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Daily Routine, Decor and Deals

Sunny Side Up

Happy Saturday everyone!  I feel like after last week we are finally back in a routine.  It’s a different routine with my girls doing school from home, but I’m happy to say that after months of who knows what!? we are at least in some sort of rhythm now.  YEA for that!  Kole is my only child who is actually leaving the house for school this year and I don’t think I ever shared this pic from his first day.  He turned back after drop off to say “I love you mom!” and I yelled it back, snapped this pic and then proceeded to cry the rest of the drive home.  5th grade this year but he’ll always be my baby.  And I guess I’ll always tear up on the first day of school!  Even if I was beyond elated that he was going. :)

Sunny Side Up

{Forehead Thermometer}

Part of our routine is taking his temperature every morning and uploading it into an app before he gets to school.  Our previous thermometer broke so we replaced it with this one and it’s amazing!  I just hold it 2 inches away from Kole’s forehead and push the button and done!  His temp pops right up on a little screen.  Thought I’d share in case any of you need an upgrade too!

On that note I hope you’re all staying healthy. :)

Planning pages (Sunny Side Up)

{weekly planner pad/Bliss Daily Planner}

Getting back in a routine for me always means time to be better about planning my days the night before.  I’ve been using these notepads lately and really like them both!  The top is great for a week at a glance when I don’t have as much going on and the pad below is perfect for days that are busy and I want to plan hour by hour.

Planning pages (Sunny Side Up)Some days I use my notepads and some days I use my various printables.  (I have LOTS that you can download for free when you sign up to get my blog posts by e-mail!)

The only thing consistent about my planning is that I like to mix it up.  Ha.  Really though.. with all of the uncertainty and craziness going on around us these days I have found that planning ahead is so calming!  The ordinary, mundane to-do’s are really comforting to me right now.  Making lists, feeling productive, routine, and exercise.  Those 4 things are definitely cheering me up at the moment.  Stability I guess!  Along with Fall decorating and organizing everything in sight of course.  :)

Planning pages (Sunny Side Up)

Sharing a few pics of my kitchen I took last week.  Our cozy Fall decor is so fun to wake up to every morning.  Light pours through the window and shines off of all of the gold and is so pretty!  I try to focus on the pretty light and not on the fact that it’s insanely hot outside and not even close to sweater weather here.  (Sigh.)  I have two favorites in my bay window at the moment.  First are these faux olive branches on the left.  They are so realistic!  An amazing price for a set of 5.  Honestly they look like Pottery Barn faux branches for so much less!  I have them spread out in a wide crock, but they would look pretty tighter together in a tall vase too.  On the right in a favorite vase is my Pampas grass!

Planning pages (Sunny Side Up)

It grows all over in my area and I was excited to bring some of the outdoors into my home this year for Fall!  I have to buy faux colored leaves but Pampas grass we’ve got. :)

Fall window decor (Sunny Side Up)

{artisan vase}

I cut this from behind my house and it looks so pretty!  I thought it would be a mess all over my counter by now but I’ve had it about 2 weeks and it’s still holding strong.  I shared my Pampas grass in IG stories last week and had lots of requests for some good faux options for those of you who who aren’t surrounded by it!

Fall window decor (Sunny Side Up)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

These are my favorite faux options I’ve found on-line!  Such a pretty way to bring Fall indoors.

Fall window decor (Sunny Side Up)

Fall window decor (Sunny Side Up)

{hicks pendant/navy rugs/marble and gold tray/faux pumpkins/olive branches/candlesticks/dishcloth/artisan vase/mirror tray/anthro fall candles}

fashion finds (Sunny Side Up)

{Swift Run Sneaker/Chain Pointed Toe Mules/Ugg Fluffette Slipper/Cozette Genuine Shearling Slide}

Ok.. fun fashion news!  Remember the cute chain pointed toe mules from the N sale that were such a hit?  They’ve sold out but I found an Amazon dupe!

fashion finds (Sunny Side Up)

{Kell Parker Chain Mule/Madewell front knot top/Flower Etched Necklace/AG jeans/Madewell Crossbody Tote}

So cute, almost identical and a great price.  Also my Madewell tote is on sale and this cute necklace is back in stock!  I love it because it’s basically 3 necklaces that can be worn all together or on their own.  Sometimes I pair two of them together like I did in the pic above.

fashion finds (Sunny Side Up)

{Ruffle Tie Neck top/Tory Burch Purse/AG Jeans/Peeptoe Booties}

Another favorite top that is on sale for a great price!  I just wore this to dinner two nights ago. :)  You can find it in other colors here too.

fashion finds (Sunny Side Up)

AND my cute open stitch cardigan just got marked down 50% off – just $24!  Score.  Comes in beige and black too.

fashion finds (Sunny Side Up)

{Cambria Dishes/Pumpkin Dishes/Mirror Tray}

My Cambria dishes AND my cute pumpkin dishes are both marked down this weekend!  The Cambria dishes are perfect for entertaining or to put on display.

fashion finds (Sunny Side Up)

But they are also great every day eat your cereal kind of dishes too. :)

fashion finds (Sunny Side Up)

fashion finds (Sunny Side Up)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

This Zella hoodie looks cozy for Fall.  I also included this mascara primer that’s on sale because I’ve heard it’s so good so I ordered it to try!

fashion finds (Sunny Side Up)

{Live in Performance Jacket/Zella Crop Lite Leggings/Swift Run Sneaker}

My cute black Zella jacket is also marked down – 40% off!  So many great deals right now.

fashion finds (Sunny Side Up)

Enjoy your weekend!  It’s going to be another hot one here so I’m planning on staying inside and doing a little more Fall decorating.  Maybe we’ll make our favorite banana bread muffins again.  I was going to share a fun pumpkin chill recipe with you all that we tried this week but honestly.. it turned out awful!  Ha!  Would not recommend.  It made the house smell good and Kenny ate it (he was the only one who took more than one bite) so I counted it as a semi win and made the rest of us sandwiches.

That might be the extent of my cooking this Fall.


Kind of. :)

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Daily Routine, Decor and Deals

  1. Happy for you that Kole is able to go to school. Hopefully, he can continue to do so throughout the semester. My daughter opted to do remote learning for the remainder of the semester and is doing okay. Makes me a bit sad because this is her senior year, but there is nothing normal about this school year anyway, so I am just going along with what she feels is best for her. She is going to be 18 in a few weeks, too. Yikes! I’m old! Your kitchen looks lovely with all your decorating. Great job! Hope you have a lovely weekend and that the heat starts to ease up a bit. We are still battling wildfire smoke most days, but the 90+ degree heat seems to be done for now. (fingers crossed that it’s done for the season)

    1. Jeanne! 18! Oh my word. It’s crazy isn’t it!? Our kids are growing up. I’m so sorry it’s like this for her senior year. :( It’s so hard. Nothing normal for sure. And the smoke from fires is so depressing. One day at a time right now right? Fingers crossed it gets better. And cooler! ;) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. I love your posts, especially this one! Every single vignette you share is absolutely lovely and very inspiring. The story of your son’s first day to school and coming back to the car to tell you he loves you literally brought a tear to my eye! : *) So precious. I really appreciate your posts and the links to products (we recently bought the power washer and now I’m buying the olive branches 😆). Love your work, Erin, you are an amazing stylist!

    1. Susi! You are so incredibly kind! Thank you! Your comment honestly made my day. I’m so happy you enjoy my posts. And the power washer and olive branches are both smart choices.. ha. ;) Thank you for taking the time to say hi.. your kind words put me in the best mood. Means a lot! :) xo

  3. Your house looks so festive Erin. I’m enjoying all of your fall decor. I sent Marty out to clip some pampas grass. I was so excited when I saw him come in with them. I put them in a vase and when looked down, I realized that it may not have been such a good idea. It was everywhere. I decided to put them where no one would touch them and so far so good. I heard if you spray them with hairspray they don’t shed. I may need to try it.
    Enjoy the weekend . I hear we’re suppose to cool down next weekend. Fingers crossed. xo

    1. Hairspray! That’s a smart tip! I honestly thought they would make such a mess but so far mine have been ok. I’ll probably wake up one morning and they’ll be all over the sink. :) So sweet of Marty to clip some for you! He’s a keeper. :) Thank you Cathy! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  4. I was so pumped when I saw your post and your pampas grass!! I’ve been looking for pampas for a few weeks and clearly I like the real thing! While I am happy for you to have it in your yard to bring indoor, I’m bummed for myself.. I’m actually thinking about going to a nursery and just buying a live plant and cutting off the “blooms”.

    Grateful for you and your inspirational posts.

    1. Not a bad idea at all Beverlee! I hope you find some! :) Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoy my posts! Happy October! xo

  5. I still tear up saying good-bye to my kids and they now have kids in college themselves. It is an ongoing thing which includes your grandkids. An oft repeating saying “where does the time go”? Thank you again for another great blog post. Your decorating inspires me. You have a beautiful home and family.

    1. So thoughtful of you Sally.. thank you! Definitely an ongoing thing. You really have to cherish every day because it all goes by too quickly! xo

  6. Where did you get your kitchen hardware? Thank you for your blog . It has been a lot of help building a home!!

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