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Organized kitchen sink drawer

Starting the summer off right with a little organizing!  :)  I finally tackled this drawer near my kitchen sink.  It sits right next to my dishwasher and had sort of become a catch all.  Wish I would have taken a pic of the “before” because it was bad!  We’ve always kept a set of toothbrushes by the kitchen sink.  I don’t know about your kids, but mine tend to get distracted easily and sending them back upstairs to brush their teeth after breakfast can often add ten minutes to our morning routine.  This silverware organizer I picked up at Home Goods was perfect to hold an extra set of toothbrushes and toothpaste for mornings that we are pressed for time.  Now when school starts again we’ll be prepared!  

I rounded up some containers I’ve had for years to hold other kitchen sink essentials.  A basket to hold my magic erasers (favorite thing to use on my quartz counters), a white trey to hold drain stoppers, and a bowl to hold my OXO dish scrubber replacement brushes.  (Talked about my OXO dish scrubber in this favorite things post – love it!)

This is how I organized the drawer next to our kitchen sink in our previous house.  Baby gear is a thing of the past.  {tear}

I labeled everyone’s toothbrush spot because I didn’t want the toothbrushes to get mixed up.  
And because let’s face it… I live to label.  :)
It felt so good to have this drawer organized that I immediately started tackling other “junk” drawers in my house.  I’m on a roll!  
Label maker is smokin’.

xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Organized kitchen sink drawer

  1. I like the idea of having toothbrushes in the kitchen. Seems different at first but my daughter’s bathroom is upstairs and I basically send her back to brush her teeth every morning before we are out the door.

  2. I keep toothbrushes by the kitchen sink, too! Such a time/life saver with children. I also keep a comb, brush, spray bottle of water, and hair ties for doing my girls hair in the same drawer. And sunscreen too; I like to put sunscreen on my kids before they go to school

  3. Thanks everyone! Definitely a huge time saver keeping extra toothbrushes in the kitchen! Kristin – love your idea of other things to keep close by too!

  4. I use a silverware tray too for our toothbrushes in the bathroom. Where is your toothbrush? I don’t see it. I love magic erasers too!

  5. love that idea! just a note- not sure if your kids use the magic erasers or not but my daughter got an awful chemical burn on her arm from one she found at daycare. the provider had left it on the table while she helped another child and my daughter thought it was like a wash cloth so she used to scrub her arms and hands clean after lunch. if you search it on google you can find some pretty awful stories. they contain formaldehyde and can be very harmful. i loved the way that they cleaned my counter tops too but unless you can guarantee that your kids won’t touch them and that you clean up really well after using them you might want to think about removing them!
    jill in MN

  6. Katrina you make me laugh. :)

    Amy – I don’t ever brush my teeth in the kitchen. I usually get the kids ready and off to school and then get ready myself. I’m usually in the drop off lane in my pj’s or workout clothes. :)

    Jill I’ve never heard about that! So scary! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be sure to keep them away from my kids.

  7. Such a simple yet ingenious idea to keep toothbrushes in the kitchen. When you have a second story and that is where all the kids rooms and bathrooms are it’s a real time issue sending them back up to brush teeth after you just got them all ready and downstairs. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Erin, I just wanted to let you know that the teacher’s gift (the framed photo that I asked you about a couple days ago) was a hit! She said she loved it and said she would treasure it. Thank you for your advice on that, you are such a sweet person.

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