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Easy Halloween Treat

Tonight was movie night with the kids which included our all time favorite Halloween treat.  One night when the girls were little I grabbed a few snacks I had on hand in our pantry and tossed them together and ta-da!  Just like that our family’s favorite Easy Halloween Treat was born.
What makes it a “Halloween” treat?  It’s in a jack-o-lantern bowl of course.

Plus it includes candy corns.  Candy corns, like a jack-o-lantern bowl, signal Halloween.  Additional items include: popcorn, pretzels, fishy crackers, and m&m’s.

It’s funny to me that this simple combination is such a hit with my kids.  Part of the reason is because they only get this treat a couple of times in October which adds to the magic and makes it seem extra special.  Some squeals may have been heard down the street when I whipped this up tonight.  Took me a whole 5 minutes.

 No cooking involved + squealing excited kids?  My kind of treat.
Thought you might want to whip it up this week at your house too.
You can tell your kids I said “you’re welcome.”
And Happy Halloween.
xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Easy Halloween Treat

  1. You have ESP, Erin! I had just looked this up on your blog and few minutes later saw the post. We are making this for school when we have our 4th grade-1st grade Book Buddies Halloween celebration. My first grade son and my fourth grade daughter both chose someone different for their buddy-ha! Thanks for the reminder, the kids are going to love this!!

  2. Thanks Cathy! It IS a good combo. :)

    So glad it helped Jennie! I was thinking last night this would be good to put in little Halloween treat bags and give to friends. Perfect for a book-buddy celebration!

  3. Thanks to you, Erin, we are on our 3rd year of doing this “tradition” since I got the idea from your blog back then! My kids think I am a creative genius. :)

    Thanks for sharing this simple idea. For kids, a little annual treat mixed with a holiday movie just means magic. It’s something as adults we often overlook.

  4. Going to have to make this now that I found all natural candy corn and have dye free m&m’s( their actually called something else)

  5. You ARE a creative genius Lynnsey! All moms are. ;) Thank you!

    Anonymous – it’s from Restoration Hardware but it’s 10 years old! I bought it after I had Ellie. :) Wish they still sold fun holiday items like that.

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