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Fiddle Leaf Fig Fail

Fiddle Leaf Fig trees.  They have been all the rage in design for a while now.
Popping up on blogs and in home decor magazines right and left.
They seem to look amazing and just ‘work’ in any style of room.
Adding personality..
and life to every space they fill.
I am a fan.
So a few weeks ago when I was at Home Depot picking up some plants for my kitchen and happened to stumble upon this beauty it was love at first sight.  Such a gorgeous plant!  So healthy and green and just … cool.  I paused for only a minute – unsure if I could actually keep it alive – but once I was told Home Depot has a one year warranty/return policy on all plants I knew we were in business.  This beauty was coming home with me.

I raced home so excited about my new plant.  I set it in the only basket I could find knowing I’d have to figure out a better pot/basket for my plant later.  I placed it in the family room corner I had planned for it, stepped back, and waited to hear angels sing!
But the angels didn’t sing.

Instead they just sort of squawked.  My fiddle leaf was way too big for the space covering half of my bookshelf.  I moved it around in the corner and just couldn’t make it work.  No matter how I placed it, it just didn’t look right.

 So I tried it on the other side of the room behind the chair.
Which looked AWFUL.
Angels had left the building at this point.
Then my husband walked in and said “what’s with the ugly 80’s plant!?”
WHAT!?  That isn’t just a plant!  I told him.  It’s THE Fiddle Leaf Fig!  And they are all the rage.
Just apparently not in our house.
I moved the plant to a few different rooms and still wasn’t feeling it.
The magic was lost and I could tell it wasn’t meant to be.
 So I took it back to Home Depot.
 And bought another $2.00 fern for the kitchen.  


They might not be popping up right and left in the design world, but they suit me just fine.
Plus the angels (and my husband) seem to agree.
xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Fiddle Leaf Fig Fail

  1. I agree, it didn’t quite seem right… very noble effort though! The gem in the story was Kenny’s comment. Classic!! Glad you found a win in the fern. It’s all about the little victories, right?! ;)

  2. I think the plant is pretty but I think it’s too short for that room. Maybe you should just go ahead and out up your Christmas tree for a little greenery! :) Where are you planning to put your Christmas tree?

  3. LOL. This post made me laugh. I bought one too a while ago. Just wasn’t working for me either. Plus, after trying to live with it for awhile, It started to look a little droopy. I did everything the girl told me to do at Home Depot. By time I brought it back, It was looking so sad. The trend just didn’t work for me or the poor tree. Hopefully, you will be able to find a tree that might work in that corner. The green looks really pretty there.

    I am with you. Loving the 2.00 ferns.

    Have a great weekend. :)

  4. Lis – you said it! A very noble effort. :) Little victories for the win!

    Jennie – I’m LOVING that idea! This little fig test actually showed me a Christmas tree won’t work in that corner either (unless I’m ok with the bookshelves covered). We’ll probably put it in the front formal living room and do something smaller in the family room. Still figuring that one out!

    Thanks Cathy! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who had a fig leaf fail! :)

  5. LOL Love Kenny’s comment. I purchased one and until recently it had lived on the back porch beautifully but now that it is getting colder here I had to bring it in. But, it is no where near that size! You could try one outdoors as it stays warmer there.

  6. Bummer! This made me laugh. I’m glad you didn’t kill the fig, though! We have one in our kitchen and just love it ( But lately it has been dropping yellow leaves and I’m a bit worried. Stay alive, fiddle leaf fig!

    Just wanted to mention that I’m a new follower and big fan!! Your blog is adorably amazing. I have all kinds of new decorating and organizing gear I want to run out and buy, thanks to you! LOL. Keep up the great work!!

    Sarah @ Mom-Made

    1. Oh I need to check yours out! I so wanted it to work! Maybe in another room.. someday.. :) Thank you so much for the sweet comment Sarah! So nice to “meet” you! xo

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