcorn.


Paper Organization (

1- 3 pocket hanging wall file folder   2- 3 letter wall pocket

3-  wood desktop organizer   4-  aubrey letter file bin    5- rattan benson desk 

6- 3-tier vintage wood tray   7- 2-pack stackable bamboo tray   8- 3-tier wall file holder 

9- white wood paper tray   10- tava paper tray    11- stackable metal and wood tray 

12- 2-tier document organzier   13- stack box paper organizer

office organization (

1- filing box with handles   2- gold 4 cup desk organizer   3- clear compartment box

4- leather desk mat  5- marble and gold pencil cup  6- clear and gold acrylic organizer

7- sydney desk collection  8- hanging file folder  9- arts & crafts storage cart

10- gold file holder  11- wood gallery office collection   12- marble letter holder 

13- rose gold desktop organizer   14- clear turntable   15- white spinning desk organizer

xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “Office paint and organization accessories

  1. Erin, it’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I absolutely love it! I know you make your choices carefully, so this color was well thought out and is just PERFECT for this space and you :) I am also doing some repainting and wood wall treatments in my house to give a builder grade house and paint I chose 5 years ago a little face lift and reflect the style/colors I have come to love. Feels SO good! Especially after the past year. I can’t wait to see as you fill your office back up with decor. That rug is a lovely start! How fun!!

    1. Thank you so much Genelle! I’m so happy you like it! Crazy what a little paint can do right? So fun that you are adding wall treatments too.. sounds gorgeous! Send me a pic when it’s up. I would love to see your before and after! :)

  2. The paint color looks great. Calm and soothing for sure. The important question is if you like it, right? And I think you do, so you’re good. :D The rug looks lovely and full of fun texture. I guess I didn’t realize or completely forgot that the table has a quartz top. Wowza. I’m sure you will have a fantastic time getting it set up just how you want it. Good luck. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  3. I love your office! Can you tell me about the amazing door that you used? We are beginning new construction, and I would love to do something similar in my office.

    1. Thank you so much Anita! I had that made custom when we built the house! So sorry I don’t have any info. on it. It was just in my head. :) Consider doing that though.. you can find a pic of a door you like (or use a pic of mine) and see if your cabinet guy or carpenter can build it for you!

  4. Hi Erin

    Love the new wall colour in your office. Also love your built ins and how you have designed this space. I’m currently having a house built so I was wondering what is the size of this room?


  5. Love, love the new office paint color. It’s so calming. Now, off to figure out where I can use it.

  6. I love the new green! Very calming! Can’t wait to see what else you do with it! Have a wonderful weekend Erin :)

  7. I like the shade of green but not a fan of rugs under tables because they are always in the way of pushing chairs in and nobody puts them back like they should be. If it was a rug that was almost as big as the floor it wouldn’t be a problem, but then you may as well have carpet.

  8. Erin,
    OHMYGOSH! Just love the NEW paint, and would probably love it more if this new Dell Laptop showed colors as true as they actually are!
    One question-when you say 25% or 50% with the color, is that in reff. to “mixing” as in a “custom color”? Did you mean adding the paint company Color to a BASE color??? Usually, here, on the East Coast, you either buy the color by its name or a number, like, for example-
    Benjamin M. “Vanilla Ice Cream” (ok, I love THAT one, but is it JUST the name? ;-D)well, that color, I am thinking for the exterior of my house, which is Cedar clapboard, and has been “Colonial Blue” and a gray called “Nantucket Gray”, and now I am going to a warm Ivory/cream, b/c nearly every house on my street is the same color gray, and also, ours is in REAL NEED of repainting, so now is the time to make the change! Now, years ago, on a first house, I did a “custom color” for cream color trim and there were percentages of this number and that number for the color, and then “MY COLOR” was given its OWN number on the can.
    I named it myself, “light buttermilk”!
    Anyway, maybe it is where I live, or just ME, and I am missing something! Hope you can clear that up, the percentages before it is time to paint in September! I am very excited about the change! I feel like it will be a NEW house!
    Anyway, just love your new color, and I was looking at something a bit similar for a powder room .Valspar “secret Moss” 5005-2A. Maybe…..Maybe not……. Hmmmmmm….
    Any ideas for a very centered front door, on a TRUE styled, federal colonial home(NO overhang or portico)on a warm ivory/light cream color home. All pearl white trim. Green/blue/gray family??? I love the color of spruce trees, so I was thinking……..
    T.Y. so much Erin!

    1. Hi Sharon! YEA! So happy you like it! Ok.. so you can tell a paint company to lighten your paint by a certain percentage. I put the original color up on my wall but it felt a little dark to me so I tried having SW mix my color at 25% and 50% lighter (then I put those up on my wall) and I liked the 50% lighter color best. So the color I chose is lightened by half. If they lighten a color by 25% they use 75% of the pigment. Does that make sense? So the color keeps the same undertones of the original color at full strength, but will be lighter. So exciting you are re-painting your exterior! It’s going to be absolutely dreamy! :)

  9. What stain is on your floor boards? I like them very much and we are about to refinish our floors!

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