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Valentine’s Day Powder Bathroom

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Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Sunday!  I’ve missed you all!  I’ve been busy working on all sorts of random things that I’ll share at some point.  As soon as I finished working on them. :)  I’ve done my usual and started 6 projects and now everything is started and in motion and my brain is fuzzy and nothing is finished.  Remember that book I read and loved and highlighted every other page?  The One Thing?   Yeah.. clearly I didn’t learn much from it.  Ha.  Thinking I need to read it again.

When I finish my 6 things. ;)

Today I’m sharing my powder bathroom because it’s looking all sorts of festive for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I found this pink heart shaped rug on-line and couldn’t resist.  Isn’t it cute!?  This little bathroom gets the most use in our house because it’s right off of our family room so it’s a fun space to update with each season.  It’s also a small space so it doesn’t take much to give it a whole new look!

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I pulled out some of my favorite faux flowers that you’ve all seen before.

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{chevron vase/faux pink peonies (on sale!)/similar faux white flowers}

My faux pink peonies always pull me out of my usual post holiday slump.  I know it’s a little early to bring out Spring decor, but in my defense it has been 80 degrees on the coast this week!  We’ve been enjoying a random week of warm weather so I’m feeling totally justified bringing out all the bright colors.  I also felt totally justified ordering a few more because they are on sale.  And well.. the weather.

Hmm.  what else can I blame on the random heat this week?  It’s definitely why I ate all of those tortilla chips yesterday.  And why I keep putting off organizing my closet.  Sadly that space is not one of the 6 things I’m working on, but it really needs to be.  I’ll start it tomorrow.  Here we go!  Project #7 in the works with no end in sight!

Darn weather.

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{multistripe bath towels/pink tassel towels}

I added some cute new striped hand towels to my ladder along with my long time favorite pink towels (still obsessed with that hand-knotted tassel fringe!).

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Then I just filled this clear soap pump with pink soap.

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

And there you go.. Valentine’s Day in the powder bath!  My girls both quickly noticed and loved the cute heart shaped rug and Kole told me “I like that new soap mom.. it smells good” so I’m calling this mini makeover a success!

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Like I said.. it doesn’t take much. :)

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I shared these pics last year but this is how our little powder bathroom is organized.  Seasonal towels in most of the drawers.  Summer..

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)


Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

More options for Spring.

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Toilet paper, extra soap and larger towels underneath.

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Then in the top right drawer we keep extra tooth brushes for busy mornings when the kids need to brush quick before they head out the door!  The girls and Kenny haven’t had to head out the door in the morning since last March.  Ha.  So this drawer isn’t getting the use it once was.  I still use it every day to get Kole ready though.  I do his hair quick and have him brush his teeth in this bathroom.  So much easier to just keep him downstairs once he’s down!

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I came across this pic the other night from our previous house and it made me smile.  I was doing the same thing years ago when my girls were little!  Keeping extra toothbrushes and tooth paste in a kitchen drawer for those busy school mornings when I didn’t want to send them back upstairs to brush their teeth.  Their dolls were too big of a distraction!  They would just need to tuck this doll in and dress that one and next thing you know we were 20 minutes late for school.  Seeing the Dora toothpaste and Kole’s baby bibs/spoons brings it all back like it was last week. :)

Valentine's Day Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?  Some years I don’t do much and other years I go all out.  Just depends on my post Christmas mood!  For now I’m just enjoying this festive space and a few small things in the kitchen.  I do love to see all of the fun things that come out for Valentine’s day and I always get my kids and Kenny a few fun surprises for the 14th. I ordered this cute heart shaped rug for my girls’ bathroom for one surprise.  It’s so cute and I love the reminder on it!  Below are some other Valentine’s Day favorites!  Lots of cute ways to bring this fun holiday into your home and life.  I’m thinking we can all use a little extra love right about now.. so why not?  I’ll share some of the new items I ordered in the collage below and a few other fun things popping up around here soon!

Darn weather made me do it.


Valentine's Day (

1 – lucky brand sweatshirt   2 – bobeau flocked V-neck  3 – ari heart pendant 4 – ryanne heart ring

5 – heart shaped sunglasses   6 – ceramic heart shaped plates 7 – something sweet pajamas  8 – big heart crew socks 

9 – heart leather tassel pouch  10 – emile ruffled heart dish  11 – wood and marble heart cheese board 

12 – decorative word object  13 – tulip wreath   14 – watercolor heart tiered stand  15 – xoxo doormat

16 – honeydew lounge set  17 – love lumbar pillow cover 18 – floating heart pillow   19 – faux fur heart pillow 

20 – two tier heart server  21 – three heart platter  22 – xoxo print  23 – heart server  24 – heart appetizer plates


xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Powder Bathroom

  1. Christmas decor for me is enough of a routine buster that all I want to do after it gets put away is reset my house (well in the years where I decorate a lot). Add to that the New Year and the grand hopes we ALL have for a better year, (which quite frankly is having the rockiest of starts), and that could be why you have so many projects going on. Whatever the motivation, your bathroom looks really sweet. Such a lovely rug!! At first I was going to ask what do you do with the pink soap if you don’t use it up and I think I can answer my own question…I’ll bet you actually save the container it came in and pour any extra back into the original container, right? Or do you just keep it out and use it up? That’s been kind of my dliemma with some “themed” staples. I don’t have a lot of extra storage space. And does soap keep? Hmmmm….golly I have some weird questions about soap, don’t it? Betcha didn’t think anyone would ask about that. Haha! I’ll stop now. Have a happy week, Erin! :)

    1. Ha ha.. ask away Jeanne! I’ll probably keep the pink in this room throughout Spring and just switch out the rug so we’ll use all the soap. My kids go through it so quickly I’ll probably have to refill it before long! And I agree. Always such a strong desire to reset the house after the holidays. It makes me want to clean and organize and re-do everything! One step at a time right? Hang in there.. hoping this year picks up speed and turns out to be a good one! :) xo

  2. Too cute, Erin!! You make my day by making me smile (or out right laugh)!! :). I’m going to go shopping – thanks for the cute suggestions!

  3. I decorate only the living room for Valentine’s. I kept the red accent pillows on the sofa, the red throw blanket that’s in the basket, and used old Valentine’s decorations for our floating shelves. Then I hung a Valentine’s hand towel in the powder room and I’m good to go.

  4. Erin – Love the Valentine’s Day decor! Also, love your flooring …. do you mind sharing the brand/type (or directing me to a previous post)? Thank you!

  5. The baby bibs brought me right back in time to when my son was a tiny toddler!
    So fun that you also used BabyBjörn! I always thought that was just
    sold here in Sweden, since it is a Swedish brand.
    Nice to see it made it all the way to the USA!

  6. Erin,
    Could you tell me where this vessel sinl is from?
    Also I was wondering the width?
    The bathroom is beautiful!
    Thanks so much.

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