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Gratitude thoughts

Why not?  Why can’t every day be the best day of the year?  I found this quote months ago and every day since it has been on my mind.  Every day is filled with ups and downs and every day I have a choice.  I can dwell on the things that go wrong and cause stress, OR I can choose to find joy in the little things – the blessings that are right in front of me.  Things like:

comfy pajamas
a phone call from mom
kisses from my little boy
an extra hour in the day
anticipation for the holidays
reading a book I can’t put down
my pumpkin spice candle
a funny conversation with a friend
hearing my girls say “sure!” when asked to help out
the sound of the dishwasher humming in a clean house
a quiet evening with my husband
a new day tomorrow

Why can’t every day be the best day of the year?
In my heart I believe that most days really can.
Happy November friends.
p.s.  We are adding to our gratitude journals this month!  You can read all about them here.
xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Gratitude thoughts

  1. We all have days that could never be described as the best. That’s just life. We are as well to live it honestly. I’m struggling to see how the death of my loved one could be the best day :-(

  2. Anonymous – of course there are days that just can’t be described as the best. That is why I said that I believe “most” days can be the best. Not all days. Death/sickness of loved ones is unbearable. I’m truly so sorry for your loss.

    Anehywka – Beautiful example! xo

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