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Organized School Supplies and Recent Favorites!

•Affiliate links used belowOrganized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Monday everyone!  I’m so excited about this week!  It’s busy but lots of fun stuff going on.  First up.. Organized HQ starts today!  Seriously you guys.. it’s like the Superbowl of organizing!  More than 20 organizing pros from across the country are joining to share their knowledge to help you get organized.  They will be covering everything from quick meal planning to healthy eating on budget, home management, creating routines, self-care, photo organization, decluttering, eliminating paper clutter, home decorating, budgeting and finances, cleaning methods, and lots more!  My session is this Wednesday and is focused on office organization.  A favorite topic of mine as you all know. :)  I love listening to stuff like this when I’m getting ready in the morning!  I bring my laptop in the bathroom and put on make-up and do my hair and learn a few new tips and tricks and it just motivates me throughout the day.  You can still get your free ticket for a short time!  {HEAD HERE TO SIGN UP!}

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. speaking of office organization!

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

Still wrapping up a few things I wanted to go through over the summer and didn’t quite get finished in this space.  See the chalkboard crates in the openings below my cupboards?  I’ve loved having them for extra school/office supply storage but they quickly became dumping grounds and needed a serious clean out!

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

I’m slightly embarrassed about the hoarding situation going on here.  With most things I’m so good at purging but when it comes to school supplies, notepads/planners, and throw pillows I’m a lost cause.  Ha. :)

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

{Chunky Wool & Jute Rug/Bliss Throw}

I dumped everything out in our family room (where most of my organization takes place!) and got to work categorizing.  I just love categorizing. :)

Pretty soon my crates looked like this..

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

One for markers, crayons, pencils.

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

One for tape, staples and sticky notes.  This cracked me up btw.  We are ALWAYS out of tape at our house and rummaging around looking for some.  Um.. guess where all the tape was hiding?  I had so many of them in these crates but they were underneath other things so I kept thinking we were out and I needed to buy more!  Reason #7,592 why it’s so important to keep things organized.  You know exactly what you need and DON’T need to buy.  Christmas I’m ready for you this year. ;)

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

One for miscellaneous craft/home supplies.

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

And one for important manuals I refer to and our pencil/crayon cases for when we need supplies on the go.

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

SO much better.  This took no time at all.. I don’t know why I lived with them messy for so long!  I feel like this every time I organize something.  It makes my life so much easier when things are neat and tidy and I know where they are and what I need.  Little projects like this (just 20 minutes a day) add up to an organized home.  They really do!  These bins will stay this way because once I organize something I work hard to keep it clean.. it’s easy to maintain things when they are organized in a way that makes sense!

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

I thought about labeling these bins and might at some point, but I know where things are and kind of like the solid black.  For now they look the same on the outside but are a happy surprise on the inside when it’s time to grab new supplies. :)

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

A few other fun new things around the house!  Remember my living room makeover with new pillows from Lauren at Lo Home?  I had to get some of her fun Cherry Blossom ginger jars!  Love them.  They come in lots of colors and I’m seriously tempted to pick up some in a darker color for Fall.  They look good everywhere!

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

I also got a new console table for our formal dining room!  Kenny and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary last week and he asked if I wanted jewelry and I asked him if he even knows me at all.  Console tables are the way to my heart. :)  I’m so excited about this one!  When we designed this room I specifically created a cut out on the right side of the room for a large sideboard table that we could use to spread out food on when we entertain.  To be honest I’ve had a hard time finding the right piece of furniture for this spot because it’s really long and not very wide.  I also knew I wanted a navy table so finding a navy table that was the right length and width and that I loved and that worked well with the other furniture in the room proved to be a challenge!  I got this beautiful table here at One Kings Lane but I also found it later at Wayfair too.  It cost more than I wanted to spend, but after years of searching for the right piece of furniture and not being able to find anything I jumped on this and told Kenny diamonds would have cost more. ;)

I never really finished decorating our formal dining room.  I got a good start with the farmhouse table and chairs and bench, but never finished.  Finding this table has completely motivated me to get this space done and I’m so excited for what I have planned!  Now I’ve got this whole room all decorated in my mind!

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

It’s sitting in limbo right now for a few days and then some changes will be happening!  (That ladder mirror was from a local store and doesn’t really go there!)  Poor Kenny.. maybe diamonds would have been less after all.  Ha!  I’ll be sharing dining room progress on IG/stories!

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

{Lumbar pillow/Leighton Pillow/Radde Pillow}

Got these darling new pillows from Lu Lu and Georgia for the theatre room and now I love them so much I want them downstairs!  Do you all ever shop there?  They have so many fun things for home decor!  I’m kind of obsessed with that site lately.  These all sold out so quick but they have some in other colors and they have a place where you can get on their waitlist for when they come back!  They usually get stuff back in stock that sells out quick.

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

{Lace Up Back Cardigan – 40% off!/AG jeans – also 40% off!/Madewell leather tote/Madewell necklace/Kentvi Sandal}

On the fashion side of things.. getting so excited for things to cool off around here so I can dive into Fall clothes.  They are my very favorite!  We had a cool, cloudy day last week and I got to wear this cute new cardigan I picked up on sale.  LOVE how slouchy and comfy it is!

Organized Office Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

I tried to get a pic of the back and failed miserably but look at it on-line because the back is the cutest part!  It runs really big so order down a size (I’m wearing the xxs and you can see how slouchy it still is).  My jeans are also 40% off right now!

Ok.. signing off for now but you guys!  I’m SO excited about my next post!  I worked hard all summer long to create something that is going to help us get so organized for the holidays!  I even hired a couple of my close friends to help because I wanted this to be so good.  I found this pic on my phone.. El took it one afternoon this summer while we were working.  Can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to with you all!  Coming soon to a blog near you. ;)

Enjoy your week everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Organized School Supplies and Recent Favorites!

    1. Oh my word.. I’ve been having a crazy week and that cheered me right up! So sweet of you Kelly! Thank you for such a kind comment. That means so much to me! XO

  1. I’m am seriously in love with your new console. That color is perfection Erin! I can’t wait to see it styled. I have some organizing to do but life got really busy. Hopefully I can tackle it this weekend! Have a great week. xo

    1. YEA! I’m so happy you like it Cathy! And yes.. styling it will be the most fun! Life is always busy isn’t it!? I’m hoping to tackle a lot this weekend too although lately our weekends are busier than our weeks. We need an organizing retreat or something.. ha! :)

  2. Those canisters on your kitchen counter look wonderful. Love those shapes. Congrats again on your anniversary and scoring that pretty console. Looking forward to seeing the completed space. Smiled at your plethora of tape situation. I might have done that a time or two, but didn’t end up with quite so many spares. Excited to hear what you’ve got planned. You are being so sneaky. :) Thanks so much for sharing, Erin!

    1. Ha ha.. I’m not trying to be sneaky! But that made me laugh Jeanne! You always make me laugh. :) Thank you for that! And if you need some extra tape you know who to call. ;) XO

  3. I just finished watching your gig on Organized HQ….great job, Erin! I’ve always known from your photos that you are just such a cutie, but seeing you live showed you are more than cute — stunning comes to mind! I was so thrilled to get to see you live. I already know how organized you are, and I’ve always enjoyed seeing your different ideas for your office, but I just enjoyed it again!

    Love those ginger jars. I’m seeing a lot more pink, blush and pinkish coral everywhere and have started using more of those colors in my home, too.

    I’m kind of in love with that olive cardigan….well, I’m kind of loving all things “olive,” now that I’m more of a redhead again!

    Hope you are having a lovely week, Erin!

    1. Carol! You are just too kind! I’m so happy you enjoyed watching that! It was fun to do. A little scary being on camera.. ha! But fun. :) Thank you so much for supporting me and for your sweet comment! It meant so much. Hugs right back! XO

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