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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!  Sharing a few recent favorites today!  Kicking off with this beautiful Aztec sign from a fun etsy shop I discovered called Vine and Branches.  Caroline makes such beautiful signs!  Most of them have words written on them and I love those too, but this Aztec pattern just spoke to me!  I’ve had fun styling my shelves with it!  It keeps playing musical decor and moving from one spot to another in my house.  :)  Check out Caroline’s etsy shop – it’s so much fun!

Some of you might remember my favorite key fob I shared in a “favorite things” post years ago.  I have LOVED this thing.  Seems I’m always carrying around so much stuff and I love being able to wear this around my wrist so I can always keep track of my keys!  Plus it helps me find my keys quickly in my purse or on the counter or wherever my five year old has re-located them.  :)
My beautiful blue key fob was getting a bit worn looking so I ordered a couple more!  A girl needs options.  :)  I got them at the Oh! Koey etsy shop and they have so many fun patterns to choose from.  Aside from being one of my favorite things, I also think they make such fun gifts.  Moms always have their hands full so I think they would be especially fun for Mother’s Day.  Which will be here before we know it!  Just an idea.  :)
I broke down and splurged on a few Spring blooms from Pottery Barn this week.  They are as close to real as I could find!  Real flowers are definitely a favorite thing and I still love to bring them in from my yard, but I have several spots in my house I want flowers and just can’t keep up with real everywhere.  Plus I’m such an anti-green thumb and with these I don’t have to worry about over watering or under watering!  I surrender.  :)
My beach/pool side reading while we were in Maui was Love the Home you Have by Melissa Michaels.  Talk about a favorite!  What a gem.  I loved every page of this book.  Not surprised because I have adored Melissa’s blog for years.  There were so many things in this book that resonated with me.  I practically highlighted the whole thing!  Such a great read.  One of my favorite books for sure.  I’m tempted to read it again.  :)  You can order it here.  Trust me!  You’ll love it.

Alright friends.  Those are my latest favorite things!  I’m leaving you with a few of my favorite pics from our Spring Break vacation in Maui.  Re-entry has been rough this week.  I want to go back!
We went with my sister and her family and it was so fun spending time with her.
I like this selfie she took on the beach because two minutes after we took this picture we were laughing hysterically.  Seems I’m always laughing harder than ever when I’m with my sister.  We share too many secrets.  :)  Plus she is just so funny.  (My hat seemed to fly away in the wind every 5 minutes which is why I was constantly holding it!)
This is her little boy with mine.  So happy I caught this moment!  These little cousins are best buds.  Right until it was time to take the elevator and they BOTH had to push the button.  Then they became mortal enemies.  The elevator button pushing war got so bad we finally had to start taking separate elevators so they could both do it.  Then they were best buds again.  I’m sure our kids are the only kids who have to push the elevator button?  ;)
Heart rock – we hiked to my favorite spot in Maui with my favorite little people.  :)
One more with the water spraying behind the rock.  So beautiful.  This was a day to remember.
This is a blurry picture snapped with my phone but it’s the only one I got of the five of us!  Loved spending an uninterrupted week with my family.  This crew is getting really fun to travel with.  As much as I miss having babies it sure was nice to travel without strollers, naps and toddler meltdowns.  We’ve reached a new stage and I plan to enjoy every minute of it!  Should last at least two years and then we’ll have a teenager and encounter a whole new set of problems joys I’m sure.  :)
Until next time Maui!  Happy weekend everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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25 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Ahhh! I miss my key fob. Mine fell apart pretty quickly. I am going to order one from this website. Your pictures of Maui are amazing. Looked like a lot of fun!! I ordered Melissa’s book. I can’t wait to read it. I love her blog also.

    I think you should frame that Picture at Heart Rock. I love it.

    Have a great weekend Erin. I am in serious packing mode. It is 12:15am and I just got done with the living room. Hoping for an early escrow. That gives us two and a half weeks. I am so excited about moving. But, tonight, all I can think about is bed.

    Happy weekend. :) xo

  2. Thanks for sharing, Erin! Looks like you got your photo issue worked out. Your pictures look amazing! I like the key holders for the reasons you mentioned. Yay on getting some nice not necessary to water plants. The book sounds interesting…will have to check it out. I really liked your pictures of your vacation. What a beautiful family in a beautiful location. Love that heart shape you found. So sweet! Hope you are getting back into the groove now. :)

    1. Thanks Jeanne! Those pics were all taken with my iPhone so I’m happy to hear you like them! I hope they look ok developed. I was too lazy to carry around my good camera. :) Yes – getting back in the groove.. slowly.. :) Enjoy your weekend! xo

      1. Yes, more than likely they’ll look printed. What iPhone do you have? The newer it is, the better the pictures will look. I have an iPhone 4 and I can print 4x6s and 4x4s (Instagram photos) fine. 5x7s will also look great I’m sure. 8x10s? That’s where it could be iffy and where the phones cameras ability comes into play. If you have a 5or 6 I’m sure it’ll be fine. It could look pixelated but probably not. I say go for it. I work at Walgreens and I know you can print them there from your phone. You can either use the app (it’s a great app, I promise, it’s won awards so I’m not the only one who thinks that) to upload your pictures and have them printed at Walgreens or you can bring your phone in. They’ll have cords so you can connect it to the kiosk. Or you can use your own cord. I agree, the picture of them at the heart rock is great and needs to be printed. Same with the two best buds walking away. The family picture? It should be printed also but since it’s blurry just print it as a 4×6 and it can be kept in your bedroom or bathroom. You can email me if you have any questions about printing photos from your phone.

  3. Oh Erin — I always love your Friday favorites! You find the coolest stuff. Think my husband would like one of those key things — he constantly loses his keys! Your trip with your sister and her family sounds like so much fun! Sisters are really the best! Hope you have a fun weekend!

  4. Girl, yes…just wait. My facebook status this morning was about how toddler/little kid problems are nothing compared to teenager problems. Seriously, cherish these days!!! My almost 14 yr old is going through some tough life lessons and they weigh heavy on my heart.

    1. Oh this makes me sad Jamie! I can only imagine. I hope your sweet girl is hanging in there. That is such a hard age! I remember how I felt at 14. I know – I’m going to enjoy this short stage as much as possible! xo

  5. Such great pictures! That picture of the boys is just too cute! All of these pictures are keepers. I love the picture of the kids at the heart rock! A+ to you and taking such great pictures of everyone! I’d be framing all of these!

    In terms of the photos from your phone appearing grainy on the blog, I have the same issue unless I use my camera versus the one on my phone. Most of the time, I just post my projects on my Facebook page instead of on my blog since I take all my pictures with my phone anymore. I just posted photos the other day of my new bronze metal pantry labels on my Facebook page because I was too lazy to take pictures with my real camera and post them on the blog lol.

    Regarding the key fob, I have a Dooney and Bourke purse and it has a key fob attached inside (its just a leather strap that’s attached to the purse inside where you can hook your keys). I know many purses do today however I count on those key fobs that are attached otherwise I’d be struggling to get those keys out of my purse!

    Sounds like you had a great time with your sister and her family. A great vacation indeed! Have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks Sue! I am the same way! In fact all of those pictures from Maui were taken with my iPhone. :) I’m too lazy to haul along my big camera! I need to check out your pantry labels! Love stuff like that. :) Happy weekend Sue! xo

  6. Fun pictures!! I’m glad your family had a wonderful vacation together. LOVE making memories together as a family. Would you mind sharing what resort you stayed at? (sorry if you’ve already shared and I missed it)

    1. Hi Jessica! We stayed at the Westin Villas in Kaanapali! We have a timeshare with them and stay there every year. The last night for fun we hopped to a new place – The Sheraton – and that’s where I took that last picture. :) I’m going to do a post soon with more info! Thanks cutie! xo

  7. I love that Aztec art. I got the girls each a similar style key fob from Lilly for their Easter baskets. Thinking I need one too for summer ;-) I have Melissa’s book and have been saving for our trip to Maui next week. LOL

  8. Just ordered three of those key fobs for Mother’s Day gifts!
    You always have the best recommendations for fun/useful/pretty things.
    Thanks for having such a great blog and sharing!

  9. I want to read that book too! I have sooo many books on my list!!

    I LOVE your pictures from vacation- GORGEOUS! What a wonderful family vacation.

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