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Organized Wrapping Paper

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Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Sunday!  Talking organized wrapping paper today!  As soon as I got my Christmas decor put away and my attic organized I was left with Christmas wrapping paper.  A lot of it.  All over my house.  For the past few years I have kept it with my every day wrapping paper but I was running out of room in my office cupboard so rolls of it were popping up here and there and pretty much everywhere.  It was time to consolidate!

I love that word.

Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

I ordered this gift wrap organizer, wrote Christmas Wrapping Supplies on the label and got to work!

Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

And before long I had this beauty to behold.

Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Love this organizer!  You can adjust the little box at the top to be larger if you don’t have any extra long rolls of wrapping paper.  The pockets on the sides are perfect for gift sacks and tissue.

Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

I had extra Christmas ribbon and bows so I put them in Ziploc bags..

Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

and just set them on the top.  There is room to spare!

Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

It zips up easily and is so easy to store!  It would fit nicely under a bed if you’re short on storage space and would be perfect for every day wrapping paper too.  (Lots of fun options HERE on Amazon!)  It also comes in red or black.  I’m going to store it in my attic with the rest of my Christmas decor.  Next year holiday wrapping will be a breeze!  I can just pull this out and get to work.  Hopefully in early December.  This year I was NOT on my wrapping game and was up until 3:30 am wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve.  Good times when your excited kids wake you up 3 hours later!  #nothappeningagain

Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{white mesh Elfa drawers}

I felt so good after getting my Christmas wrapping paper organized that I decided to clean out the bins in my office cupboard that hold every day wrapping supplies.  I still use one of them for Christmas ribbon that I haven’t used yet.

Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

They were overflowing before.  Felt so good to get rid of supplies I was never going to use!

Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Now that my Christmas wrapping paper has its own happy home I have so much more room for wrapping paper I need for birthday parties and other gifts in this cupboard.  A simple organizing project that took little time and felt really GOOD!  Small organizing wins like this are the best because they motivate you to keep going and give you the courage to tackle big projects.

Like my closet.

That I’ve started organizing over 20 times and seem to always just end up with a bigger mess than I started with.  {Sigh}

Below I’m sharing my Christmas organizing favorites again one last time before we move on!  I heard from many of you that the storage bags I used for pillows this year (#3) sold out so I searched for something similar.  These storage bags would work and so would these.  Also Colleen Rothschild is having a weekend sale on all of her moisturizers and exfoliators!  I’ve been using and loving this extreme recovery cream (so good!) and it’s the best price I’ve seen it.  I’m also sharing some fun things on sale right now at Nordstrom that I have and love and a few things I have my eye on.  Best sales!  Clothes spark so much joy for me!

Hence the reason I can’t seem to organize my closet.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wrapping Paper Organization (Sunny Side Up)

1 –  Holiday Plate Box  2 – Christmas Wreath Bag  3 – Storage Bags

4 – Ornament Storage Box  5 – Clear Plastic Container w/ lid  6 – Clear Storage Box (6 pack)

7 – Christmas Tree Storage Bag  8 – Underbed Ornament Storage Box  9 – Gift Wrap Organizer


Daily Deals Nordstrom (

1 – clarem boot  2 – wild throw blanket 3 – cloud oversize blanket

4 – adult face masks 5 – gradina heel bootie 6 – pocket workout leggings 

7 – faux fur trim jacket  8 – structured knit tunic  9 – choker necklace 

10 – farrah high waist skinny jeans

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Organized Wrapping Paper

  1. Great gift wrap storage for those who are overflowing with it! Thanks for sharing all that you share. :) Have a great Sunday.

  2. Organizing just makes life that much better, doesn’t it?!? We keep our wrapping paper in under bed boxes in our master bedroom, and we have one for all the ribbon and bows and a box with a couple pairs of scissors and tape. One is for Christmas and the other for everyday.

    1. So smart Margo! I totally agree.. organization is the best! Just makes life so much easier! Sounds like you have a perfect system for wrapping paper. I love it! Thank you for sharing it with me! :)

  3. Thanks for all these tips on storage options. I am finally investing in new storage starting this year. I bought tree bags in order to get our trees out of those big, bulky boxes and can’t believe the space I am saving. This gift wrap organizer is probably going to be my next purchase as it looks pretty big and able to hold all my gift wrapping and accessories!!

    1. YEA! So nice to get all of the storage solutions figured out isn’t it Andrea!? Best feeling! I’m happy to hear the tree bags are working for you! I might switch to those at some point too. I hope your year is off to a good start! xo

  4. Love all of your storage ideas! I’m going to tweak some of mine. The white mesh baskets on your link appear to all come with the slide out rails? We’re there any that are just the basket by itself? I’m on a roll here also, thanks for your ideas as always!!!

    1. Thank you so much Dianne! When I bought those baskets they sold them w/o the rails but I couldn’t find any w/o the rails on-line so I’m not sure! So sorry about that. I’ll check next time I’m in The Container Store because I’m curious about that too! xo

  5. Thanks for the inspiration Erin! Instead of a bag, I ordered a tall, vertical plastic bin for my wrapping papers. And it arrived today. It fit 30 rolls! And I ordered 6 fabric storage bins for my pillows & stuff. Can’t wait till they get here. Like you, I’ve been using garbage bags for years for storage. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself. Keep your great ideas coming! Love them & you! Xox

    1. YEA! This made me so happy Mona! I’m thrilled the storage bin idea was helpful! And your tall plastic bin for wrapping paper sounds PERFECT. Such a good feeling to come up with good storage solutions! Like putting together the last piece in a complicated puzzle. :) Thank you so much for your fun and kind comment! It made my day and means so much to me that you feel that way! xo

  6. Erin, I just purchased this gift wrap organizer after this post, and it is AMAZING. Thank you so much for the recommendation! My wrapping paper storage has been a hot mess for years with a container that couldn’t fit my longer rolls, so I no longer used the lid. This has solved everything. Last night I sat on my living room floor and moved everything over, and my life has changed. I feel like I need SO much help organizing, and coming up with better ways to store my things, and I can always rely on you to provide great recommendations. Thanks for all you share with us!

    1. Julie this was such a sweet comment.. you completely made my day! Yea! I’m so happy that you like the gift wrap organizer! I felt the same way.. SO nice to get it all in once place. Thank you so much for letting me know. Your kind words mean a lot to me! xo

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