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Favorite Christmas Pajamas!

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Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Me and some close besties a couple of years ago. :)  Most of us are wearing PJ Salvage pajamas in this pic!}

Happy weekend!  I’m sharing some of our recent beloved Christmas pajamas with you all today.. one of my favorite things!  I pretty much live in my Christmas pjs from October through February every year.  As soon as it starts getting dark earlier I get excited to pull them out.  Cute, comfortable, warm and they remind me of the magic of the season.. what could be better? :)

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Gone Napping Top/Gone Napping Lounge Pants/Ugg Slippers}

My most worn recent pair of pjs actually aren’t Christmas related, but they are SO comfortable I had to share!  My GONE NAPPING pjs have doubled for me for clothes more than I want to admit the past two months.  They have been perfect for days when I’m just working from home and then running kids around.

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

I also hear they’re ideal for ladder climbing and hall decking.  Word on the street.. or should I say mantel..

K.  I’ll stop now.  Can you tell I’m up too late with this post again?

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{similar red thermal/thermal fleece pajama pants/Ugg slippers}

These striped thermals are also so incredibly soft and have become go-to’s for me.  They also come in red!

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Stripe Thermal Pajamas/Ugg Pom Pom Fleece Lined Socks}

These cute pj’s come in a set and I was surprised at how flattering and stretchy the pants are!  I was also surprised that I really liked the cheetah print.  I ordered them thinking I’d probably end up returning them but nope.  Keepers for sure!  They come in lots of patterns including a fun pink camo.  This cute set would make a great gift and so would my pom pom fleece lined socks!  I’ve given them as gifts for 2 years in a row and my family and friends have loved them.  So many cute new colors are out this year too.

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

 {Barefoot Dreams Blanket}

Same set I was wearing to kick off my 2019 Favorite Things!

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Loosey Goosey Pajamas in Candy Cane Stripe 2019/Butter Socks}

Oh these pjs!  So soft!  More on the thin side and not as fuzzy as some which I love because sometimes fleece pjs get hot for me when I’m cleaning!  This is a new to me brand and I love them.  The only thing I will say is that the length runs on the short side!  Which I also love.  Because remember I’m 5’3 and a half (don’t forget the half).  Usually pj pants this style are in a puddle on the floor by my ankles so I love that these pants are the perfect length.  But if you’re ordering an xs and are taller than me they might be too short.  Just something to keep in mind!  They come in so many cute patterns.  I love the Christmas multi stripe too!

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Jersey and Fleece Pajamas/Butter Socks}

Another fun festive pair of Christmas pjs!  Ok.  Cute factor I give these pjs 5 stars (SO cute right!?).  Comfy factor I give them a 4.  Only because the pants aren’t quite as comfortable as all of the above pjs pants.  The pants don’t feel like fleece – not a lot of stretch in them.  But they still fit cute for me and like I said.. I love the look.  I’ll definitely wear them around the house and would sleep in the top, but I wouldn’t sleep in the bottoms.  If you’re looking for soft as butter pjs to sleep in too.. any of the above pjs fit that bill!

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

This cute pair of striped pj’s must have sold out because I can’t find them on-line anymore!  The Loosey Goosey multi stripe is similar!

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Cozy Nice Top – comes in “NAUGHTY” and other options too!}

The full on bold red and green stripes were a bit much for me on this pair – hard to believe there can be TOO much Christmas cheer, but whoa.. sometimes there can. ;)  I like it better with just the striped pants and this cute cozy top.

Because I’m nice like that.

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

SO many cute Christmas sock options too!  The perfect accessories to your holiday pjs. :)

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Sunday Funday Pajamas}

I asked my wing man to model his recent favorite pjs and he was immediately on board.

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Winter Print Pj Set}

Maybe a little too on board!  He said right before I took this pic “mom this one is for the ladies!”  Ha!  Oh. My. Word.  He’s just like his father.  We’re in serious trouble.  What do you think ladies?

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Two-Piece Pajamas}

The 3 pairs I shared are his recent favorites!  Truth be told I tend to spoil this one when it comes to things like Christmas pajamas for 2 reasons.  1 – He usually sleeps in his clothes!  He lives in shorts and a top and doesn’t like to be hot and this time of year (because of the holidays and cooler temps) is the only time I can get him to wear pjs.  (His beloved robe is the only exception because it’s so soft.  I ordered him this pair for Christmas to wear in the Spring!)  And 2 – He’s my youngest and there is just something about kids in pjs.  It’s my favorite and one thing I miss about having babies/little kids is bath and pajama time.  I loved getting my kids all shiny and clean and putting them in cozy pjs and being home for the night!  I have the best memories of our evening routine when my kids were little.  My girls would put on Christmas nightgowns and dance around their room waiting for daddy to come home from work while 2 year old Kole would run around in the cutest footed pjs pulling their toys out of drawers.  My 3 kids weren’t the only ones anxiously waiting for daddy to come home each night!  I was always exhausted by that time of day but I still remember loving pajama time before bed.

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

When Kole turned to look at the little houses on the tree (his favorite this year!) I had an instant flashback.

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{These beloved Santa pjs are back in stock!  Some of our all time favorites. :)}

It feels like I took this sweet picture last week!  My baby is growing up.

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Fitted Santa pj set}

And yet.. he still acts pretty much the same.  I’m sure this one was also “for the ladies.”  Ha!  Love my little ham.

Favorite Christmas Pajamas (Sunny Side Up)

{Chunky Wool & Jute Rug}

Christmas Pajamas.  The best!  I rounded up my favorites for everyone in the family below.  Wishing you a cozy weekend with plenty of pj time. :)


For HER:

For HIM:




xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Pajamas!

  1. So many cute pjs (and models for pjs) so little time to wear them all! Such a fun post. Your Kole is quite the charmer, isn’t he? The ladies might be in trouble as he grows up. He looks quite mischievous in some of those pics. But in a fun way. Thanks for sharing all the fun and festive pjs! May your weekend be comfy and cozy!! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I know.. the holiday season goes by too quickly! That’s why I wear my Christmas pjs from October through February. They are too much fun for just one month. :) And yes! Kole is mischievous for sure.. but it a not too harmful way. ;) I hope you enjoy your weekend too sweet friend! xo

  2. So many great looking pajamas! I would be in heaven if I could stay home and wear pajamas all day. Truth be told, Walmart has some cute ones and as I walked through there yesterday I had to stop myself several times from grabbing yet another pajama set because I don’t wear them as much as I want to. Kole is hilariously cute! He sounds like he gets his sense of humor from you as well.

    1. Thank you so much Debbie! I bet Walmart does! I haven’t checked their selection out yet but need to! Target has some cute pjs too. I just bought Kole some elf pjs there and was shaking my head at myself. Like he needs one more pair! Ha! I can’t help myself when it comes to Christmas pjs. :) I hope you’re enjoying December so far! xo

  3. Yes, what is it about kids in PJs, especially Christmas PJs?! I can’t stop buying them either, even though my kids are getting older, my 8 year old still loves them, the 14 year old, not as much :) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. They are just the best aren’t they!? Same! I’m sure I’ll be buying my kids Christmas pjs until they have kids of their own and I can buy some for them. ;) Thank you Kim! Happy holidays! xo

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