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Fashion Friday (and our recent injury)

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Fashion Friday *affiliate links used

Happy Friday!  We made it.  My kids all go to school just half day tomorrow and then they are out for all of next week!  So happy to get them home and take a break from their activities.  This week has been just short of insane!  I’m hosting a party Saturday night so aside from the normal craziness I’ve been getting ready for that and finishing the Christmas decorating so I can take pics to share and getting other things ready for Thanksgiving at my moms.  I’m sure this week before the holiday was busy for many of you too!  So excited for some time to relax and be with family.  I’m ready to veg out in front of a Hallmark Christmas movie and think of nothing except how the girl and guy are going to end up together in the end.

Even though I know exactly how they are going to end up together in the end.

I have so many fun Christmas posts coming up so I’m keeping this one short and sweet with a few recent favorites I’ve been wearing!

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{Madewell Stripe Turtleneck Sweater/Jeans/Booties}

Could not love this Madewell sweater more!  I mentioned in this post I love everything Madewell came out with this Fall and they just keep getting better!  Seriously my favorite brand right now.  This sweater is so soft and warm and perfect for cool temps.

{Sheridan Ribbed Sweater/Earrings/Jeans/Booties}

For the love of mint!  This sweater was a splurge because I bought it thinking I was going to wear it for our family pictures.  But then I ended up wearing something I already have for family pictures so this sweater was apparently a splurge for no reason at all.

Well.. except for the love of mint.  :)

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{Madewell Maybe Later Sweatshirt/Jeans/Sneakers}

Love this sweatshirt.  Whenever I ask my husband to do something.. “hey babe can you…”  he always answers “No.  But I’m not mad you asked.”  He thinks it’s hilarious.  Really it’s just annoying at best, but now I have a comeback!  When he asks me to do something I plan to promptly reply “maybe later.”  Or I’ll just face him wearing this sweatshirt.

Game on Kenny.  You don’t want to mess with me.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{B.P. Dolman Ribbed Top/Jeans/Booties}

This pullover is so cozy!  Soft and a great fit without being tight.  Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.  With extra pie. :)

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{V Neck Sport Shirt/Jeans/Wedge Sneakers}

This fun V Neck Sport Shirt is an Amazon find!  I stumbled on it doing a little Christmas shopping and couldn’t resist!  So cute and casual and a great price.  Comes in lots of fun colors.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{Loose Tunic T-Shirt Blouse/Necklace/Jeans/Wedge Sneakers}

Another fun Amazon top that I’m loving!  You can wear this long or let it gather more at your waist.  So cute!  Also perfect for pie.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Here’s one other reason this week has been busier than usual for us.  Aside from all of the decorating and holiday/party prep, Addison broke her finger!  She was in LA Monday celebrating her close friend’s birthday at a water park and slammed her finger in a huge, heavy door.  (SO painful!)  The trip came to a bit of a halt when Insta Care sent her straight to the ER.  Aside from the break she sliced it pretty good so she had to get stitches too.  It was awful not being there with her!  Her friend’s mom took great care of her and we face timed through most of it.  She was so brave.  Wednesday we had a follow-up appointment at our hospital here which at this point feels like my second home.

Let’s see.. in the past year..

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Kenny broke his ankle and had to have surgery.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary hiking Colorado and exploring New York with his lovely boot and scooter.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Then I had my massive knee surgery.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Spent months recovering, doing physical therapy..

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

and looking like the Terminator.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Then Kole had his strange cheek issue.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Three days in the hospital and surgery for him.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

And now Ad.  Seriously!?  It’s almost comical!  We keep telling Ellie to watch out because she’s next!

Finger’s crossed she’s not.  (Sorry Ad.. no pun intended.)  I would be just fine not visiting our hospital again in the near future.  Although I have to admit that I’m getting really good at throwing together a quick hospital bag.  Phone charger, water bottle, change of comfy clothes, sweatshirt because the hospital is always cold..

All joking aside I’m so grateful it wasn’t worse for Addison.  For all of us really!  We have been lucky that none of our injuries have been life threatening.  We get knocked down and we heal and get back up.  Ready to fight another fight!

Or just veg out from sheer exhaustion in front of mindless Hallmark movies.

I’ll fight another fight the week after Thanksgiving.



xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday (and our recent injury)

  1. Oh No! Poor Addison! You guys have had a run of hospital visits this year. Goodness. It sure seems to happen that way. And it could have been a lot worse for sure. (I was worried it was her leg and that she’d be out of commission for her play/dance/theater commitments-whew) But this is so not fun for her. I hope she heals quickly. Hugs to her. You look super cute, by the way, in all your fun and pretty sweaters and shirts The ‘maybe later’ is a great comeback to your hubby..:) Good luck finishing up the prep for your party and have a safe trip to your parents. I think you have earned a double dose of Hallmark movies, my friend! Hugs to all! And Happy Thanksgiving, if you don’t get a chance to post again before the holiday. Thank you for all that you share. You and your blog are just delightful and a dose of sunshine to me. I appreciate you!

    1. Jeanne I’m so thankful for you this year! Your kind comments always put a smile on my face and I always look forward to them! So kind of you to take time to stop by and leave such thoughtful words. You are the sweetest and I wish I could give you huge hug for Thanksgiving this year! I appreciate you too. :) So much! Happy Friday! I hope you have some fun plans this week with your sweet family that don’t involve too much work! XO

    1. Hi Barbara! I always wear an XS in tops but some Amazon tops don’t come in XS so if not I get a Small and I think that’s what the two are in that pic! :)

  2. Hallmark movies are my favorite because they always have a happy ending!!!! And that is something we all need in life 🙂🙂

  3. Oh! I saw that pic of your girl and the blanket & ice pack placement made me think it was her knee! I was relieved for her when I read it was *just* her finger! I hope she heals quickly and it doesn’t effect any of her activities.

    1. Yes! So happy it was just her finger too! She has learned to write pretty good with just the other four.. ha! Thank you Jen! Happy Thanksgiving! xo

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