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Final countdown!

white roses
Happy Thursday everyone!  Week is almost over and we will be down to just one more week of school left!  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.  We are limping across the finish line around here.  I have so many fun things to share and haven’t had much time for posting lately so here are a few pics I snapped with my phone quick (some I’ve shared on Instagram).   My roses are blooming!  So fun seeing everything we planted last year popping up and looking so pretty.

new headboard
In other fun news, my bed came last week!  Happy day!  I haven’t shared my master bedroom on the blog yet because there hasn’t been much to share, but it’s a work in progress that is definitely coming along and I can’t wait to share more with you all!
list pads
Trying my hardest to stay organized during such a busy time and if that means buying every single notebook that appeals to me than so be it!  ;)  #listsfordays  (My week ahead prep and these tips have helped immensely!)
drama club
These two sang such beautiful solos for their drama club performance last week.  I couldn’t be more proud of all they are doing and becoming and I seriously can’t wait to spend more time with them this summer!  I know after speaking to so many friends with older kids how quickly the next 8-10 years will fly by.  I want to be present as much as I can for it all.
abominable snow monster
Thank goodness I have this little peanut who isn’t going anywhere for a while!  I snapped this picture yesterday before he ran in his room.  He has been running around in last year’s Halloween costume all week.  Christmas in June doesn’t bother me one bit.  :)  His pre-school graduation is tomorrow.  Bringing a box of kleenex!
Final countdown!!  I’m ready to toss the backpacks and lunch boxes in our mudroom lockers, close the doors and not open them again for a nice long while!  Bring on summer.  :)

xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Final countdown!

  1. I miss the more traditional school year here, even though we don’t have any in school anymore (well, one teaching counts, right?) The kids here have already been out for weeks, and will start back the 2nd week of August (the middle of summer if you ask me). I so remember those last couple weeks…could they cram any more into them?

    1. That seems crazy to start mid-August Lauren! Although I feel like it’s crazy to go through June here. Summer should be from the end of May to the end of August if you ask me! But nobody is asking me. ;) Yes – last few weeks of school are absolutely insane. I will be one happy mom next week at this time! xo

      1. LOL I let out a chuckle when I read “but nobody is asking me” haha I’m with you, my kids get out on 6/11 :-) Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Our kids go back August 10, but they get out before Memorial Day, so it all evens out. It’s because of SOL timing – they were taking their first set of SOLs just after 2 weeks of Christmas break (because they’re required to have X amount of days in before testing and couldn’t get it in before break). It was terrible for the kids, as they had 2 weeks of party time to forget everything they learned the previous 4 months and do horrible on the tests. Going back a few weeks earlier gives them the chance to test before Winter break, and they can enjoy the holidays a bit more without the stress of that looming over their heads. (This might vary from state to state but that’s the reason our schools recently change the schedule.) We’ve already had a few weeks of Summer vacation here, and it’s the first year I’ve (so far) been able to really enjoy it with all three of my little munchkins!

    1. That is crazy Shannon! Gotta love SOL’s. (I wasn’t a fan when I taught in VA!) So happy you are enjoying the break with your little ones! xo

  3. I think you are gonna make it. So busy, but also some pretty happy times, too! I know you are enjoying every moment. You do have a beautiful family!

  4. Hi Erin, your post is always a pleasure to read as it makes me laugh, smile and cry.
    You are definitely right to enjoy the kids now before it’s gone. Have a Wonderful summer holiday :-)

  5. What a cutie in his costume, oh these are definitely the moments to treasure. Looking forward to see your master bedroom, if the rest of your home is anything to go by it will be jaw dropping amazing. Enjoy the madness of the end of term x

  6. My kiddos are done on the 17th, except for the preschooler who finished by Memorial day. My 4th grader STILL has homework and I’m going to lose my mind. How can we cram anything else in around all the final this and that, parties, last games etc. AHHH! One question for you. How soon do you pack away the papers/artwork and get rid of their school bags etc?

    I like to have everything sorted, cleaned, and packed away for next year just a few days after they’re done, but I just don’t know if I have the mental energy this year. Hate the clutter though. Maybe a post on what you plan to do with it all? Am I the only one that tosses the half used pencils and grubby erasers asap?

    1. Oh my WORD Audrey! I’m so with you! It just gets insane and as soon as Memorial Day hits I’m over it all! I always pack everything away the second they are done! They bring home so much junk on the last day of school. I let them save a few things and chuck the rest! (Sometimes when they aren’t looking – they never miss it!) I love to clean/organize all the paper piles the first week of summer. Feels so good! I’ll try to snap a few pictures while I toss and organize it all if I remember! xo

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