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Fashion – cozy at home!

Happy Monday friends!  Taking a quick break from my organized kitchen tour to share some pics of what I’ve been wearing lately.  While this whole stay at home situation has been challenging in so many ways I can’t say that I’ve minded my wardrobe!  Casual and athletic wear are my favorite and if I could pick one thing to wear every day it would be joggers.  So wish granted there. ;)  So many stores are having crazy good sales on comfy clothes and I am here for it!  I’m sharing a few of my recent favorites today and if it helps you find something cozy to wear that you love too then mission accomplished. :)

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Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

{Tie-Dye Sweatshirt/Vuori joggers/pink slippers here or here}

This tie-dye sweatshirt is the comfiest!  Really cute fit.  It kind of makes me laugh that tie-dye is all the rage right now.  I feel like I’m back in middle school!  My feet were getting so sore walking around on my wood floors all day (my Ugg slippers I’ve been wearing since November are too hot for Spring!)  I did some research and ordered two new pairs of slippers that would work for cooler temps and oh my word.. my feet are now in heaven!  The first pair are these cute Koolaburra slippers (also by Ugg) that come in 3 colors and are so comfy!  They have a thick sole so they would also be perfect to wear out in the yard.  You can find them here or here.

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

The second pair are these memory foam flip flops.  Oh my word!  I’m seriously walking on a cloud in these all day!  These are different from the first pair because the soles aren’t as hard.. just honestly the softest thing your feet will ever feel.  They also come in lots of colors are are perfect for warmer temps!  (They fit true to size.. I’m a 7 1/2 and am wearing the 7/8)  I’ve also been living in all of my graphic tees (because what compliments joggers better than a good graphic tee!?).  This cute pineapple top from Anthro sold out, but below are other graphic tees I love and most of them are on sale!

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

My flip flop slippers are so good that they kept disappearing because a certain someone was stealing them all day.  I finally just bought her her own pair so I could have mine back!

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

{Chunky Wool Jute Rug/Memory Foam Indoor Slippers/Koolaburra by Ugg Slippers here or here}

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

I think I wore this be comfy Be Free graphic tee two days in a row last week but nobody seemed to mind.  Anything goes right now right?  I will say that while I love dressing in comfy clothes I do feel better when I do my hair and make-up.  I’ll skip a day or two and then I just start to feel lousy.  I’m learning a lot about myself through this situation and how easily my mood is effected by certain things.  Getting ready for the day (even if I just spend 10-15 minutes on hair/makeup) just makes me happier and more productive.  When I look better I FEEL better and right now with all of the uncertainty we are all facing I just want to feel as good as I possibly can.  I want to be my best self for my husband and for my kids.  And for me.  I owe that to myself too. :)

Have any of you noticed that?  Or other things that are triggering your mood and either making you feel worse or helping you feel better?

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

I was wearing it this weekend when I made my first attempt at cutting Kole’s hair.  I just couldn’t let it go one more day!  He was skeptical and had every right to be.  Let’s just say that while his hair is now out of his eyes I wouldn’t say it looks any better.

I think I’ll stick to blogging.  Ha.

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

{Stella Shimmer Striped Hoodie/my favorite leggings are these and these/Adidas Flashback Sneakers}

Hoodies are another favorite go-to for me.  Even in the summer when it’s hot during the day our evenings are cool on the coast so I always have a hoodie or jacket with me!  Here are a few favorites I’ve been looking at from several different places at different price points.. all so cute!

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

{Noor Wedge Sandal/Paige Jeans/similar Tory Burch purse}

I’ve been dressed in “real clothes” twice the past two weeks (both times for a huge outing to the grocery store.. ha).  I wanted to wear my new wedges.  They are such a great price right now!  Plus it felt good to put on jeans too.  Although I took them off and put my joggers back on as soon as I got home. :)

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

For my next big outing I wore this cute mock neck puff sleeve green sweater I just got in the mail.  It’s darling for Spring and on sale for just $25!  My earrings (that are hidden by my hair!) are a recent purchase too and so cute.  They are these large textured tear drop earrings.  I wear tear drop gold earrings like this almost daily (when things are normal!).  I’ve found they are perfect for every day casual wear when you want to look put together but you aren’t getting too dressed up.

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

{Zip front hoodie/my favorite leggings are these and these/Grandpro Rally Sneaker}

Another recent favorite is this Vuori zip front hoodie that has been perfect for our every day walks.  (Sometimes we’re walking twice a day just to get out of the house and mix things up!)  Vuori is one of my favorite brands.  I have several pairs of their leggings and other athletic wear and love it all.  Really nice quality clothes that have a great fit.  I also got these cute white and gold Cole Haan Sneakers on sale.  So comfortable!

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

This jacket is lightweight so perfect for Spring/Summer and fitted but not tight.  A lot of Vuori clothes have stripes on the drawstring. (You can see it on the joggers I was wearing in the first few pics!)  Love that. :)

Fashion - cozy at home (Sunny Side Up)

{Paradise Pajama Top/pink slippers here or here}

Of course pjs are on repeat around here too.  Nothing like a cute set that you can feel justified wearing all day.  Or is it just me who has no problem doing my hair and make-up and then getting “dressed” in pajamas?

Just me?

I guess I can live with that. :)

Linking a few favorite pj sets (any of them would make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!), favorite joggers and all post sources below.  I’ll be back soon with more organized drawers!  We’re going to have fun this week. :)


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Fashion – cozy at home!

  1. Cute fashions! I understand what you mean about getting dressed. I’ve just been wearing my regular clothes. I do brush my hair daily, but haven’t been wearing much, if any makeup. No one here seems to mind. LOL You find some super cute fashion. Thanks for sharing it. You are definitely a brave woman to attempt to cut your son’s hair. Hope it came out okay for him. Definitely, it’s a strange new reality, huh? You are doing a good job of navigating it, it looks like to me. :) Keep on keeping on! :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Kole’s hair looks ridiculous now! Ha. I didn’t know what I was doing but it was just getting too long.. I had to give it a try! At least it’s out of his face. Keep on keeping on is right. ;)

  2. Such cute stuff. I love the joggers and you look so pretty in the green top. I love Pink sweats. I may need to get the light blue that AD is wearing. I live in mine lately. xo

    1. Thank you Cathy! I know right? Nothing but sweats and joggers lately. I’m not minding that part of our current situation! I hope things are going well at your house! xo

  3. Well, just as my house slippers are falling apart, birthday and Mother’s Day coming, I treated myself to the pink fuzzy slippers. Thanks to your post Erin , I didn’t have to look very far!

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