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Decorating our tree and fun Christmas pj’s!

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

So this happened!  Our annual tree decorating party.  One of our favorite traditions!  We take this night pretty seriously.  Clear schedules.  Pull down ALL things Christmas from the attic.  Crank up the Christmas tunes on the TV.  And of course.. wear fun Christmas pjs!  (Keep reading for more details on the pjs.. we are so in love!)

Of course this evening doesn’t always go picture perfect.

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

My kids are always SO hyper excited so for the first hour it’s usually me bringing down stuff from the attic and these three doing who knows what.

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

At one point my girls made up a hip hop dance to Up on the House Top.  Which they taught me btw.  We might have to film it.. it’s pretty lit if I do say so myself.

Ha. :)

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

At some point in the evening we actually got to work and started decorating!

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

Addison’s face when she realized the ornament she had dropped and started to hang was broken.  For the record.. she broke one, El and Kole didn’t break any and I broke three.

Next year I think I’m turning the tree decorating completely over to the kids.

I’ll choreograph the hip hop dance.

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

My face when Kenny (who grudgingly agreed when I begged so kindly offered) to take pics of us decorating asked if he could be done and go watch the football game.  At this point my girls were laughing non stop and Kole was decorating the whole back side of the tree that no one sees.  I said “you’re seriously going to leave me with these three and this mess?”

His response?  “Seriously.”

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

Family!  Good thing I love them all.

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

This year I’m partnering with The Company Store (love them!) to share their adorable collection of Christmas pj’s.  Yes.. I might have squealed when that e-mail came through!  I’m all about Christmas pj’s and their cozy matching flannel sets are just too much fun.  I picked out the Santa set for us.  You all know I’m a sucker for traditional Christmas colors.  It just doesn’t feel like the season to me without all of the red and green!  I’m actually wearing the teen set and El’s wearing the womens.  Personal preference because she loves pj’s to be loose and baggy and I like more of a fitted top.  Each set comes with a matching nightgown too that my girls would have loved when they were younger!  So many cute options!

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

The Company Store is encouraging everyone to have a “national family pajama night” and they are donating a dollar from every pair of pj’s sold to the Ronald McDonald house in NY to help kids and their families.  See why I love them so much?

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

Pajamas and family time.  I can’t think of anything better.

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

My favorite part of the holiday season hands down.

Quickly followed by all of the fun decorating.

And music.

And food.

And parties with friends.

And gift giving.

I could keep going but you all have families of your own you need to tend to.

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

Best little tree helper.

Especially when he’s working on the front side of the tree.


Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

Quick break in the photoshoot to read Santa Mouse – a long time favorite.  As soon as I pull the Christmas books down from the attic they all three stop drop and read.

Decorating our Tree and fun Christmas PJ's! (Sunny Side Up)

Huge thank you to The Company Store for sponsoring this post and for sending us pj’s that we love and are so excited to wear this season!

Also huge thank you to my husband.  For supporting me through all of my crazy Christmas adventures.  I know you put up with a lot!  But you dish quite a bit out during the process so how about we call it even.


p.s.  Details on our tree coming soon!

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Decorating our tree and fun Christmas pj’s!

  1. What a fun post full of wonderful photos of the event. Looks like you all had a fabulous time and you look great in your new pgs. Looking forward to the video of the hip hop dance you talked about. Christmas spirit is thriving at your house, for sure! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Such a fun tradition for families! My children are all grown with their own trees to decorate. Every year we still get together “at Moms” to decorate the tree! I bake all kinds of goodies to have with our hot cocoa. So many laughs as we talk about ornaments they have had since they were babies. Every year I would get them a new ornament for the tree since they were born. What ever they were into that year that’s what the ornament was. I stopped for them now, but we do it for the grandchildren. I can’t get them to dress in matching pajamas anymore Ha Ha! Every year we create new memories, but I have to say I do miss when they were young. You have such a lovely family. Merry Christmas to you all! 🎄 Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and all of your decorating and organizing tips all year long!!

    1. Loved hearing about your tradition so much Noreen! I have friends who do the ornament for their kids each year and I love that.. makes the tree so special! I hope I can still get my kids to come and help decorate the tree when they are older too. I keep telling them we all have to live in the same neighborhood when they grow up so they aren’t allowed to move far. ;) Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I loved hearing from you! Enjoy the holidays this year with your sweet family! xo

  3. The spirit of Christmas is in your pictures! Love your home. So, I’m guessing you’ll post links to the darling snowball type garlands you used? 😀 Great post!

  4. What a fun post!!! You guys look so cute!! We stayed at the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House for 11 months while Jeremy was in in the hospital. I donate to them every chance I get. We’ve done many golf tournaments for them. Your tree and Christmas pj’s are so cute and I hope we get to see your hip hop video soon. xo

    1. I love that Cathy! So kind of you and it doesn’t surprise me one bit that you give back. You are amazing.. have I ever told you that? I look up to you so much! And I think about Jeremy and your sweet family all the time. So happy you like the pj’s! Feeling all sorts of festive over here. :) xo

  5. Hi Erin!!
    Every time I see The Sunny Side Up Blog in my email list, I can’t wait to open it!! Imagine how excited I was to see your sweet family in your new flannel pajamas from The Company Store!! Those pajamas are ADORABLE!! I will definitely have to check them out!! You have the cutest family, and you look like you are having so much FUN decorating your Christmas tree!! I am looking forward to all of your Christmas decorating, gift-giving, and food posts – this is my favorite season of all!!
    With love & hugs to you & your sweet family,
    Jane Carden

    1. Jane! You just could NOT be any more thoughtful and kind! Makes my day you look forward to my blog posts! Isn’t this such a fun time of year!? TOO many good things going on. I’m thrilled you like the pj’s! We are feeing all sorts of festive over here. :) I can’t thank you enough. Your kind comment made me so happy this morning! Started my weekend off in the best way. :) Love and hugs to you and your family right back! xo

  6. Love everything about your blog and your style! Have been reading for 4 years. We have 6 kids under 10, including a baby, and I love getting matching pajamas for the holidays. Super bummed that this company doesn’t offer sizes for babies below a 2T. I always love your recommendations, but I can’t possibly get a “similar” red pajama for the baby. Ha ha. That’s totally normal, right? Enjoy your weekend! And thanks for all that you do. Reading your blog let’s me escape the chaos of all my duties for a few minutes.

    1. Oh man! Such a bummer Sophia! I wonder if you could find a little red onesie or sleeper? Just solid red! That would be too cute! You are my hero with 6 kids under 10! Seriously wish I could give you a hug right now and bow down to you for all I know you do in a day. You are so kind.. I’m thrilled that you enjoy my blog and that it is a quick escape for you. I know how much those quick escapes are needed for busy moms! Thank you! It means so much to me that you’ve been reading so long. Enjoy this special time of year with your sweet family! And if you get the pj’s (or any matching set) send me a pic! Would love to put a face with your name. :) xo

  7. What a fun night, Erin!! Those jammies are so cute and festive. I love how much of a group effort your Christmas decorating is. It takes a village….most of the time! :) I am looking forward to more pictures and details. Thank you for sharing!

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