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Everyday pics (insta round-up)

You guys.  I love Instagram.  Love it so much.  Blogging used to be more of an on-line journal for me.  A peek into our every day.  But now that my blogging time is so limited (partly due to two girls who are getting older and staying up too late!) I’m not able to share as much as I wish I could.  Instagram has been such a fun way to quickly pop in with friends and blog readers and share a peek of what’s going on around our house.  I decided towards the end of each month I’ll do a quick Instagram round-up on the blog so that those of you who aren’t on Instagram can see what we’re up too also.  I like everyone to be invited to the party.  :)  And if you aren’t on Instagram – join!  I hesitated for so long thinking it would be one more social media thing sucking up my time but it really isn’t!  It’s so fast and easy.  I can quickly see what my friends are up to while I’m waiting in the school pick-up or grocery store line and post something in one minute while my kids are getting their shoes on.  Ahh — modern technology!  So here are a few pics from October – complete with hashtags.  Because they’re fun.  :) 
Saturday thoughts

Girls party!  Fun afternoon having the girls from my girls’ classes over to swim.  Kids had a blast.  Kenny and I are comatose on the couch.
Sitting down to eat my favorite lunch.  Salad with fruit followed by purple skittles.

Puttering in my pantry
Sporting my Fall bags… at the swimming pool.

After school snack is ready to go!  We ate so badly on our trip.  Jeans are tight today so I’m whipping us back in shape.  If I have this ready when my kids walk in the door and are STARVING I have a much higher success rate getting them to eat their veggies.
Unfortunately I’m sporting a not so cute accessory this Fall.  :(

Popping in later with a post but for now I just wanted to say happy Monday to all my friends.  Grateful to have all of you in my life!


Whole family got flu shots today.  Then this little guy got 4 more.  Holding my kids while they get shots never gets easier for me.  Keeping him home from pre-school.  5 shots deserves a day off!  And lots of ice cream.


 Halloween picture banner is up!  Fun to see past Halloween pics and reminisce.  Happy October!


Our after school routine.  Shoes off in the mudroom.  Then El feeds the turtles while this little one spills EVERYTHING about her day.  And then some more.

Ellie just presented me with her Sunday to-do list.  Complete with pictures and a box for the check mark.  I gotta say… this just warms my heart.


Enjoying an unexpected child free stroll through Target.  Such a luxury!
And that’s a wrap for October!  Aside from all of the Halloween fun that will be shared today and tomorrow.  (You can follow my instagram feed at erin_sunnysideup)
Happy Halloween everyone!  Have a safe one!  
And save some skittles for me.

xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Everyday pics (insta round-up)

  1. Good luck with the plantar fasciitis! I’m on the (hopefully) tail end myself. Wearing my running shoes from the minute I get out of bed has helped me the most. I also roll a frozen water bottle under my arch for 10 minutes after I run (and if you’re a runner I’ve found that it helps to go slower than usual and avoid downhills. Uphill is fine for me, and my foot fetes way better after 3-4 miles of warmup). Good luck…I’ve been running for a long time and I couldn’t believe how painful PF is! Way worse than the last few miles of a marathon IMHO. :-)

  2. I usually love your blog, but if I wanted a bunch of hashtags I’d join Instagram… I miss your amazing inspiring normal posts!

  3. Susan! Thank you so much for sending that link! I’m totally ordering some! I really need something to wear when I’m home because we have wood floors throughout the house and they are so hard on my feet!

    Thank you Rachael! It really is so painful! I have been doing the frozen water bottle too. Thanks for your tips! I will definitely remember them when I start running again!

    Ellen – so sorry you feel that way! The Instagram round-ups are only once a month. Hopefully you will enjoy the stuff in-between. :)

    Thanks Jboo! Hanna – ha ha! That made me laugh. :)

    Thank you Bron! So glad you found me!

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