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Summer tops and all things May

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Friday!  I started this post on Monday and am just now finishing it Thursday night.  Ha.  Some weeks just roll that way don’t they?  It has actually been a productive week overall, but I’ve been so busy with projects I haven’t been on my computer much.  I always struggle with being on my computer this time of year.  It’s so beautiful and sunny outside!  I just want to be working in the yard or outside with my kids.  Speaking of my kids here’s a pic we snapped together on Mother’s Day.  It was a great one.. really low key.  Kenny and I snuck out early for a little drive and breakfast picnic by a lake while my kids slept.  We’ve found that Saturday and Sunday early mornings are our best alone time now that they all stay up so late and sleep in!  We were home by 11 am and the kids had cleaned the kitchen for me and made cards and this sign with my favorite treats.  We spent the rest of the day all together in the yard and then watched a movie.  Couldn’t love these three more. :)  I hope it was a good weekend for all of you!

Last year I wrote a post around Mother’s Day called 10 Habits for Happy Moms and I was reading it a few days ago.  I feel like so many of the habits I mentioned in that post are the same things I’m trying to do now to  stay happy during this current turn of events we’ve all been dealing with (other than group get togethers with friends of course). ;)  You can read that post HERE if you think the reminders might be helpful for you too!

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Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve been working hard to finish organizing our garage so my sweet husband gave me the BEST Mother’s Day gift ever by scrubbing our garage floor clean.  In the past I’ve mopped it and we’ve used a power washer but we’ve found that the only thing that really gets out the dark oil spots is Kenny’s muscles.  Ha.  Lucky him.

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

Want a fun before and after?  This is what we started with..

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

And this is what it looks like now.  Ahhh!  The best right!?  He was SO speaking my love language scrubbing that floor.  I guess I’ll keep him around a little longer. ;)

Ok.. fun news for my fashion loving friends!  I bought this cute floral blouse last spring and it has honestly been one of my favorite summer tops.  It sold out so quickly and I always get questions about it.  The same top with a slightly different floral pattern is back in stock!

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

{floral flutter sleeve top/similar pink jeans/teardrop earrings/similar wedges here (love these!) and here}

I snatched it up in two colors so quickly!  Worth it if I even wear them half as much as I’ve worn my original!  I love it because it’s so lightweight for summer and the flutter sleeves and tassel tie in the front add such pretty details.  My pink AG jeans aren’t in stock anymore, but I found some other fun pink pants I’ll link below.  A fun way to mix things up this time of year!  This is the top in blue.

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

And this is the same top in white.  So cute!  It’s also in stock in solid colors if you prefer that over the floral look.

Cute pink jean options:

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

I tried the white floral top on with jeans to share because it gives it a totally different look.  It’s so cute with jean shorts too!  I’d show you but my legs are way too pale for shorts at the moment.

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

Speaking of pale legs I actually bought this Loving Tan self tanning spray and application mitt to try.  Have any of you tried this tanner?  I’ve been hearing good things about it for years!  It’s supposed to look very natural and dry quickly.  It costs more than the $7 tanning lotion I usually use in the summer, but my girls always think my legs look a little orangish with my other lotion so I’m hoping this gives me more of a realistic tan.  I’m actually not shooting for tan.  Just a slightly darker white version of my incredibly pale skin would work. ;)  I’ll report back after I try it and let you know what I think!

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

{Puff Sleeve Crepe Top/Noor wedge sandal/teardrop earrings/AG jeans}

I wore this green top this week and got so many questions about it in IG stories.  Isn’t it pretty!?  The neckline!  I also love that it’s fitted but not tight.  It’s the perfect length so you can do a little front tuck like I always do or you can wear it out.  It would also be so cute tucked in with a skirt (if we ever have a reason to dress up in a skirt again!).  This same top also comes in a pretty blue, pink and red.  The earrings I’m wearing in every picture are my new favorites.  LOVE these teardrops!  They are the perfect go-to earring that looks good with everything.

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

{ruffle tie neck top}

All of these tops are CeCe blouses and I’ve mentioned before that they are my favorite for pretty spring/summer blouses when I want to look a little more dressed up than my usually tee and joggers.  There are so many cute CeCe blouses on sale right now!

Here are a couple more favorites I’ve had for a while and just haven’t shared yet..

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

{ruffle sleeve crepe blouse}

Love the sleeves and buttons on this one.  It comes in lots of colors and is 50% off!

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

{geo print flutter sleeve blouse}

I love the neck tie on this one.  Aren’t these blouses the cutest!?  Some of them don’t have 5 star reviews and I honestly don’t know why.  I give them all 5 stars!  They are great quality and always a good fit.  I always wash them on a delicate cycle and hang them to dry and even the CeCe blouses I’ve had for years still look like new.  Like I said before.. my favorite brand for dressy tops!

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

Same top in green!  Because we all know I don’t have enough green in my closet. ;)

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

Thought I’d share my pretty summer hydrangeas since I was taking a pic of my new self tanner anyway!  I feel like fresh flowers (either from the grocery store or the yard) in a pretty glass jar or vase is the BEST decor you can add to your home for summer.  The right glass vase with some pretty flowers just elevates any room!  I rounded up some of my favorite clear glass vases below!  They are worth every penny in my book because they never go out of style and I use them year after year.

Favorite clear vases:

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

I finally got all of my patio furniture and outdoor areas clean and ready for summer this week!  I snapped this with my phone last night after the kids were done swimming.  I’ve had a lot of questions lately about how I wash my outdoor furniture cushions so I’ll share that in a post soon!

Similar Patio Furniture:

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

My white iceberg roses are all blooming.  Such a beautiful time of year!  I’m so grateful for the sunshine right now.  It just makes life feel less heavy doesn’t it!?  Like anything is possible.  I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy as things start to slowly open back up again.  We are still staying put at home (aside from the occasional grocery store and take out food run!).  Addison just has two more weeks of school and El and Kole get out a couple of weeks after her so we’re holding on and doing the best we can with all things Zoom for one more month!  I’m so grateful for their teachers and all they’ve done to keep things moving under such crazy circumstances this year.  Who would have ever thought this is what our April and May would look like?  You have all been in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that if you’re struggling with the current situation things turn around for you soon.  One day at a time right?  That’s all we can do.  That and spend some time in the sunshine. :)

Favorite Summer Blouses (Sunny Side Up)

This was my favorite picture from the week I snapped on one of our evening hikes.  Love my boys.

Enjoy your Friday!  I have big plans for candles and a hot bubble bath Friday night and I can’t wait.



xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Summer tops and all things May

  1. You sure find some of the loveliest clothes, Erin! That floral top in blue and cream sure is beautiful. So were those pink/coral(?) jeans. All of the pieces you shared are just ovely!! Your husband did a great job on the garage floor! YOu had the best Mother’s Day! I’m still in absolute shock that you take everything out of the garage and get to clean the floor. I have never seen that happen in my life, both growing up and now. That is amazing! Your outdoor living space is just beautiful, too! It looks amazing lit up at night! Good luck getting through the next several weeks of school. It’s such a strange time, isn’t it? My older daughter finished her first year of college this week and my younger one will be done with her junior year next week. Wild. Oh and I found out this week, when our stores started opening up, and I happily took all my decluttered items to the donation drop off, that our Goodwill was accepting donations this whole time! What?! That’s okay. At least the stuff is out of the house now. I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend! Thanks for all you do, Erin!

    1. Jeanne that’s crazy about your Goodwill.. ha! Oh well. I bet it felt SO good to drop everything off! I have another few sacks I need to do the same with. Funny about the garage.. I have always done that! It’s definitely a lot easier though when you have less stuff. That’s the key! I’m so happy summer is around the corner for our kids! It will be nice to not be doing school at home for a while. I’m ready for a break. :) Thanks for your sweet comment Jeanne! I’m still dreaming about your lilacs! xo

  2. Everything looks beautiful Erin! I’ve been hoping for one of your fashion posts, so this made my day :) Enjoy the sunshine, it’s out here in MD too, FINALLY! Happy Friday and weekend!

  3. I have to say that garage is impressive! After seeing your pictures I’m inspired to deep clean our garage. Please share the product you used to remove the stains from the garage floor. Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

    1. You are so kind Penny! YEA for feeling inspired! That garage has been a long time project for us.. happy to finally be wrapping it up. I’ll try to snap a pic of it and include it in my garage post soon! :)

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