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My new planner and a fun giveaway!


Truth.  My office does not look like this right now.  Currently it is half way decorated for Christmas and full of piles of mail/papers I need to sort through, presents that are half way wrapped and projects that are half way finished.  It will be a Christmas miracle if I can get it cleaned up again in time to share my Christmas decor in this room with you all!
But that’s a story for another day.  :)  Today I’m so excited to be sharing a favorite shop with you and more details on my new planner I recently shared in my Favorite Things post that I’m so excited about!  I blog in two places.. my couch in the evening and at this spot in my office during the day.  I cleaned things up for these pictures the last time I took them, but usually I have two things out on this desk.  My laptop and my planner.  I use my iphone to keep track of our crazy daily schedule, but I LOVE having a traditional paper planner with me at all times to keep track of my blog schedule, daily to-do’s, notes, etc.

This year I fell hard for this Mint Floral Planner from 1Canoe2.  First of all, I’m a huge fan of 1Canoe2 products.  I’ve seen their things in favorite stores like Anthropologie and Magnolia Market and I’m always drawn to their nature inspired whimsical designs.  The cover on this planner is nice and thick and the pattern/colors had me at hello!  I have to admit that I’m a bit picky about my planners.  Aside from being pretty (check!), I need them to be spiral bound.  I use my planners like notepads and it’s so much easier to write in a planner with spiral binding.
I also prefer planners that have pockets in them.  I love having a place to slip those random to-do’s/papers that need my immediate attention.
Another one of my favorite things about this planner is that it has a spot in the beginning to jot down not just my big picture goals for the new year, but also a place to break them down into smaller things I want to work on each month.  Having this at the beginning of my planner where I can glance at it daily will definitely help keep me on track!
LOVE the mint monthly pages!  Mint just makes me happy.  So do pages filled with holiday dates.  You too?  :)
Basic monthly layout.. I love that there is a place for notes on the side.  I’m a huge fan of the font throughout this planner too!
And my favorite part.. the weekly layouts!  I love this!  Big squares to write my daily to-do’s or shopping list or whatever I need to remember on a certain day.
This planner also has a fun quote at the beginning of each month.  When I saw this quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder it was confirmed… this is the planner for me.  :)
Several pages for notes at the end of each month.  This is also a must for me!  Like I said, I use my planners a lot like notebooks.  I need room to dump my brain regularly.  As you all know by now. :)  #ilovelists
I also really like the size of this planner.  I prefer planners to be larger so that I have room for everything that I need to write, but not so big that I can’t take it with me in my purse if I need to.  This size is perfect!
1Canoe2 also sells these adorable notebooks that match their planners.  I’m thinking about getting the mint floral notebook to keep as a gratitude journal this year.
K.. can you all see why I love 1Canoe2!?  Their planners are so me. :)  I’m honored to be partnering with them on this post!  I’m also excited to tell you that they want to give one of their beautiful planners away to one of you!  Just enter the giveaway below and the winner will get to pick out his/her favorite planner.  If you choose the mint floral planner we will be twinning this year.  Love it.  ;)

Leave a comment below and include your first name and the city you live in to enter!  Giveaway will run until this Friday night (12/2) at 12:00 am PST.

Good luck friends! And thanks to 1Canoe2 for inspiring and motivating us with your beautiful products!

xoxo, Erin
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552 thoughts on “My new planner and a fun giveaway!

  1. That planner definitely looks amazing. I love the monthly view and the notes at the back of each month – I do a monthly goals (which is very detailed) and what I usually do is I paste that page into my usual diary. With this one I wouldn’t have to do that :)

    Marcia from Johannesburg

  2. Hi Erin!

    I too love the mint planner, but I am a true “check” girl so the black and white check planner is the one for me!!! I use my iPhone as well but, there is something about actually writing things down that I just can not give up!!!
    Joy from Allamuchy, NJ

  3. I love the floral planner! I am a Lilly planner girl, but this one may make me switch!

    Sara from Simpsonville, SC

  4. I was diagnosed with breast cancer eight days before my wedding in June 2016. At age 39, cancer was not the ideal wedding gift! My treatments will continue for another six months, so, needless to say, I have a lot going on and I could use a 2017 planner to keep myself on track.

  5. Thank-you for sharing this delightful planner! Would love to have the chic black and white on my office desk! Vicki from Harrodsburg, KY

  6. These planner are super cute! I’ve always kept things on my phone but have started to consider going to a paper one to get more organized. 😊

    Huntersville, NC

  7. The Mint Planner is gorgeous. The layout looks really good also. I haven’t heard of 1Canoe2 here in Australia but I will be sure to check it out.
    Shelley from Townsville in Australia.

  8. Erin,

    Isn’t it funny how personal a planner is – you would think we were purchasing dainties!!

    My friends continually suggest that I go electronic and that I’m old school! At the end of the day I don’t think you will see this old dog learn any new tricks – I like my planner front and central where both my husband and I can see our week laid out.

    The one you use is perfect for me and I will certainly look into purchasing one on Monday if I don’t hear from you prior to that – wink, wink!

    Thanks for a great blog, love reading it.


    1. Thank you so much Deborah! I know! I had a really hard time going electronic.. so I just went half way.. ha! Love having a good paper planner by my side! Thank you so much for your sweet words about my blog! Means a lot. :) xo

  9. Andrea from Northfield, MA
    Thanks so much for the offer to win one of these pretties! And thanks for all of the inspiration and fun in your blog every week!!!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family :)

  10. I’m SO glad you took us on a tour of your new planner, Erin. :) I, too, love a good planner with room to write, but not so big that it’s cumbersome. I’m excited about all the different categories and layouts. Love that there is a note section. Nancy, from Bountiful. :)

  11. There are so many planners out there. Thanks for the detailed review of yours. Looks like one I would like as I am picky about my planner as well!

  12. I have been using my phone as a planner but lately it’s just not cutting it. Trying to keep up with all my daily tasks as well as bigger goals. This planner looks perfect!
    Hannah from Jerusalem, Israel.

  13. I LOVE these planners! Planners with folders…the best! I sure need to get away from my present system of loose to do lists. Love to see new products!
    Maureen from East Peoria, IL

  14. All the positives you mentioned resonate with me, too, Erin! I think the color and style are lovely. But when I saw the Laura quote, well of course I adored this even more! How fun would it be to twin all year. Jeanne from Northglenn, CO

  15. I LOVE your blog! We’re in the beginning stages of a total remodel of our new home… so happy I found your blog to use a reference for about Every room in our home :)

    Micki from Castalia, OH

  16. These planners are fantastic ~ LOVE the fun designs & colors ~ I love gardening, so I also adore the mint floral design the most. I would love to have one to start the year 2017 off with the best organization possible!!

  17. Erin, I can see why you like this planner. I love that it has a whole month at a glance but also a weekly calendar. I would LOVE to win this! Thank you!

  18. I look forward to reading your daily blog. Coudn’t live without a planner to track everything.
    Denise from Lima, OH

  19. The Mint Floral planner is just so lovely and will help me very much to stay on top of things.
    Olivia from Oshawa, Ontario Canada

  20. Do I want to be better organized? Yes! Do I NEED to be better organized? Yes! Will a planner from 1Canoe2 help me achieve this goal for 2017? ABSOLUTELY! The layout alone says “You’ve got this, Girl!” A planner that actually motivates? Yes please!

  21. What beautiful planners! I’d love a chance to win one. Life gets a little crazy with 3 young children and this planner would help me stay more organized.
    Heather from Scandia, MN

  22. I love planners, even in the age of technology. Something about “writing” it down. Tina from Minneapolis.

  23. The Mint Floral planner is beautiful and I would love to be twinning with you in 2017! I love the fact that there are quotes at the beginning of the month and also like the large squares for writing. Have a great day!
    Julie from Topeka, Ks.

  24. I love those! I’ve just started shopping for a new planner and love how pretty and functional those are. Chelsea, AL

  25. Your cute planner makes me want to be organized and I love the Laura Ingalls Wilder quote too!
    Sandy from Milan, IL

  26. Ah These are so cute! I am so picky on planners as well. I just looked at planners at a store the other day and couldn’t bring myself to buy any of them b/c they weren’t what I was looking for. These seem to have it all! So excited for a chance to win one!! :)
    Jenny from Ocala, FL

  27. Love pretty planners and making lists! Can’t wait to get my planner for 2017, hopefully one of these beauties. ;)
    Heather from Blair, NE

  28. LOVE (and really need/wish for) this incredible planner!! With major house renovations underway and baby #3 on the way, this planner would help keep us all on track with the daily crazy that is our lives right now :)

    Pacific Palisades, CA

  29. Hi Erin! My name is Megan and I live in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. I love this planner!! It actually matches notebooks I got from Anthropology.

  30. I JUST ordered my new planner last night, I wish I would’ve heard about this company prior! I may have to just get two this year : )

  31. This planner is BEAUTIFUL and has everything I NEED! I always have such a hard time choosing my planner each year and THIS. IS. IT! Tiffany from Bristow, VA

  32. I love planners! The one I’m currently using is bound, but I think spiral is the way to go. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    Shoreview, MN

  33. Well, I must be under a Lucky Star, as I just signed up to receive ‘Sunny Side Up’ this past weekend, and now I have the opportunity to win this amazing 1Canoe2 2017 planner! I can see why it’s your favorite planner as it is so user friendly and most attractive! Thank you for such a creative, inspiring blog! It is my new ‘morning smile’ with that first cup of coffee!

  34. I would be lost without my planner! Thanks for these pretty options!
    From Smithfield, VA – Home of Smithfield Ham!!

  35. This is a wonderful journal–it has everything I want in a journal, but I never knew about this one! Beautiful and useful–win/win!

  36. These are so nice! I love my 2016 Plum Paper planner but this may be my choice for the new year.

    I’m in Manassas, VA.

  37. Erin I LOVE your blog which I joined earlier this year. As a realtor, I subscribe to several blogs and all the home decorating magazines to be up to date for my clients. I’m borrowing some of your laundry room ideas for my personal laundry room that I am currently designing! My phone and planner are my business and this one is so well designed.! Alisa from Knoxville, TN.

    1. Thank you so much Alisa! I’m so happy you found me! Would love to see pics of your laundry room when it’s done! Good luck with it! So fun. :) xo

  38. So funny that you said you had to dump the contents of your brain regularly! I need a complete brain wipe (like they do in the Men in Black movie). Love these planners.

    Angie in NYC

  39. This planner is gorgeous! I will be browsing through their products today FOR SURE! My name is Sarah from St. Paul, Minnesota!

  40. This planner is gorgeous!! I will be looking through their products today FOR SURE!! Sarah, from St Paul, Minnesota!!

  41. Love finding the perfect planner – these are beautiful and have such a functional layout!

    Anne from Janesville

  42. I would love to win a planner- life has been hectic with 4 little ones and it’s time to get organized! Nadia from oklahoma

  43. Great planner as jotting down details in my phone is sometimes not optimal-it will be perfect to keep me organized! And … I can’t imagine you being more organized than you already are! 😁
    Susan from Lake Forest, CA

  44. I HAVE to have a calendar to live by. Even though I am retired, I stay busy and going in all directions sometimes. Mine is open on my desk all the time.

    Robyn from Mt. Pleasant, SC

  45. Beautiful planner. It would make me happy even while scheduling dentist appointments.
    Heather from Herriman, Utah.

  46. First, let me say how much I love your office. Although I know these are the hardest rooms to keep straight. :D I love the planners. We all need those in today’s time. Merry Christmas from Virginia Beach, VA

  47. Those planners are so cute. I love keeping my life organized, and it is especially fun to plan your day using something pretty like these planners. I read your blog all the time. Your house is beautiful, and I love all your great tips.
    Erin from
    Pocatello, idaho

  48. I think it would be fun to mix-and-match the floral planner with the buffalo check notebook! So cute! I’m Katie from Charleston, SC.

  49. Nikki Burke, Brookville, OH – Have loved 1Canoe2 for many years! They’re a regular on my wishlists. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. My name is Sandra and I live in Orem, Utah. I love using a yearly planner! These ones are gorgeous! So happy to follow your Instagram and come upon this.

  51. My friends all make fun of me because I still use a paper planner and not my phone! I love seeing everything in the month at one time. I love these!! The big squares are calling my name.

    Jill from South Jordan, UT

  52. I love the buffalo check planner. Maybe it is the cold holiday weather that has me in the mood for plaid! Mary from South Jordan, Utah.

  53. Such cute planners they have, thanks for sharing!! Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays!!

    Kim from Rhome, Texas

  54. These planners are gorgeous and have all the necessary pages! I am still looking for the perfect planner for 2017. This one just might be it!
    Susan from North Hampton, NH

  55. I’m a stay at home mom and am busy everyday running my household. This would keep me focused and help me accomplish all my daily goals.

  56. Oh wow, these are beautiful and just what I’ve been looking for! Pretty and functional. Thanks for sharing.
    Maegan, Lynchburg VA

  57. My name is Eileen and I am in Hampton, VA. I love these planners! My favorite is the black and white. Thank you for sharing!

  58. Just getting to read your blog entry…busy day yesterday. What a sweet giveaway, Erin! So nice of you to help others stay organized. Those planners are adorable and so functional. I would die without my planner. I love mint, but am always drawn to black and white too. :) xxoo

    Forgot to add my info…duh! Pam – Oregon, WI

  59. Love love the planner……even better, my daughter would absolutely love it. It is so her as she begins her career.
    Suzanne Viggiano, Seaford, NY

  60. I usually use my phone, but I’ve been itching to get back to a paper planner. This planner would be perfect! It’s just gorgeous!!
    Brittney from Indianapolis, Indiana

  61. I currently use my phone, but I’ve been itching to get back to a paper planner. This planner would be perfect! It is gorgeous!!
    Brittney from Indianapolis, Indiana

  62. I would love to win a planner especially the mint green. Love organizing myself and I keep my habit tracker in my planner. Lexington, SC Jessica

  63. These planners are so cute! I love the pretty covers and all the practical layouts inside! With myself and 4 kids’ schedule to organize, a planner is a must!

    Mandy Hoaglund
    Cumming, GA

  64. I can’t believe I’m actually considering leaving my digital calendar for a hard-copy one. But I just love the act of writing on actual paper. Perhaps it’s time to switch!

    Amy, Salt Lake City

  65. I can see why you ❤️ this planner- it looks perfect! I love you included pictures so readers get a great feel about the product!
    Your blog and home are beautiful. Thanks and fingers crossed I am lucky enough to win one,

  66. I can see why you ❤️ this planner- it looks perfect! I love that you included pictures so readers get a great feel about the product!
    Your blog and home are beautiful. Thanks for all of your work on the blog,

  67. Melissa in West Bend, WI.

    This daily planner would be ABSOLUTELY perfect to keep my business and personal lives organized. If I’m not lucky enough to win the giveaway, I will most definitely be purchasing one.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  68. Crystal from Long Beach, CA
    I’ve never heard of these planners but I’m loving them! I love to get organized with a good planner!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  69. I just bought a Christmas gifts from 1canoe2 but was so focused on calendars I missed this. It’s a beauty!! Casey, Findlay, Ohio 😍

  70. Gorgeous planners!!! I’m a sucker for a good planner. I hope I win, but I may be forced to buy one before the announcement because they’re so pretty!

    Rachel in Columbia, Missouri

  71. Hi! I love these planners, I have 2 little kids and always looking for ways to help with organization! Thanks for these great ideas! :)
    Katie, Columbus, OH

  72. I love the idea of a monthly goals section. I am in college and thats a neat idea for keeping track of personal goals as well as academic ones!

    Leah in Phoenix

  73. These planners are perfect! I will be ordering one for me and my friends! Thanks for sharing :)

    Kelly from Miami, FL

  74. A giveaway is a great way to kick off the Christmas season! I love the mint floral one too. I just have to give you another shout out to thank you for making the links open a different window. I LOVE that and I know it takes extra time…just want you to know I appreciate it!!

    Jillian from Minneapolis MN

    1. Jillian! Thank you! I’m so happy that makes you so happy! Totally worth the extra time for kind people who appreciate it like you. :) Happy holidays sweet friend! xo

  75. Love, love, LOVE this planner. It stylish, fun and will help keep my life on track! Thank you for sharing. Tara, Spokane WA

  76. I love the black and white check planner! I’m currently using the 2016 Emily Ley Simplified Planner with gold pineapples on it (which is ADORABLE), but these look like they have even more features! Love.

    Christine from Williamsburg, VA

  77. I, too, am a list maker. My lists have lists! My current planner just crashed and burned and I NEED that beautiful mint green floral pattern in my life! Love your blog, love your home — love your life, Erin!

    Michele, Jacksonville, Florida

  78. Love these! The buffalo check is calling my name but I love all the “insides” too! Gorgeous! I’m Tracy from McKinney, TX

  79. I love the mint one. I’m a planner freak- I’d rather lose my wallet than my planner, it is my brain.

    Lansing, Michigan

  80. Love this! I’m getting one for my mother in law, who is a huge daily planner lady. She will adore it. I would love one for myself as well!
    San Jose, CA

  81. This teacher says yes please! Love the planner and all of the great ways to organize my thoughts (which run in a million different directions). The colors make it all the more fun!

  82. I’ve been thinking of going back to a paper planner. This looks like the perfect one! I miss the days of writing down my to-dos with actual pen to paper!! Thanks, as always, for your suggestions to keep our lives a bit less crazy:) Catherine from Newport Beach, CA.

  83. I heart that gingham one, but I’m a pushover for gingham. Thanks for telling us about this and for the chance to win one!

  84. Super cute! I feel like I get a different kind of planner every year because they’re never *just* right but I agree on loving all the notes pages! I bought a cheapy one so far for 2017 but this might be the one!
    xo, Lindsay, fellow San Diegan

  85. Oh this planner is adorable! I love the weekly layout and the goals pages! Your blog is my favorite…my mom and I talk about you like we are all friends. :) Emily in Athens, OH

  86. That mint floral planner just makes you smile. I love your instagram feed. I took your Christmas suggestions and ordered two Hydroflasks for gifts.
    Lapeer, MI

  87. That gingham planner has my name written all over it! Loving those big spaces for planning the week!


  88. Oh my goodness! I am also such a planner girl. I have more than one. ;-) So what’s one more?! Plus this one is different! Loving them all…

  89. The mint planner is so cute! It would be perfect for keeping track of the changes that are coming in 2017 with the arrival of our daughter!

    Erica – Ashburn, VA

  90. Hi Erin! I love the mint floral planner. I had heard of this company for their beautiful wall calendars, but had not seen their planners before. I love that it has both a monthly view and a weekly for detailed to do lists – I am a list girl, too. Love writing things down and then checking them off! Thank you for the detailed review and the chance to win one! Elizabeth from Oshkosh

  91. Thanks for the fun giveaway! This would be perfect to help keep all the details of my part time photography business in order. I’m striving to keep all those details separate from my regular notes/dates. Thanks again!

    Shannon, Indian Trail, NC

  92. The colors on that planner….. wow!! It just screams, get me, get me!! Love it💓

    Jennifer from Spanish Fork, Ut

  93. I love using traditionall spiral planners also! The size is perfect! I need pockets to stash away my “treasures”! :)

  94. Oh my word this planner is to die for! You have officially found perfection, way to go Erin! Thank you for all you do! You make my life easier because you spend so much of your time researching for the best of what’s out there as well as keeping your eyes open for sales. Then how lucky are we to just be able to check out your blog and see what fun things you’ve found and (to my husbands dismay)……buy them too! Keep doing what you do, because lets face it you rock at it😉!

    Sarah Craig, Boise, ID

    1. Oh my word Sarah! That just made my day. Seriously! Who would have thought that being a good shopper would end up turning into such a great thing!? I don’t think my husband ever saw that coming.. ha! ;) Thank you so much cutie! Happy holidays! xo

  95. Wow! What a great planner. I am very picky about my planner, but this one hits all the must haves. Would love to win this!

    Thanks so much,

    Regina from Memphis, TN

  96. I wish you knew how long I’ve been searching for the perfect planner 🙆. I had been trying for 2 years to come up with my own chore chart system (I say my own, it was a combination of multiple ones ) and we realized at that point that something neurological was going on. For the life of me I just couldn’t do it, I’ve always been fully capable to do anything until just the last couple years when my health began to decline. I have several autoimmune disorders that I’ve lived with my entire life but as I’ve aged it’s beginning to be much more prominent neurologically . This would be such a blessing for me . -from Alabama

  97. This is such a cute planner! I love the large squares to write everything down. Thank you for providing the chance for someone to win.

  98. I’ve gotten the last two planners you’ve recommended & love them! I just saw a planner almost identical to this new one a couple of weeks ago & fell in love with it. I so want to be twinning with you next year!! I’d for sure get the floral one. Thanks, Erin!

  99. My favorite part of the new year is getting a new planner and notebooks! :) Definitely torn between the mint and gingham!
    Joan from Fort Drum, NY

  100. A new planner for 2017 would be great. It would be even better if you came with it and would keep me organized, too!

    Sparrowbush, NY

  101. This planner looks amazing! I’m a first time commentor, but I love your style Erin. Your home is amazing!

    Ashton from Parker, CO

  102. i am ALWAYS looking for the perfect planner. i’ve never heard of this company. it would be so fun to win this fun giveaway. thank you for sharing this daily favorite of yours! i’m jamie from the ann arbor, michigan area.

  103. Love this, looks perfect in everyway!! :) – Not sure if your giveaway extends to international fans too?? I am in Christchurch, New Zealand

  104. So pretty and definitely you Erin! I just realized I need to get a new planner ASAP when I needed to write something down for January!
    Josie – St. George, UT

  105. Hi! My name is Lauryn and I live in Omaha. 8?3 always used Erin Condren planners but interested in trying something new!

  106. Thank you for the opportunity to enter! Such a pretty, yet functional planner! Your blog is my absolute favorite, Erin! Thank you for all you pour into it.

    Carrie from Murrieta, CA (just a bit North of you)

    1. Carrie! You just made my night! Thank you so much for saying that. It means so much to me! I’m thrilled you enjoy it. :) Happy holidays! xo

  107. I’m forever on the hunt for a good planner and this one checks all the boxes. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Palos Verdes

  108. A planner with pockets ! :) I would love that in a planner. Thank you so much for offering us a chance to win one. I really love your blog,it is the first one I open when I see it in my email. My name is Dawn, and I live in Fenton,MO

  109. I like larger planners, too! I write big and have a lot of things to keep track of. I’m Cindy and we currently live in Kalispell, Montana

  110. So many people use their phone to stay organized, but it just doesn’t work for me. I need to write things down on paper:)
    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to try this.

    Kathy from Ankeny, Iowa

  111. Such pretty planners! I love the floral but also love the black and white!
    I really like the notes section at the end of every month instead of only in the very back like a lot of planners have.
    I too do a lot of brain dumping!

    Tonya-Lake Charles

  112. Love the floral planner! I still use my Franklin Covey planner from many many years ago. I have started to use my phone as well but it’s much more satisfying to cross things off on a paper list!

    Thanks Erin.

    Hanover, MA

  113. Would love to get this for my daughter who has 5 children and homeschool. She really could use this and it is adorable

  114. I’ll be starting a business in January and have been looking for the perfect planner. This one is gorgeous!
    Danielle Bean Victorville, Ca.

  115. Hi Erin- Love how you make decisions on my next planner so easy! I love the mint, but the gingham is speaking my language. Checks to check things off of my lists!

    I’m from Dearborn, MI and have exactly one month to make one these beauties MINE!

  116. My friends always laugh at me when I put an appointment in my phone calendar and then whip out my planner to write it in (still a fan of that old school method). LOL! They say double work but it really helps me retain information when I write it down. I love the calendars that show the whole month so I can see what I’m in for then break it down into weeks. It’s been tough to go all digital. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Thousand Oaks, CA

  117. Love, Love those planners. I enjoy the beginning of a new year with all the organizational tips and tricks. This planner would work great as I declutter, lead Bible Study, babysit my grand babies and throw in a few recipes I would like to try. All in one book, Love It!

  118. Beautiful planners! The Mint Floral is my favorite too.

    I’m Amy in KC as you can see, but my technical address is Lenexa, KS (a KC suburb). :)

  119. A planner with a place for goals- absolutely Fab! Thank you for your cheerful outlook and bringing positive vibes to this world we live in! (Oh, and also for the curated Black Friday list!) From Hampton, VA

  120. I would love this for my daughter-in-law who has three kids 5 and under, and is homeschooling the oldest. That floral just looks like her–so calm and serene.

  121. I love the mint planner and all the space there is to write down activities for our family of five!

    Wadena, MN

  122. Oh these planners are cute, I really like how the monthly spread out looks. My name is Griselda, and I am from Minden, Nebraska. Thank you!!

  123. Heyyyy! My name is Lucy, 29 yrs old, and I’m here in Los Angeles, CA. Love the size and space in these planners! I use my iPhone calendar for payment reminders but use an actual desk calendar for my social/mom life (which is basically the same thing, right?lol) It’d be great to win one of these! I’d usually go for basic print but the flowered/mint color had me at hello! Anyways, love your page and IG pics, you have a beautiful home and family! Wish me luck!

  124. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this planner! With a new baby on the way it would definitely keep the mom brain in check! :)

  125. I love 1Canoe2! I have the XL Calendar on the wall in my office. Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m from St. Paul, MN.

  126. I love 1canoe2 products! I think it’s the handwriting print that always pulls me in!!

    Love ’em!

    Charlotte from Seattle

  127. It’s the handwriting font that always pulls me in! I just love it!
    Charlotte from Seattle WA

  128. I LOVE planners that have the whole month at a glance with boxes you can actually write in….and this one is so cute!!!

  129. These planners and notebooks are so adorable! I live out of my planner without it I would be lost! Love the style of these, you have great taste!
    PS love your blog and Instagram!
    -Jamie From Bolingbrook, IL

  130. I love having a hard covered planner with me at all times. I just can’t get into the habit of using my phone! I love that black covered planner with gold detail!
    Courtney from Knoxville TN!

  131. I love the layout of these planners! And i will need one for 2017! I have twin (boy/girl) 3 year olds! This will definitely come in handy! My name is Jenny Threadgill and I live in La Verne, California. Love following you!

  132. I absolutely love your blog. You’ve inspired me in so many ways. I’m a girl that loves to get pen to paper so I’m lovin’ these planners. Thanks for sharing. I’m ready to start 2017 ultra organized!!!

  133. Absolutely obsessed with the simple black and gold planner! I’m currently a senior in college and without my planner to write things down my life would be an absolute mess! Lol. My name is Danika and I’m from the East Bay Area but currently living in sunny Santa Barbara, CA while I finish my degree!

  134. I NEED that floral planner, it would be perfect for jotting down all of my 2017 goals. This is going to be a good year for me, I can just feel it : ) – Erin – Plattsburgh, NY.

  135. The mint planner is lovely! Perfect for New Year’s resolutions to be more organized!!!
    Nicole from Greenville, SC

  136. I would love to win one of these planners! Super cute! I love the checkered one too, it has a country look about it.

  137. Oh my goodness!! So adorable and perfect! Love the mint! Wish I could use this planner to help me be more organized and keep everything in order! Family and new small business

  138. I absolutely am a planner junkie! I’ve kept a planner ever since my senior year in high school! I’m on my 30th planner. I’ve never used 1canoe2 products and just recently noticed the company online. I love all the features of this planner. ❤️
    Sara, Fort Gibson Oklahoma

  139. Love the good old planner!! Perfect size too! I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for sharing!! From Pace, FL.

  140. I have been searching for the perfect planner and I love this one! It has everything I have been looking for in a planner and more!
    Annette – Enterprise, UT

  141. WoW!! Look at all the excited participants!! I think they are all great…. I would love any one of them… I look forward to Friday. Amy in Jackson, Idaho 💕

  142. These are beautiful! At 43yrs I regret not using one sooner! 😆 Maybe now I won’t be so scatter brain lol 😂

  143. I love this planner. I am very “old school” in that I still have to have everything written down. Btw… I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I just started following you a couple of months ago & look forward to your emails and insta posts!!

    Mooresville, NC (just north of Charlotte;))

  144. I totally adore the colour combo of these planners & the inner layout within is perfect! I’m a fan of the ‘Big Picture’ & ‘Monthly Goals’ pages too!

    Amelia from Coromandel Valley, South Australia, Australia

  145. Hello from Minneapolis, Minnestoa!
    Love these planners, think my favorite is the black check one. There is something about writing down my schedule I love.

  146. I am starting a new job in a week and this planner would definitely get my organized for the new year!
    Megan from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA!

  147. I get you completely with planners. Keeping stuff in the brain in a planner allows my brain to work properly without the constant fog, if I don’t.
    I am so loving the mint color these days. My kids say it is my new favorite color. Can’t get anything past them. Just when you think they are not paying attention to such things, they surprise you.
    Love, Love, Love,
    Mary in Atlanta, GA

  148. What a gorgeous planner, I have decided to start to use a planner instead of a regular diary so this would be perfect for my introduction to all things planners,
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

    Belfast, Northern Ireland.

  149. Love, love, love the Mint planner, the Checked is a very close second- so cute! I am definitely converting back and ordering more for Christmas gifts! Thank you for sharing😊

  150. Would love to have the mint planner. I just had another baby, and life with three kids is a bit more complex since we have a small team and can’t play ‘one on one’. ;)–Lisa from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  151. Beautiful planners! Thanks for the giveaway.
    Erin – LOVE your blog & all of the great decorating ideas from your beautiful home!
    Merry Christmas to you & your sweet family!
    Janie from Whitwell, TN

  152. Hi, Erin! I am from Lisbon, Portugal and I have read all your blog last summer when I discovered. I absolutely love it! Great sense of style, decor and humor! I LOVE your house! If I had the opportunity I would build one just like that. Nothing more or less. Keep the good work!

    1. You are such a sweetheart! Thank you for your kind words about my blog! Such a thoughtful thing to say. Your sweet comment made my day. :) Thank you again and happy holidays! xo

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