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Our February tradition.. sharing the LOVE

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s day today!  organized-mudroom-lockers-2I’m sharing what our mudroom doors have looked like this week.  This was our mudroom locker doors “before.”

decorated-mudroom-doors-6And after.  :)  For years we have had a fun family tradition of writing love notes to each other on hearts during February.
I started this years ago when the girls were little.  This was our pantry door in 2010.  We surprised my husband when he came home from work with hearts full of all the little things we love about him.
valentine-mudroom-1This year I thought it would be fun to put our notes to each other on our locker doors since we each have our own.  decorated-mudroom-5
I love this little activity because it makes all of us really stop and think about what we love about each other.  Funny too.. I noticed for several days after we did this my kids were getting along so much better than they had been before.  It’s a good thing to make them stop and think about how much they love their siblings and appreciate their parents!  :)  Plus it just made us all so happy to read each other’s notes.  heart-attack-5heart-attack-2
Fun to each have our own door filled with love.  I’ve kept our hearts from over the years and plan on giving them back to my kids when they are ready to move out.  Happy that’s not anytime in the near future.  :)  v-day-surprises
My kids woke up to a few fun surprises today.  Aren’t these rain boots cute I found for my girls!?  From Target.  They never have much of a selection in our closest store, but they have so many cute rain boots on-line!  Now we just need the rain.  hugs-and-kisses-jarsI found these cute “hugs and kisses” jars at Tai Pan last year and have been hanging on to them to fill with everyone’s favorite candy.  sticker-bookAnimal sticker book for this little man.  Simple surprises that were fun to wake up to.  His bed head makes me smile.  :)
decorated-mudroom-4So does the fact that he begged me to let him write his own Valentine heart to put on his locker and then wrote “I love me because I am a boy.”  Ha!  I laughed for 15 minutes.

hearts-on-mudroom-locker-doors-4organized-mudroom-19Hope your day was full of love and laugher too.  :)

p.s.  If you didn’t check in over the weekend I shared a post yesterday with some of my favorite things (home decor and clothes) that are on major sale right now!  One more day of mark downs!  Excited about a few fun things I’ve found on sale that I’m sure I’ll be sharing soon.  Also excited to spend some time with this guy away from work this week…
dinner out
Recent date night.  Hello.. my eyes look so weird in this picture.  Like I’m delirious or something.  Dessert must have that affect on me..


xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Our February tradition.. sharing the LOVE

  1. What a wonderful tradition with the hearts! Oh my gosh, that heart that Kole filled out himself…too funny! He must have been feeling a bit outnumbered or something. Haha! Thanks for sharing that! The goodies you found were so fun. Adore those rain boots! Hopefully, they can be put to good use, soon. Thanks for sharing the love! Have a great week. :)

    1. Thanks cutie! I know.. was that not the funniest thing!? He must be feeling out numbered! And proud he’s not one of the girls! Ha ha.. :) Enjoy your week too Jeanne! xo

  2. two posts in my inbox back to back!!! woahh!!! I love it! That’s such a cute idea writing on the hearts to each other, I will have to use that next year and make it a tradition :-)

  3. HI Erin! Can you please tell me what fabric you chose for your gray chairs in your family room? The two from Ballard Designs?1? Thanks so much… your home is lovely.

  4. This is such a fabulous way to incorporate kiddos into the love fest! While I definitely appreciate the romance of Valentine’s Day, I think it’s great to make it a holiday about every kind of love– not just the chocolate and hearts.

  5. Hi Erin, I love that you write love notes to each other and leave them on your lockers. Such a sweet idea!
    I love your home too. Its so clean and organised. I would love my home to be like this. Xx

  6. finally getting a chance to catch up on some of your posts. LOVE this idea with the hearts and LOVE the one your son did for himself! i can’t wait to ask my kiddos tomorrow what they love about themselves and each other. we will definitely incorporate this into our valentine’s traditions next year {fingers crossed for a laundry room reno so i can really copy!}.

  7. Sorry if I missed it but did you post anywhere where you got the Valentine’s Day pillows in your mudroom and dining room? I didn’t see the links? Thank you! :-)

    1. Hi Sarah! I didn’t post links because you can’t buy them anymore. :( The heart pillow was from Tai Pan years ago and the heart pillows in my dining room are actually Christmas pillows from PB a few years back. xo

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