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Organized Jewelry

*I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support from my last post. Your kind comments, DM’s and emails mean so much to me (and to my family). Knowing I have so many friends keeping my sister in their thoughts and prayers means the world to me. I teared up reading several messages and wish I could give each one of you a huge hug!

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Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

{similar x bench here and here/bathroom rug}

Cancer, politics and the Corona virus.. yuck.. all not so fun topics.  I think it’s time we brighten things up and talk about something fun for a change!  Like jewelry organization. ;)  My bathroom is making me extremely happy at the moment!  I cleaned out all of my bathroom drawers and cupboards and gave it a mini re-fresh.  I’ll be sharing all of the details starting today with my organized jewelry!  If you’ve been with me for a while you know that I keep my jewelry displayed on this built-in vanity I designed when we built the house.  I originally designed it as a place for me to sit and get ready, but I have to be honest.. I never sit to get ready!  At the moment I’m just using this space for storage but it did come in pretty handy when I had major knee surgery two years ago so I’m grateful it’s there if I ever need to sit.  Ha.  (So happy that little life event is behind me and I am totally putting off getting surgery on my other knee as long as possible!)

Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

I absolutely love having my jewelry out where I can easily see and access it all.  I never had the space to do this in my previous home/apartments so I’m especially grateful I can do this now.

Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

If you are short on space the best advice I can give you for jewelry organization is to go vertical!  Use any free wall space you have.  There are so many cute wall jewelry organizers you can buy (I’ve linked some fun options below) OR you can do what I did and make something yourself.  :)  I just bought some cork board from the craft store and ordered fabric to staple around it.  Then I had my carpenter make a simple frame and painted it white.  Done!  So easy.  I bought some cute wooden pushpins and hung all of my necklaces including my grandma’s pearls.  I love seeing them displayed every day.  My most worn necklaces are all my Madewell necklaces and my favorite letter necklaces (I love this one and this one).  Also this simple Tanner bar necklace I’ve shared many times before is my every day go to.  Looks good with everything!

*If you want something similar to my jewelry board but don’t want to make your own these beautiful shadow boxes would be perfect

Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

It was fun to mix things up and add a bit of gold to this space!

Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

{two favorite bracelets – Tory Burch double wrap logo bracelet and embrace ambition bracelet}

I bought this gold double bar jewelry stand for my girls for Christmas this year and we’ve all loved it so much I decided I needed one too!  It can hold necklaces or bracelets but I’m just using it for bracelets.  I don’t have a lot because if I’m not using something I pass it on and only keep the jewelry I love and wear.

Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

{mirror tray/similar decorative bowls here and here}

I’ve always loved using small decorative bowls to hold my earrings.  I switched out the white tray I was using for this beloved brass mirror tray.  Then I took a minute to sort through my earrings and only kept favorites.  It’s such a nice feeling to not have to sift through lots of earrings only to pull out the same few sets I always wear.  Less is always more isn’t it!?

Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

Remember this cute heart 2-tier server from my favorites for Valentine’s Day?  I wasn’t ready to put it away just yet so it’s holding my favorite perfume and nail polishes.  (It sold out but this beautiful marble and brass cake stand would also be perfect!  So would this one if I want to go back to silver.)

Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

I added my beloved faux peonies to an older vase and a candle and done!  *Happy sidenote: my peonies are on sale this weekend!)

Organized Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

Organized jewelry!  That doubles as pretty bathroom decor.  Now was I right or was I right?  A much better topic.  THIS is what we would be discussing on the nightly news if I were president.



xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Organized Jewelry

  1. What a lovely little spot of happy, Erin! Thanks for sharing this sweet space. You own lots of pretty jewelry and I am so happy for you to have such a lovely space to showcase it all. Thanks for sharing. Big hugs to you!

  2. I am praying for your sister!

    I agree vertical wall space is the way to go for necklaces! I have it in my walk in closet!

    Bummer, I was going to try to share a picture, but comments don’t allow that.

    Your blog posts make me so happy and helps me organize things. I can’t believe how fast drawers and cupboards and closets get messed up. One day they are perfect and the next day they get messed up.
    Are you going to share Eli’s room or do teens not like that? I have a 10 and 8 year old.
    Thanks Amy!

    1. Thank you Amy! Your prayers mean so much. I’m so happy my posts are helpful to you! I know.. keeping things organized is always the hard party right!? Takes so much discipline to put things back where they go! I”ll definitely share progress on El’s room at some point! Got a little sidetracked with other projects around here. ;)

  3. Erin, first of all, I hope and pray your sister will be ok. You are so lucky to have a sister that is part of your life. Sometimes life has a way to shake us up and b/c of that, we realize just how important certain relationships are, and they become even MUCH stronger.
    The C. word is just so scary. We have been through it more than once in our family.
    Stay well and rested yourself so you can be there for your sister. I am sure you both will enjoy many more years of sister fun!
    On the next, far less important note-is the gray paint in your bathroom a ” lavender-ish” (IF there is SUCH a word) gray? I detect a hint of Violet?
    Take care,
    Sharon from New England

    1. Sharon I absolutely agree.. as scary as things like this are they really do bring people even closer together. I needed to be reminded of the good in all of this so thank you!! Your kind words mean so much to me. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with cancer in your family. It’s never easy. Praying for happy years in the future with loved ones for both of us. :)

      And yes! There is a slight hint of violet in that paint although my pics make it look like A LOT more than there really is. The room definitely looks grey! It’s a good grey for marble. Hard for me to photograph what it really looks like! xo

  4. A little late catching up on your blogs – love the idea of using a cake plate to display all my pretty perfume bottles! My only fear with necklaces on the wall is having them all fall off when I grab one – just keep them spaced enough, I guess?

    Thanks for sharing your story last week, we all need to tap into our larger circle for prayer and support in difficult times. Appreciate your blogs as such a helpful distraction!

    1. So sweet of you MaryJo! Thank you! I’ve never had a problem with my necklaces! Try it and let me know. Having them on the wall has been a great system for me. :) I hope you’re staying safe and healthy! xo

  5. Hi there! Thanks for sharing this! I was wondering if you could please link the fabric you used for the jewelry board? Or the type of fabric. Xoxo

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