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Fall Fashion with Nordstrom!

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope it’s a happy Monday for you.  We have had cool, cloudy weather the last few days and I’m loving it!  Although it makes me want to stay inside with my sweats and candle on and lounge all day.  (Sums up our Sunday!)  I don’t know how productive I’d be if we had weather like this all the time. ;)  But I’m so happy Fall has come to San Diego!  I’m excited to be sharing some of my recent favorite clothes for this beloved season with you today!  Fall fashion is the best, isn’t it!?  And Fall fashion with Nordstrom?  Even better.  I’ve partnered with Nordstrom on some really fun posts for this Fall and I’m thrilled about it!  LOVE Nordstrom.  They carry such a huge variety of brands and styles and have amazing customer service.  Plus they just make on-line shopping so easy.  My husband would probably like to argue that they make on-line shopping TOO easy. ;)  But seriously – life is busy for all of us and I find that as much as I love a good walk through my local mall, I just don’t have the time to do that very much anymore.  With free shipping and free and easy returns at Nordstrom they have become my go to!

Last week I shared this Hanna Split Neck knit top with you all and I have to say that I love it so much I’ve been living in it.  In fact, I wore it once last week out with friends and then wore it again the next day!  Ha!  Of course I did a quick check in my head before I put it on for the second time..  (let’s see… who did I see.. will I see the same people again..?  Only my husband and he won’t care or know the difference…)  Does anyone else do this when you find an outfit that is comfortable and you love?  Please say it isn’t just me.  If it is, I totally take the above rambling back. ;)  Anyway – love the top and it comes in lots of colors.  I should probably just get another color so I don’t have to wear the same one twice.

(Btw.. this top is true to size and I’m wearing an xs.  Assume everything is true to size unless I tell you otherwise!  Some of you have asked if I would add sizes to my fashion posts so I wanted to mention that.) :)
You all know about the love I also feel for my black Vince Camuto peep toe booties.  Most comfortable heeled shoe I’ve had in a long time!  I wanted them in a brown because I was reaching for them every day so when I saw these Koral Vince Camuto’s online…
well.. let’s just say it was LOVE at first sight!  Exact same feel and fit (so comfortable!) but with a fun new design.  These shoes are especially great because while it’s cool and cloudy here today, tomorrow will most likely be 80 degrees and hot.  I love that I can still dress for Fall even when it’s warm!
Didn’t think I could like this outfit more and then BAM.  I added this Plaid Infinity Scarf last week.  I got so many compliments on it!
What I love about this scarf most is that it has so many different colors in it and would work with a variety of different tops.  You can pull out red, green, blue, cream, white, black.. so versatile.  And did I mention it’s only $25!?  Lovin’ it even more. :)
This navy Asymmetrical Layered Top is another recent favorite.  I usually don’t like tops that go straight down and don’t come in at the waist, but this just hangs so beautifully. I was surprised at how much I liked it on!  It’s a really nice almost silky material that fits well.  I wore it with my over the knee boots (which I just realized are also Vince Camuto.. I think I’m detecting a theme here!) and loved the look.  Plus it’s 40% off right now!  A steal on a really nice top.
Another way to wear it is with this navy, gray and maroon scarf which might be my all time favorite scarf this Fall!  It’s actually the same infinity scarf I just shared above for only $25, just in a different color pattern.  (Cause when you like something that much you buy it in bulk.) ;)  When I added this scarf I traded my brown boots for my gray Ugg booties.
Some days are too hot for long sleeves around here, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing a favorite scarf!  It’s October.  So I’m allowed.  Even if I sweat. :)
I mentioned in my last favorites post that I bought two new jackets for this Fall/Winter (you know.. when I was supposed to be shopping for family picture outfits.. oops!).  The first was this Hinge utility jacket.  So cute!  The one I’m wearing is called “gray forged” but it also comes in a navy and green.  The gray on-line looks a little different than it really is!
Here it is done up with my infinity scarf and Ugg booties.  You can cinch it at the waist as much or as little as you like!
It’s just casual and fun.  Great for an every day jacket.  I also like it with my Tom booties I’ve had for years.
Pics from our weekend.  Hanging with my little buddy who’s trying so hard not to laugh in this picture because we were wrestling on the bench.  He loves to go out on our porch and look at the spider webs. :)  halloween-porch-bench
He also loves to rough house!  I feel bad he just has a house full of girls to play with so I have think like a 6 year old boy and rough house with him.  At least I get a few hugs out of it.  Even when they’re squirmy. :)
Ok!  Second fun jacket I bought is this olive green Stretch Sateen Cargo which just happens to be by.. you guessed it.. Vince Camuto!  I swear I just gravitate towards all things Vince.
This jacket is really cute and comfortable.  The material is nice and stretchy and like my other gray cargo jacket, you can also cinch it in at the waist.  I paired it here with another scarf I’m loving this season.
This Caslon rib knit scarf is so pretty you guys!  And WARM!  It can be worn several different ways and comes in 8 different colors.  I bought the beige but I also love the gray and navy too!  And the pink.


My sister and her family are coming to visit from SLC this weekend and now I’m wishing I was heading to visit her so I could wear my scarf! :)  I really love this outfit.  Temps need to drop just a tad more around here!

{Plaid Infinity Scarf (3 color combos)/Rib knit Scarf}

My 3 favorite scarves this season tossed in my bedroom!
And what!?  A Happy Camper sweatshirt!?  You can’t imagine how quickly I scooped that little gem up!  Actually I’m sure you all can.  Of all the fun Fall clothes I buy, this will most likely be lived in the most.  Some things (and people) never change. :)
Last favorite Norstrom find that I’m crazy about.  Wearing this cozy Open Front Cardigan is like wearing pajamas!  Oh my word.. so soft.  The material is my favorite.  I like it so much I also bought it in the gray (it comes in black too!).  This cardigan runs big so size down!  I’m wearing xxs.
I especially love it with my over the knee boots (which I just realized are 25% off!) and Rebecca Minkoff bag.  I know I will live in this cardigan.  I wore it to dinner with my husband Saturday night and didn’t want to take it off when we came home to watch a movie!  But I did..

I changed into my Happy Camper sweatshirt.

And all was right in the world.


*Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  Such an honor to work with a store I’ve always shopped at and loved.

**Affiliate links are used.  Everything I shared in this post is below!

xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Fall Fashion with Nordstrom!

  1. I love Nordstrom as well! Luckily there is one about 45 minutes away from me (the Anchorage store) but i take advantage of their great online shopping mostly. Free shipping and returns even to Alaska–can’t beat that!!

    Here are my latest finds that I LOVE:

    Caslon® ‘Melody’ Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee (Super cute, fitted, nice scoop neckline but not too low)

    Articles of Society ‘Mya’ Skinny Jeans (Glendale) (these look and feel like designer jeans but they are only $59!)

    BP. Bead & Tassel Pendant Necklace (I got the more neutral pink so it will go with many of my tops)

    I love your Fashon posts! Have a great week!


    1. Oh my word Sheila! So true! Nordstrom is just the best with their free shipping/returns! I’m seriously going to look into all of those! Thank you so much for the great recommendations! So sweet of you to share them with me. I’m on it! :) xo

  2. Love your style so much!!! I actually bought the Toms booties last year on your recommendation and I love them. So comfy! I have a silly question though because I am fashion challenged. Do you tuck your jeans inside your booties or put them over the edge. I couldn’t really tell in the pics. Thanks!!

    1. Oh love my Toms Stacey! I still wear them so much. Happy you love them too! That is a GOOD question! Booties are more casual so I usually just let my jeans do what they want so they are sort of half in half out sometimes! It looks best when your jeans fit at a length that they can do that. It’s also cute to cuff your jeans if they are longer (just roll them up once so they sit barely above your booties). I’ll have to share a few pics of this in a post sometime because that is a great question that I think a lot of people wonder about! xo

  3. What a fun fashion post! I can see why that one top is a fave. It looks great on! And the top with the asymmetrical silky bottom. That looks great, too. Those scarves look like so much fun and comfy, too. I adore the idea of scarves, but I have such a dang short neck that I look like they are swallowing my chin. Aw well, I can admire them on others! And when it’s really cold, my chin stays warm I guess. LOL Adore your cutie patootie squirmy hug picture with Kole! Makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your fabulous fashion finds! :) In a reference to an earlier comment, I think I said my kids Dab, they also do some funky move that to me looks like a reverse Frankenstein walk and moonwalk. They put their arms straight out in front of them, and move their hands up and down at the wrist (alternating one up one down). At the same time they almost moonwalk backward. It looks sort of neat, but they do it when they’ve done something annoying and they are backing out of the scene. Teenagers are goofy, that’s all there is to it. LOL Hugs!! Have a terrific Tuesday.

  4. Hi Erin,
    Love your blog (especially your decorating posts). You have such wonderful taste in both home decor as well as clothing. Nordstrom is my favorite too! One thing though, for the life of me I can’t believe you actually wear such heavy clothing in San Diego! I guess it strikes me as odd because I’ve always been a New Englander girl!

    1. Hi Peggy! Thank you so much! I’m a San Diego girl who really should have been born on the East coast.. ha! I LOVE East coast homes, yards and clothes so that’s what I gravitate to! Even though San Diego is sunny a lot, we do have pretty chilly evenings and days here and there. Especially on the coast. Perfect weather for scarves and jackets! The really big, heavy beige scarf I will mostly wear on our trips to Utah and other cool places. :)

  5. Erin- Take me shopping with you! I LOVE your style!!! Ugh- can you be my spirit animal please? I’m in SD too and I appreciate the thoughtfulness of picking items for our “fall/winter” months. Hey, 70 degrees can be chilly. You’ve got a follower in me, can’t wait to see what you pick next.

    1. Katy.. I’m cracking up! I’ll be your “spirit animal” any time you want! Ha ha.. :) There was a legit chill in the air this morning when I dropped my kids off at school. Did you feel it!? Pull out the scarves for sure. ;) Thanks cutie! xo

  6. Hi Erin,

    Your Nordstrom choices are great, I definitely will be heading over to the store for new fall/winter clothes! I actually am curious about the sweater you are wearing in the picture with the black Vince Camuto peep toe booties, can you tell me who makes it? I love it even with only seeing a little bit of it.
    Totally unrelated, I read an older post about your house and would like information about the wallpaper that you have in your powder room. I know you were giving the information of the designer that you ordered it through. Can you send that to me as well or the name/manufacturer of the wallpaper. Thanks very much!

    1. Hi Jody! Thank you! That sweater sold out over the summer! They had it during their Anniversary sale. Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll respond with my designer/friend’s info for the wallpaper! xo

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