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Happy Halloween!

Twenty minutes to midnight so I’m popping in quick to say Happy Halloween!  My Eskimo girls and Abominable Snow Monster tore it up tonight.  It was magic for them which made it magic for me.  A day full of non stop partying – delicious food, perfect weather, and time spent with wonderful friends.  So grateful for another fun Halloween with these four.
Also so grateful that the time has finally come to sleep it all off.
Praying my little Snow Monster sleeps in tomorrow.
At least until 7:00.
That would be success at our house.
Happy Halloween everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Thank you everyone! Pinky – totally remember that stage! She will be running through neighborhoods trick-or-treating before you know it! :)

    Cathy – they are from Chasing Fireflies. I know – so much fun!

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