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Bathroom Rugs for Spring!

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Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

Since we just chatted all things jewelry organization in my last post I thought I’d show you the current state of my master bathroom.  I gave it a quick re-fresh for Spring but went through a little trial and error first! ;)

Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

You might remember last Spring when I got this fun round jute rug (similar options I also love here and here).  It works perfectly with these Setta bath mats I’ve had for a while and I love this neutral look, but I was craving a little something fun to brighten up this space for Spring.  Especially after I gave my vanity a little pop of gold and pink!

Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

I debated moving my round jute rug to another space and tried putting the long Setta bath mat in front of my tub.  Not what I was looking for.  Too plain with all of the white in this room and too many straight lines.

Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

Next I tried this Riviera bath mat that I love with a little more shape and design, but it still fell flat in this space.  This bathroom is so WHITE.. I needed some color!  I was missing the look and texture of my round jute rug in this room so I decided to bring it back and started thinking about how to add a pop of Spring somewhere else.  Then I remembered how much I love this flower bath mat in my powder bathroom…

Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

{Mia bath mat/chevron vase/similar faux white flowers, faux pink peonies/similar tray here and here}

It seriously makes me happy every time I walk in!

Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

{pink tassel fringe towels/similar ladder here and here}

(*You can see how this little powder bathroom is organized here.)

Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

{Rhea floral bath mat}

I almost bought the same flower mat for this bathroom but then got looking around and found this adorable floral bath mat and ordered it to try.  The second I laid it down I knew!  I had found what I was looking for!  It brightened up this bathroom so much and pulled out all of the pinks from of my vanity area making them pop even more.  I see it right when I walk in my bathroom door and can’t help smiling.  SO cute!  Bonus that it’s incredibly comfy to step on after a shower.

Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

I put my round jute rug back and am keeping things like this for a while.  The pink flower mat was just the pop of Spring I was looking for!

Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

{similar tray/Lati vase/similar faux greenery/similar bath canisters/sponges/similar towels}

On our bathroom counter I just have a simple tray that holds this vase and some faux greenery.  Sponges and cotton balls are in pretty apothecary jars and I use a little decorative cup to hold my most used make-up brushes.

Bathroom Rugs for Spring (Sunny Side Up)

Spring tip:  Set aside some time this month to freshen up your bathroom!  Organize your bathroom drawers and scrub everything clean.  Don’t forget to clean the hair out of your brushes and wash your make-up brushes.  If it’s in your budget splurge on a new bathroom mat and a couple of pretty towels.  (If it helps to order a few options to try and then make returns later so be it!)  If that’s not in your budget, just focus on the cleaning and organizing.  Then display some flowers or greenery somewhere in the room – real or faux.  (I’m linking favorites below.)  Honesty it’s the BEST pick me up this time of year!

We all start each day getting ready in the bathroom.  Don’t underestimate the affect this room has on your mood!  Create a happy, clean space that will help you start your day feeling uplifted and refreshed and ready to take on the world.

I truly believe a clean, decorated and organized bathroom can do just that.  :)


xoxo, Erin
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3 thoughts on “Bathroom Rugs for Spring!

  1. That is a happy little rug there, Erin and I’m happy for you to have found just what you were looking for. The bathroom’s on my list for sure. I’m still working in my kitchen, but getting closer to being done there for now. I got sidelined by a bad tooth for a week. Trying to get back on track this week. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. I know I say that a lot, but I am appreciative that you share what you share. Keeps me thinking of ways to improve my home. :)

    1. So sweet of you Jeanne! That means a lot.. thank you. I’m so sorry to hear about your tooth! NOT fun. I hope you can get back on track and aren’t in any pain. Thinking of you! xo

  2. Hello Erin
    I’m redoing my kids bathrooms snd your bathrooms provide so much inspiration. So you have the paint ans tile colors of the master bathroom. I have a large shower in the math room I’m re doing.

    I also love your jack and Jeanie bathroom for your girls. Any tips to pick the tile and bath would be amazing! Thank you

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