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New Favorites, New Series, New Sales!

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Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)

Happy weekend!  I hope you’re all having a good one so far!  Ours has been nice.  Really relaxed.  Spending lots of time outside on hikes and swimming.  We’ve had some pool floats in a closet that my kids got for birthday presents over the years and Kole begged me to get them all out.  I had been putting off blowing any of them up because I didn’t have a good air pump so I ordered this electric air pump (good reviews!) and it worked so well!  I had to share it with you in case you could use one too.  So random I know.. but if you need a good air pump this one is great and has 3 different nozzle sizes.  MUCH better than attempting to blow them up myself!

Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)

Living his best life.. ha!  We’re getting very creative keeping everyone entertained at home.  I’m pretty much in the “anything goes and whatever works” stage at this point.

Even if that means 10 pool floats in the water at once.

Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)

{Stripe Cover-Up Romper/Steve Madden Open Toe Slide Sandals}

Speaking of pool and fun in the sun I found the cutest cover-up romper!  Love the stripes and fun neckline and sleeves.  I put this over my suit and took this pic right after I got it in the mail and have pretty much been living in it since!  I bought these cute slide sandals last year and love them in the summer.  They are flat so not great shoes for lots of walking, but for the kind of walking I’m mostly doing right now – pool to the house to the grocery store to the house to the pool – they are perfect. :)  I want them in rose gold too!

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

Also remember my new Loving Tan self tanning spray and application mitt I mentioned in my last post?  I tried it and will NEVER USE ANYTHING ELSE AGAIN.  Seriously.. so good!  The mitt makes it easy to spread on and you can see exactly where it’s going so it’s almost hard to mess up.  No smell, it dries fast (I bought the 2 hour express) and it looks so much more realistic than others I’ve used.  I don’t use tanners regularly but during the summer months when we’re in the pool a lot I love a little color – especially on my legs.  I bought the dark (comes in medium, dark and ultra dark) and I feel like it’s perfect for me.  I have really fair skin but I’ve found that the lightest tanners are usually too light and don’t make much of a difference.  (So if you already tan easily I would go with ultra dark.)  I wanted to try it out before I gave you my honest thoughts.  So honest thoughts!  Everyone was right.. worth paying a little more for this!  I’m so excited about it.

Ok.. I had this fun idea of starting a new series called Friday 5 where I share 5 similar items I’ve been looking at during the week.  I’m usually hunting for something specific to wear or for my house and I always come across lots of cute options along the way!  This week I’ve been looking at cute pool cover-ups for summer and lamp options for my bedroom.  Of course the idea is that I post my Friday 5 ON Friday which obviously didn’t happen.  I’ll try to be more punctual next week!  But I’m making no promises because like I said.. “anything goes and whatever works” stage around here. :)


Aren’t they all so cute!?  I have had #1 for years.  Such a staple.  The rest are sitting in my on-line cart waiting for me to make a decision.  They’re all too cute to decide!  You can see lots of other fun options for summer here.

Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)

{Tilda Bubble Table Lamp}

This picture is truly horrible (I snapped it from an IG story video because I forgot to get a pic of these lamps earlier today!) but these are the cute new lamps I bought for El’s room.  Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of progress to share in her room.  We got started on it, then we got busy, then all things Covid hit and it just hasn’t been a priority.  But her lamps finally came (we ordered them months ago – they were backordered!) and they are motivating me to prioritize her room again.  They also kick started a search for white and gold lamps because I’m so in love with hers!  Thinking I might go for the same lamp look in my bedroom.

These are my favorites I’ve found so far!

Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)


Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)

{Ultra soft lounge pants/Steve Madden Open Toe Slide Sandals}

When I make an effort to get out of my swim suit and cover-up these days I’m still just reaching for joggers!  Found this cute pair on Amazon and they are so soft!  They do run a little big.  I’m wearing a small because they don’t come in xs and I had to roll the top elastic part down.  Still keeping them because they are so soft and comfortable and really cute!

Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)

{Long weekend pants}

Another fun pain of joggers!  Nordstrom has so many cute pairs that keep coming in.. making this stay at home situation comfy at least! :)

Lots of fun Memorial Day Sales this weekend.  Here are some favorites I already have and things I’m debating!

Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)


Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)

{Pondicherry bed/Malibu Chandelier/Inhale Exhale Print/Faux Fur Knitted Throw/Flax Linen Quilt and Shams/Pearl Pillowcases/Distressed Rug/X-base stool}

Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)


Playroom Sources & Favorites on Sale:

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

(*house shoes and other cozy favorites in this post)


Spring Sandals (Sunny Side Up)

30% off lots of Sam Edelman Shoes!

Their SLIDES are my favorite

Organized Bathroom Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

Up to 50% off some items at Sephora!

*You can see all of my favorite make-up/hair products in my organized bathroom post 

Also always cute stuff at Nordstrom on sale!  My favorite bras are marked down (LOVE Natori) and so are my favorite flip flops!

Lamps, Coverups and Sales! (Sunny Side Up)

We took the kids on a drive the other day and stopped at a gas station and I snapped this pic.  I was cracking up at it when I got back in the car!  I didn’t tell them to all look horrified!  Ha ha.  Honestly it looks like we’re attempting to rob the place.  These are crazy times aren’t they!?

Memorial Day (Sunny Side Up)

Feeling especially grateful for my family and those who have died for our freedoms this year.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  I’m praying for everyone’s safety, health and peace of mind.

Anything goes and whatever works right?

We’ve got this. :)

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “New Favorites, New Series, New Sales!

  1. Yup, your philosophy works for me! Fun post, especially the one of the four of you! Too funny about the kids in the picture. That they can joke around is a great sign that you are doing really well. So happy you are enjoying your weekend. Cute clothes, cute lamps, cute pool toys. Lots of cute and fun ideas. Your cup overflows! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend! Ours is lowkey and about to get cool (low 60s with possible storms), so no swimming for us. Plus, the neighborhood pools are closed due to the virus. And the water park will not be opening at all this summer. Gonna be different, for sure.

    1. Shoot Jeanne! I wish I could have you all over to swim! I hope you enjoyed the weekend. CO is so beautiful this time of year. I hope it warms up a little more for you soon so you can enjoy it! xo

  2. Oh Man, unless I cannot see other people’s comments (including my own), the comment I tried to post yesterday didn’t take. Drat. Anyway…take …great job, Erin! I can’t believe how much you packed into the post. Lots to love.. My favorite by far is the picture of you and your kids! You know, it’s gonna get harder to identify the bad guys if they do something bad because most everyone is wearing a mask!
    Thanks for sharing, as always. I hope you have a lovely holiday. It’s gonna be a cool, rainy one here, in my neck of the woods. No pools for us (not only because we don’t have one at our house, but the community pools are still closed). And the local waterpark will not open at all this summer. :( I’ll live through your swimming posts. hee hee! Hope this takes!

  3. Thank you so much for your blog posts! I look forward to them. I have a question. Would your family room rug work well in a house with a shedding dog? I vacuum almost daily, would that pull the hair out of the rug? I do love the look of the rug.
    Please stay safe and healthy.

    1. That makes me so happy Pam! Thank you! Totally fine vacuuming this rug often! It actually does some shedding itself for the first couple of months and you need to vacuum it often to get it to stop! Then it stops shedding and isn’t a problem. We vacuum our rug ALL the time and it is so durable! And soft. That’s why I love it! :)

  4. Hi Erin, Is the self tanner you recommended also for your face? I sure love your posts!

    1. Hi cute Ginny! Yes! You can use it on your face too! There might be something different/better out there if you’re looking for JUST a face tanner, but this is perfect for a full body and face tan. :)

  5. Bought the Amazon lounge pants!! I hear you though.. Wearing nothing but work scrubs, workout grear & comfy pants these days. Gotta put jeans on every so often to be sure they still button!! Thanks for sharing!!

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