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Christmas in the Guest Room

Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas in the guest room!  Just a few simple touches to make it feel festive.

Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

(Sherpa Reindeer/Lit Birch Tree/Similar Pine Swag)

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Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve loved having red in this room!  Holiday sheets just make a space happy don’t they!?

Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

So do merry and bright pillowcases.

Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

And Reindeer Sleigh Ride signs.  :)  This sign was made by Jen at Harper Grayce who also made the Hot Cocoa sign in my dining room!  So cute.  Without really planning it I ended up with a bit of a reindeer theme throughout my house.

Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

I’ll take it!  They make me happy.  Just like the holiday sheets and merry and bright pillowcases and Reindeer Sleigh Ride Sign.

Did I already mention that?

Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

I was going to put something fun and Christmas themed in these frames and just never got around to it!  I kept putting off taking pictures of this room to share thinking as soon as I get those frames done..  A week before Christmas I finally told myself done is better than perfect.  DONE is better than PERFECT.  I think I’ll repeat that to myself.  Over and over daily.

Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

Because I’m a work in progress.

Christmas in the Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

And because there’s always next year.

Next year.. I’ll have this room perfect.



xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Christmas in the Guest Room

      1. How do you determine what level of warmth you want for the comforter? Do you use the same one during the summer as well? Thank you so much!

  1. Oh my, you decorated just for me? Oh you shouldn’t have! But I’m so glad you did. What a delightful and cozy room. I adore the red touches, especially that afghan at the foot of the bed. The red is so rich and beautiful. Any guest you have over would be thrilled to stay in this room. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I have always wanted to get those and other Christmas sheets from PB and PB kids. I love the way they look with the pillows on the bed! And I think I’ll adopt that mantra as well, done is better than perfect.

    1. It’s a good mantra to remember right? I so often get hung up in the small details! And yes.. love PB’s Christmas bedding! So festive. Thanks cutie! I hope you’re enjoying December! xo

  3. So pretty! Love all of it! The sign is super awesome! Does she ship to Wisconsin or is she only local in California?
    Amy in Wisconsin

    1. Thank you Amy! I’m pretty sure she ships anywhere in the US! If you decide to order a sign, use the code sunnysideup at checkout and she’ll give you 15% off! :)

  4. I will moving into my new house mid January. Your house design really helped me to make decisions. Interior doors, gray walls, dark floors etc. So thanks for sharing. My question is about hanging pictures/shelves. Since you hang seasonal pictures, that want be up for long, what do you use to hang them? Driving nails in my new walls gives me anxiety. Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that Anna! Congrats on your new home.. so exciting! I have a hard time with putting nails in my walls too but finally had to just get over it! I used small nails for these frames because I’ll just switch the pictures out seasonally.. the frames stay put! Same with the wood frames in my living room. I keep the frames up all the time and just swap the pictures inside. I hope that helps! Happy holidays to you and your family too and best of luck finishing up your new home! xo

  5. Oh my word!!! I am in love with your Christmas Guest Room!! Red is by very favorite color – if you could see my home or my closet, you would know that!! The reindeer sheets, “merry & bright” pillowcases, bright red knitted throw, Sherpa reindeer, and all the red accents just make me want to decorate a room exactly like yours!! And I LOVE the “reindeer ride” sign!!! Eeeeek!! It’s so cute!! All of this, combined with your beautiful wall, headboard, white comforter, creamy white lamps, etc., are justso beautiful!! Erin, your sense of design is incredible. It’s exactly what I love! I couldn’t love it more!! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!! Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous home!!! ❤️🎄🦌❤️🎄🦌❤️🎄🦌❤️🎄🦌❤️

    1. YEA!! So happy to hear that you like it Jane! You just completely made my day with that incredibly sweet comment!! I love that we are design twins! ;) Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family as well. Wishing you all the best in the new year and thanks again for always being so kind and encouraging! It means so much to me! :) XO

    1. Thank you Marianna! What a fun idea! Love that.. definitely considering that for next year. Thank you for sharing and enjoy the holidays! :) xo

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