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Fashion Friday.. on Saturday

Happy weekend friends!  And happy December!  It’s finally here. :)  Love this month!  It’s crazy and busy, but full of so many good things.  The next two weeks my blog will be full of Christmas decor so my Fashion Friday posts are going to be popping up over the weekend.  I’m thinking next year my “Fashion Friday” posts need to change to “Fashion whenever I get to it” posts.  It’s rare they go live on Fridays!  But that’s talk for another day.
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Today I’m sharing a few recent favorites from Nordstrom!  My mom took this picture while we were at her house in Utah over Thanksgiving.  The trees with the sun shining through are just beautiful!  Her whole street looked like it was straight out of a story book.  I love going to Utah in the Fall.  It’s the only time of year I don’t want to live in San Diego!  I want to be one with the cool, crisp air and the changing leaves.  Then when the cool, crisp air turns to frost and just plain cold air, I want to go back home to San Diego. :)  K.. for the love of cardigans!  I have an obsession with them at the moment.  You all know how much I have loved this open front cardigan.  (Almost identical styles/color options are here and here.)  I’ve been wearing it at least once a week since I bought it.

So I decided I needed another one.  :)  I almost bought the same cardigan in a different color, but then decided to mix it up a little more.  Might be nice since I’m wearing mine so often!  This new knit cardigan comes in several colors and is so comfy!  (It runs big so order down.. mine is xxs.)  I’m wearing it with a Caslon tee under it and my favorite boots.  Cardigans are such a great way to look put together and stay warm and comfortable all at the same time.  Nordstrom has so many fun options right now!  This relaxed fit cardigan just went on sale and it looks as comfortable as being wrapped up in a blanket!  I also have my eye on this new barefoot dreams circle cardigan.  I’m waiting for it to go on sale and hoping Santa snatches it up for me if it does. :)
I’ve worn this new cardigan several times already and love it.  It was perfect to wear on a cold evening out with my family this week!  We had the opportunity to see an early screening of the new movie SING that’s coming out right before Christmas.  Such a fun movie!  Darling plot and characters.  We all loved it so much.  Kole told me about 15 minutes in that it was “the best movie of his life”.. so you can’t beat that review. ;)
Ok.. next new favorite!  I’m smitten with this double layer gingham shirt!  So cute with my black peep toe booties!
Here is a closer look.  You can see on the sleeves I have rolled up that it’s stripes on the other side.  Seriously!  Can you get any cuter than black and white gingham and stripes!?  Together!  I think not. :)  I love my tanner bar necklace with button up shirts like this so much.  I just gives it that little something extra.  It just went on sale 25% off!
The shirt is medium length.  I like to wear shirts like this long in the back and tucked in in the front.
It also looks really cute with my cargo jacket.
I just wore this outfit tonight!  I snapped a picture of it for this post on my way out the door and then decided to change into my black Ugg boots before I left.  It has been cold here this week!  In the 60’s so legit coat/scarf/fireplace weather.  I know.. we are wimps. :)  It’s cold to us!
Fun night at this girls first band concert!  Proud of her.  She blasted Jingle Bells on her saxophone like no ones business.  ;)
Speaking of scarf/coat weather, I loved wearing this combo while we were in Utah!  This rib knit scarf comes in lots of colors and would make a great gift for someone who lives in the cold!  Or for someone who likes to pretend they do.  ;)


Another picture my mom snapped.  I love her house.  It’s the perfect cottage getaway for me and my family.  My dad teased me the whole time I was there about my boots.  Said they looked like waders and clearly it was time for me to stop blogging and start fly fishing with him.  Dad!  I just shake my head.

{Caslon Tee/Scarf}

Quick pic with my other daughter!  So proud of her too.
She was practicing her leg lifts/balancing in my mom’s backyard…
so grandpa decided he’d practice his too.  Dad!  I just shake my head.
While Ellie and grandpa practiced their slick dance moves, my little buddy was pretty entertained in my parent’s treehouse. Ad and I were inside during most of this activity watching Christmas Hallmark movies.  A little something for everyone at grandmas. :)
I bought this fun new chevron square scarf a few weeks ago and I’ve had so much fun with it.   The cool thing about this scarf is there are so many ways to wear it!  Every time I put it on it looks different.  I snapped a few pictures of styles I’ve tried but I’m sure there are about 10 more!  I’m wearing it like a regular infinity scarf here.  (Caslon tee underneath.)
I left the front longer here.  A bit western looking.. I’m digging this look.
And with some draped over my shoulder.  I’m not a scarf expert and have no clue if I’m even wearing it right!  But I don’t care.  It’s a fun scarf to mix up and play with.  I love the colors too.  Goes really well with several long sleeved tees I already had.
In other fashion news.. my ruffle sweater was just restocked in all sizes!  It sold out in most sizes but is back now!  SO cute.  I love this sweater.
I’m still loving this in gray too.  Have any of you bought this mock neck sweater?  Just like my cardigans, it’s like wearing a warm blanket all day!  I’ve been living in the green, but ordered one size smaller to try in the gray because this one is a bit baggy on me.  Nordstrom is so great about returns.. I order multiple sizes to try all the time and just send back whatever doesn’t work!  My mom showed me a Consumer Report while I was at her house that had Nordstrom ranked #1 when it comes to easy returns.  No surprise there!  Love that about them.
My utility jacket is still on sale!  So cute.
So is my asymmetrical ribbed sweater.  50% off and just a few sizes left!
Wearing it here with my girls under my plaid infinity scarf.
plaid-nordstromA lot of the their plaid flannel shirts are also marked down!  Nordstrom has some great sales this weekend.  They also have a fun section on their website called HOLIDAY GIFTS and GIFT IDEAS if you need a few more fun things for people on your list.  I shopped that list for a lot of my gifts this year!
Alright friends!  Enjoy your weekend!  I’ll be back soon with some decked halls to share. :)

*Honored to have partnered with Nordstrom on this post!  Love love love them.  As you all already know. ;)

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Fashion Friday.. on Saturday

  1. Such a fun post, as always! Great fashion pieces. Congrats to your sax player! I remember the first band concert I went to for my older daughter. I almost cried. I don’t play an instrument (nor am I a good singer), so the first time I watched my kiddo play…this wondrous feeling came over me at how awesome it was that they could play an instrument. I was so happy for her as I know you were for your sweet girl. Gosh, she has a beautiful smile. :) Your older daughter…wow is she flexible! That looks like it could hurt! Dads are awesome, aren’t they. And Kole…bet he had a blast! I wondered if you watched Hallmark Christmas movies! I discovered them a few years ago, and while I’ve not been able to watch all of them yet this year, I did watch A Perfect Christmas last night and enjoyed it. Gotta love the happily ever after! Thanks for a wonderfully feel good post! Have a great weekend! :) Oh and thanks for the condolences on the Broncos loss last week. This week our rookie quarterback is the starter as Siemian has a foot injury. Sigh…it’s just a game, it’s just a game…it’s just a game….. :)

    1. I just love your comments Jeanne! They are so fun to read. :) I know what you mean about crying when you watch your kids do certain things! It reminds me of seeing my girls on stage in their first play. There is just nothing like it! Great mom moments. :) The Hallmark movies are so cheesy but I agree! Nothing like a happily ever after.. especially at Christmas time. Cracking up at your comment about the game… you sound like my husband! He has been repeating those few words for years. Ha! Whenever you get a second e-mail me your address! I’d love to send you a Christmas card this year. :) xo

  2. Which dept do you shop in? I most commonly order on line from Nordstrom because there is not one near me. But anytime I go into the store I feel lost. I know I’m in the wrong dept when I’m looking at a $1,300 dress. And I feel too old to be in the B.P. Dept. Help! BTW, I bought the gray sweater from your last fashion post, the one with pink on the wrists and waist. I put it with my gray UGG galoshes. I got sooo many compliments, thank you.

    1. Hi Ashley! I’m so happy you liked that sweater! I bet it did look cute with Ugg galoshes! Funny you say that because I’ve felt the same way in Nordstrom before. So many departments! I’m not sure what the departments are called I shop in but there are a few that always have stuff I love. One of them has all of the Top Shop/Free People clothes.. also all of the designer jeans. That is my best advice.. look for the section with the designer jeans and usually the clothes around them are right up our alley. Not as young looking as BP (although I still find cute stuff there once in a while!) but also not too crazy expensive. I hope that helps! Happy holidays! xo

      1. Thank you, I’m giving my kids their Christmas PJ’s tonight. I’ll send you a pic, you just might recognize a few of them.

  3. Seriously you look good in anything you wear! .. I love your fashion posts they always give me inspiration!
    How fun to go to your parents too ☺
    I would say come to where I love and you will get plants of use out of your boys loots and c scarves but it’s supposed to be -27 this very. . Yes, that is minus 27 below 😣😣😣

    1. Thank you sweet Heidi! So happy you like these posts. :) 27 below!! Oh my word. That is SO COLD! I probably wouldn’t last long in that.. ha! Stay warm cutie! xo

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