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15 minute organizing

Time for another round of 15 minute organizing!  My house is going to be so KonMari-ed by the end of this stay at home phase!  I can’t figure out why my family isn’t as excited about it as I am.  I keep telling them it’s magic!  The magic of tidying up.  Someday I’ll see some joint enthusiasm.  Someday.  ;)

I’m working on some bigger projects, but thought I’d share a few quick wins with you all today.  If you’re home but feeling like time is still tight because now everyone else is home too try to carve out just 10-15 minutes a day to organize something.  You’ll be amazed at the progress you can make and having something organized is an instant upper!  This is a time when we can all use a little something to boost our moods.  Exercise and cleaning a drawer are my go-tos. :)

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

{curved hem tee/lululemon leggings – Align pant 28″ – grey sage/Ugg Scuffette slippers}

First step is to put on your stay at home organizing clothes.  Leggings – check.  Cute and comfy tee – check.  Favorite house shoes – check.  Now we can organize!

(Sidenote: speaking of cute and comfy clothes.. Nordstrom just started a huge Spring sale – up to 40% off!  I’ll add some favorites and things I’m looking at at the end of this post.  All of the items from my last post are marked down now too!)

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. I know this isn’t an awful “before.”  But this drawer has been organized before.  The problem was that I had so many items in it that when everything was clean this drawer was hard to close!  I actually took this picture after I had taken some stuff out.

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

{you can find the madesmart organizers I used here and similar gray organizers here}

After!  So much better!  I vacuumed out all of the crumbs and only put back the items I use every week.  Some items I never use I tossed.

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

Then the rest of the items I don’t use as often I corralled in this gray tray in the drawer below my ovens.  To the right I store all of our grill/BBQ items but I had extra room in this drawer so now it’s also holding kitchen items I need but don’t use as much.  Things like the ice cream scoop, potato masher, rolling pin.  I only need those items once in a while so it’s nice to have them out of the way and not taking up space in the drawer I’m in and out of 5 times a day!  Mom.. I’m sure you’re happy to see that I kept the rolling pin for you since you bought it to use when you’re visiting.  You and I both know that baby isn’t getting used otherwise. ;) 

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

Before of another drawer that wasn’t awful but I had a hard time closing when all the dish towels were inside.  I vacuumed out the crumbs and tossed old towels.  Many were missing from this pic because they were in the wash!  I had too many.  (These are my favorite dish cloths/towels by the way!)

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

Put everything back inside nice and neat.  It won’t stay looking this perfect for long since El is in charge of folding all towels and she doesn’t appreciate neatness the same way I do.. ha.  But that’s ok.  It just feels good to have only favorites and to have the drawer vacuumed out.  I don’t know how we accumulate so many crumbs in random kitchen drawers around here but we do!  I’m always wondering if my kids just stand over them and eat crackers when I’m not looking.

Not too hard to imagine!

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

For the life of me I haven’t been able to keep this container drawer clean.  I finally matched all of the lids to the containers (said good-bye to pieces that didn’t have a match) and came up with a better system.

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

Now THIS I can keep organized!  I’m obsessed with these clear expandable deep drawer dividers!  Perfect to separate containers from their lids and so much easier for me to find what I need.

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

You might remember in my last 15 min. organizing post I mentioned wanting to find a drawer divider that would work for this deep drawer I use for garbage/grocery sacks.  I knew The Container Store wouldn’t let me down!  These dividers come in a set of two and are so nice.  They would be perfect for organizing inside clothes drawers too.

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

{sportswear crop hoodie/zella tank/lululemon leggings – Align pant 28″ – grey sage}

Cute Ad just snapped this pic of me finishing up my top kitchen cabinets.

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

I finally cleaned out this cupboard above my ovens!  Forgot to take a before pic.  I designed this cupboard when we built our house with dividers to hold all of my baking sheets.  It was so stuff full of things I don’t use anymore!  Nice to have just the essentials and I added some of my larger cutting boards on the right.  (And you can see to the side of this pic our hall molding is up!  I’ll share more pics on the blog soon!)

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

This entire corner of my kitchen is finally clean and organized!

15 minute organizing (Sunny Side Up)

(Details on this section of my kitchen organization here.)

Feels so good.

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

I gave my silverware drawer a quick clean out a few weeks ago.

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

And this hot mess of a drawer I finally started to tackle.  What even is all of this!?

15 Minute Organizing (Sunny Side Up)

This drawer isn’t done (I’m not even sure I want all of this in the kitchen!) but I spent 15 minutes going through it and at least made some progress.

Small wins!  They add up to big ones.  And are keeping me sane at the moment. :)

Below are some favorites marked down at Nordstrom!  So many cute things are on sale including my favorite Celine throw.  Also right now Anthro is having a fun spring sale with 25% off all HOME and FURNITURE.  They don’t do that very often!  Time to do my part to help our economy. ;)

Anyone else working on fun organizing projects with your extra time at home?  I’d love to hear what you’re chipping away at!



xoxo, Erin
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5 thoughts on “15 minute organizing

  1. Great job, Erin! I agree, doing something for just a little bit can garner some good progress. It took me two days, but I finally cleaned the two large bookcases we have behind our couch. I have filled up the bottom part (hidden behind the couch,) with items to donate! The rest look tons better! Yay, me! I love your kitchen. You have so many drawers! I have drawer envy. We have a total of 4 in my kitchen and they are not particularly large. I’m in awe of the nice wide drawers you have. hee, hee I’m going to tackle them soon. Well, I did the silverware drawer already, thanks to your inspiration, but the other three need work. Thanks for all the inspiration! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Take 2 on trying to post a comment. For some reason, the page wouldn’t fully load the first time. Another great post, Erin. It’s nice to see what you are accomplishing in your bursts of organizing. I can tell you I have drawer envy! You have lots of drawers filled with terrific things. I have a total of 4 and they aren’t very large. Sigh. I cleaned out the silverware drawer thanks to your inspiration, but still need to tackle the other three. Someday soon, I’m going in! I did tackle the two large bookshelves behind my couch and they look so much better. On the shelves that are hidden behind the couch I have all the items that were on them and I have decided to donate. It feels like half of the shelf items are going away! Yay me! Thanks so much for sharing, Erin and inspiring. Hope you and you r sweet family have a lovely weekend. :)

    1. Yea Jeanne! Best feeling getting bookshelves done! I need to tackle the shelves in my girls’ rooms but I’m totally putting that off.. not gonna lie I’m kind of scared. ;) Thank you! I hope you and your darling family are handling life at home ok! I’m still doing great but my kids are starting to get really bored. They just aren’t as excited as I am about spending extra time organizing. ;) Enjoy the weekend sweet friend! xo

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