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Fall (and chairs!) in the formal living room

Well!  Sorry about the crickets chirping on the blog!  I took a quick trip last weekend and last week was tech week for the play my girls are currently in.  Busiest week of the process and our family has been living downtown helping with sets, costumes, make-up and the raffle.  Now it’s show time and I can’t wait to see my girls perform!  But more on that later.  :)

I’m so excited to show you all some progress I’ve made in my formal living room!  Small progress because there have been other things occupying my time, but progress nonetheless!  I’ll take it.
The first obvious addition is my new chairs!  They came.  FINALLY.  Remember when I asked your opinion on which chair back in April?  I ordered them so long ago!  I decided to go with the chairs from Ballard Designs and they were backordered and took forever.  And a day after that.  But they were worth the wait!  I’m so in love.  The shape!  The nail heads!  Be still my heart.  I chose a soft grey fabric.  It’s hard to tell in these pics but it looks so good up against the darker grey paint in this room.  I wanted to keep them neutral so I could have fun with pillows.
For now I have these greek key coral pillows that go with the other pillows on our couch.
Another fun new addition is this dough bowl.  K.  I’ve wanted one of these for so long!  I’ve had my eyes on these dough bowls at Pottery Barn but just hadn’t taken the plunge and bought one.  Then I was in Utah a few months ago and ran into Down East Home (a store that gets a lot of items from other stores because they’re flawed or didn’t sell) and there it was!  The most beautiful large dough bowl for a steal!  Less than half the price of what they usually sell for!  I couldn’t swoop it up fast enough. :)  It must have a flaw but I haven’t found one.  Love it as is.
For now I have it filled with some pumpkins and a cozy throw.  It will be so fun to switch things out for the seasons!
I tried a little mantel styling.
I wanted to use things I already had.  Love it all except the wood vase and faux leaves.
They’re ok, but seem like a bit much – too bushy for this narrow mantel so I’m going to tweak that.  But hello!  Decor in this room!  I’m celebrating.
These built-in shelves are still quite empty and staring at me every day.  I’ve been collecting a few things for them.  I want to keep them simple.  I always worry about things looking too cluttered.  I don’t do well with clutter.  Did you know that?  ;)
Added a pumpkin to my silver side table and called it good!  For now.
I tried to tie my console table decor in with everything in this room.
Feels like fall!  Just a touch.  :)  Now I can work on styling the shelves and eventually the gallery/plank wall behind the couch.  Taking my time with this room but it feels like me.
Mission slowly accomplished.



Rug, coffee table, mantle mirror: Restoration Hardware  –  Couch: PB Chesterfield Sofa   Side table: Z Gallerie  –  Pillows and drapes: Custom (e-mail me for more info.)  Candle holders: PB Mercury Glass Candle Holders  Pumpkins on mantel: PB Mercury Silver Glass Pumpkins & White Pumpkins  Wood vase: Target  Faux Fall Leaves: PB Turning Leaf Branches  Pumpkins on coffee table: Pier One Velvet pumpkins  Wood bowls: local boutique  Dough bowl: Down East Home (similar here)   Throw in dough bowl: PB Bryson Knit Throw  Pumpkins in dough bowl:  Target and Home Goods.  Tray: Home Goods

*affiliate links used

xoxo, Erin
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40 thoughts on “Fall (and chairs!) in the formal living room

      1. Thank you so much, off to homegoods I shall go : )
        Also what is the length and width of the dough bowl, if you do not mind?

  1. I’ve found your blog through instagram and have been hooked since. I am just amazed at how you planned, built, manage, organize and decorate your dream(y) home! I’m from the far side of the globe from where you are but may I just say, I’m a fan! You’re an inspiration!

    1. What a sweet thing to say Agatha! Thank you! That means so much to me. I’m so glad you found me on Insta and I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to say hi! xo

  2. Mission is so worth the wait! This is transforming into one gorgeous room! The chairs are beautiful and so are the pillows. I had never heard of a dough bowl before (learn something new every day) and I adore what you did with it. Your fall decor is lovely. Wow!! Patience has certainly paid off here. :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Oh my word – love dough bowls. They come in so many shapes and sizes! I’m so glad you like it all! :) xo

  3. Hi Erin, Your formal looks amazing. I love the chairs and I have to agree the nail heads and color are so stunning. All the warmth of fall that you added really brings out all your trim and gives that room such balance. I think the wood vase and leaves looks so good on your mantel. It brings height and it screams fall. I think you did such a great job styling everything. Then…there is that coffee table. Why didn’t I buy one. Although I love the one that I ordered. I’m working on drapes. I just can’t, for the life of me, decide on what I want in the formal. I’m getting there. But, seriously, Your formal LV is so beautiful!! xo

    1. Cathy you always make me smile! SO happy you like it all! I’m sure your living room is coming along beautifully! It’s so hard making the big decisions like drapes. I took a year to decide on the couch alone! I’m sure there’s a group for people like us. ;) xo

  4. Hi Erin!
    Great job on the formal living room progress! I love how its coming together. Do you happen to remember the fabric you put on the chairs from Ballards? They sent me some swatches but they all seem like too dark of a grey. And have you tried the fall branches in a low vase on your coffee table? Maybe that’s a way to keep them in the room if they’re too full for the mantle.

    1. Hi Kim! Good idea on the branches! Might have to try that. I don’t remember the fabric on the Ballards chairs! Shoot. I’ll have to check and see if I have that written down somewhere. I did the same thing – ordered lots of swatches and then went with the lightest one. If I find it I’ll answer back! xo

  5. The new chairs are very pretty. I actually like the mantle styling a lot. I don’t think the leaves are too much at alI and I like the wood vase. The fall colors look really pretty in that room.

    I’d rather see the dough bowl on the coffee table. I’d light a fire in the fireplace, at least for the photos lol, in case it’s too hot out there for the fireplace to be on. I don’t like the mirrored tray there but I would take the mirror tray and put it behind the right chair on the wood counter near the bookshelves,
    if that makes any sense.

    In terms of the empty bookshelf, why not just fill it up with some books and some pictures. You have some wonderful family pictures that would look great up there. You could stand some books straight up and other ones on their side and then maybe add a little pumpkin or some of your little fall
    knick knacks up there. It would look great. I think the only thing throwing it off right now is the orange color in the branches on the mantle. I actually like the orange in there; the red pillow looks a little too red for fall. Maybe if you swapped out a few of the red pillows for some fall colors that might work for the season. I do like the red and navy just maybe not for fall.

    One other thought on the bookshelves, is that if you’re really uncomfortable styling them is to have an interior designer to come out and just help you with styling the bookshelf. They know all the secrets to make them still look neat and organized and I think you might enjoy it. I think we all have areas that we could use some help. I know I have lots of pictures and the thought of a gallery wall just makes my head spin lol.

  6. It’s all so pretty!
    I love that PB couch and have looked at that myself. Is it pretty comfortable?
    You are doing a great job putting it all together.

    1. Thank you Kathy! It is comfortable! You don’t sink in it like we do the PB Comfort sectional, but still really comfortable! So glad you like it! :) xo

      1. Hope you don’t mind one more question about the PB couch. I know this is your formal living room. But could this couch be comfortable enough to lay on and watch a movie? Funny question, I know, but that is kind of how I decide things. ha
        It would be in our living room, too, not a family room.

        1. Totally the questions I would ask too! The cushions on this couch are comfy but firm (you don’t sink in them). You could definitely lay on them and enjoy a movie, but you’d want pillows because the tufting on the sides isn’t as soft – more hard if that makes sense? It’s not the couch I’d put in our family room or a lounge room but perfect for a more formal room where people can sit or lay, but isn’t the main TV room. Not sure if that even made sense! Ha!

  7. I love it all Erin! Definitely the right choice of chair and this room is so stunning! You’ve outdone yourself on this one sweet friend:))

    1. Thank you Bree! Still a work in progress but it’s coming along! Wish I had you here with me to style the shelves! I’ll have to channel my inner Bree.. ;) Love you cutie! xo

  8. Wow! Just, WOW! You have such an amazing eye for just the right touch to turn a room into a beautiful work of art. I love everything about your formal living room, from the colors, to the design, to the clean lines. The colors are soothing and peaceful, the pops of color create interest, and your fall decor is so subtle and serene. Thank you for always being so generous in sharing your sources and your home. It is stunning and (as I always say) should be in a magazine or on TV.

  9. Your living room is coming together so beautifully, Erin! I think your mantel looks wonderful the way you have it decorated right now, but bloggers and tweaking go together….I know this!

  10. What a great job you have done Erin!! It truly is beautiful and elegant. The Fall decor is stunning. You once again have inspired me :) Mercury glass pumpkins here I come!

  11. Hi Erin!
    I absolutely love your living room! I especially love the colors! It all blends together so well.
    Would you please tell me how high the glass Mercury vase that you have the autumn leaves in is? I have the leaves, but I want to make sure the vase is going to be high enough and I’m trying to find a vase similar to the one that you have.
    Thank you! Have a great weekend!

  12. I would love to know the fabric on the Ballard chairs! Was it one of the choices on their website or was it custom (you sent them the fabric)? Thanks a million- you have great style!

    1. Thank you so much Sara! I wish I could remember the fabric name! It was one of the Ballard fabrics (we almost went custom and then decided the soft grey would work.) I think it’s one of the lightest grey options. Sorry that’s not more help! xo

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