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Favorite Fall Recipes

YEA!  It’s September!  After a fun weekend filled with friends and lots of FOOD I am feeling so  excited to say good-bye to a wonderful summer and hello to Fall!  I’m also feeling the need to hit the treadmill hard tomorrow but let’s not talk about that.  Instead let’s talk about more food!  Because I like to contradict myself.  And also because Fall is the only time it actually sounds appealing to me to cook.  So fun to be home in cozy sweats during a cool afternoon with the smell of something delicious baking… mixed with the smell of the pumpkin spice candle of course.  I’m dreaming!  We are still having hot summer weather, but Fall is coming.  I can feel it!
I rounded up a few of my favorite things to make in the Fall.  Thinking I’m going to make the Chalupa’s this week because they are such an easy crock-pot recipe and we always have leftovers.  I need something easy this week with all of the kids’ activities starting up again.  Here’s the recipe to the Chalupas and a few other Fall favorites of mine…

I’m excited to try a few new recipes this year!  I haven’t blown anything up in my new kitchen yet so I’m pleasantly optimistic.
What’s your favorite thing to cook/bake in the Fall?

xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Recipes

  1. Yum to it all! Can you some how have all this in my kitchen waiting for me when I get home from work today? :)

    My favorite thing to make in the Fall is Dinner in a pumpkin. A little time consuming, but so good!

  2. Hi, I love Fall too. I tend to cook meat sauces, chilli etc. I make a big batch and then freeze so life is so much easier. I’m not a huge fan of cooking but Mels Kitchen Cafe food blog has made my kitchen life so much more interesting. She has amazing (easy) recipes. Love your blog and your favourite things posts. S

  3. Hi again Erin,
    I love comfort food.(s) I especially like sponge pudding with either custard or carnation topping – heaven in a bowl/dish:)

    My Mum used to make some fantastic stews in her slow cooker – I think you call them crockpots.

    I think I’ve told this story before, I can’t remember:

    One day my Mum made a stew in her slow cooker. A while later we smelt something burning & checked the slow cooker & underneath the lid part was the recipie book – rather singed!!!

    We all had a good laugh about it & actually kept the recipie book to remember it – in a way tho, it’s a good job we were at home at the time as it could’ve been quite dangerous!

    Another favourite here is jacket potatoes (Baked potatoes) with baked beans & cheese on. Unfortunately tho potatoes make me I’ll so I can only dream of jacket potatoes now.:)

    Another favourite are crisps – I eat them all through the year & am even adding them to my food storage.:)

  4. Dinner in a pumpkin!? I’ve never heard of that! How cool! :)

    S – Thank you! I will check out that blog!

    Julie – that is too funny! Love it! Ha! Made me laugh. :) I LOVE potatoes with cheese too. Comfort food at its best!


  5. Living in western NY and usually having snow in October we love warm hearty food like chili and soup.But I also make a lot of pumpkin food (bread,pie,cookies)and we go to a big apple festival here so apple pie and apple sauce

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