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Dining room decor update (bench, chairs, pillows)

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I’m back to posting after recovering from the weekend.  I spent it in Vegas with my mom and sister.  A quick girls’ weekend that was an early mother’s day gift this year.  We told our husbands we were living it up in sin city Saturday night when really we were in our hotel by 8:00 pm.  Not only were we in our room, but we were in our pj’s glued to a Judy Garland special on TV.  Ha!  We know how to party.  I’d tell you about the rest of our weekend but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  ;)  So nice to spend some uninterrupted time with my mom and sister.  And of course the best part of going away for a couple of days is always coming home.  Such a fun reunion at the airport.  Kids were really excited to see me.  Kenny was even more excited to see me.  Always a good thing to give him a peek into my every day.  :)
On to my post!  I’ve made some serious progress in the formal dining room that I’m excited to show you!
When I last shared this space I just had the table and rug.  
Now I have the bench, pillows and chairs.  It’s starting to look like a real room!  

I had a high back bench made to go along one side of the table.  I always pictured a fabric bench in this space and I’m so happy with how it turned out!  I would never do something like this in our main eating space, but for the formal dining room I think we’ll be ok.  The bench has scotch guard on it and this room is for mostly adult dining.  And just to be safe I don’t think I’ll ever sit on my bench to eat since I’m worse than the kids when it comes to spilling/breaking things!  True story.  I will just admire my bench from afar.  ;)

I also chose fabric for some fun pillows to go on the bench and chairs.  I lined them up and took some pictures so you can see the fabric better.  I decided to go with a grey/yellow/navy color scheme for this room.  

I adore all of these fabrics and couldn’t choose between them!  So I just ordered a pillow in each one. Best way to solve DMD (decision making disorder).  :)  I’m so happy with how the pillows turned out!  They are my favorite part of the room.  I love them in the dining room but also know that they will be fun to move around in other rooms over time.  

The chairs are from Restoration Hardware and my original plan was to order five of them – three to go across from the bench and two extras for when we extend the table.  Then I was going to put two different chairs on the ends of the table.  Here are a couple I was considering… 
OPTION 1 {via}

OPTION 2 {via}
But now that the bench is here I’m wondering if it will look too busy to switch up the end chairs?  The bench and pillows sort of steal the show which makes me think maybe I should just order two end chairs like this…
that go with the original set instead.  What do you think?  Keep all chairs cohesive and let the bench stand out?  Or go with different end chairs so it has more of an eclectic look?  Would love to hear your opinion if you have one!  
These shelves aren’t styled yet.  I just started putting a few things I have in them that go along with the rooms’ colors and might work in the space.  These shelves will be fun to play with!  
 So nice to finally see some color in my house.  I smile now every time I walk by this room.  
Which is about 100 times a day.  :)
Now I just need some delicious food to serve in my new dining room!
Let’s not hold our breath on that one.  
To quote one of my all time favorite movies What About Bob – “Baby steps.”  

xoxo, Erin
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42 thoughts on “Dining room decor update (bench, chairs, pillows)

  1. I am in love!!!! It looks so good. As much as I like the grey fabric chair for the ends of the table. I think I agree with you on the arm chairs that match the other 5. I especially love the colors you picked out.

    I was at Target today and found some navy, yellow and also grey stuff that would look amazing in your hutch. The collection that they have there right now is so nice. My birthday is Saturday and I am going to take pictures of all the navy and yellow stuff that they have. I will be hinting all week long. :)

    Great job on the whole design.

  2. I love it! I love all things yellow! I’m a yellow person! Love the navy touch! I think the grey chairs would look marvelous in there and then you could have the other two chairs in the corner of your room adding more spectacular color!

  3. Wow — stunning! Love your bench, your pillows, everything. Would go with the matching end chairs and let that bench shine!

  4. How beautiful Erin. It’s looks fabulous. Can I ask you how wide & deep are your dining hutches? They look stunning. And what color of paint did you paint them? I think it looks so pretty, I don’t think I could eat in their either. I would just admire it too. Thanks, Amanda

  5. Bravo, Erin. It looks wonderful. All the materials go well with one another. What size table did you go with? It fits so well in this space. I am searching for a dining table and love yours. Did you have your bench specially made? Where did you get the fabric from? Love, love, love it. Thanks for sharing, Piper

  6. Beautiful! I love the bench and the pillows.

    Here’s my 2 cents on the end chairs:
    I would go with either Option 2 or the armed chairs that match the original chairs. I think Option 1 is too “heavy” and would compete with the bench and block the view of those beautiful built-ins. But I wouldn’t just use the extra chairs that match the 3 side chairs because the ends of the table need more substantial chairs, not only to maintain a more formal look but also to help balance the weight of that bench.

  7. Your room looks polished yet so inviting! It is begging for a lazy red wine ( nowhere near the lovely bench!) and a fun catch up with friends. It is amazing what a difference fabric and cushions make to the “atmosphere” of the room. I love it all and think you are very clever to have figured this out. A beautiful room. x

  8. I’m just curious and do not mean this comment to be at all rude so my apologies if it comes off that way! I think I remember reading in your first dining room post that your husband suggested you have a formal dining room in the house to entertain clients/his coworkers, etc. So I was a little surprised to see it styled so casually (although beautifully!). Maybe the fancy formality is just an East Coast thing but I was just wondering your thoughts on keeping the feeling of the room casual considering its intended purpose.

    Thanks for your time – I love following along as you share your home, I have very similar taste and its nice to see what would be a dream of mine come to life!

    As for the chairs I say let that bench be the star and just add some matching chairs with arms. Just my thought!

  9. I love the bench!!!! I do think option one end chair would look really nice with the bench. The fabrics on the pillows are such nice accents for the chair/room!

  10. Oh Erin, it’s just beautiful! Such a classy look – like out of a home decor magazine! My pick for the end chairs is the same chair as the others, except with arms. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those chairs from Restoration Hardware. They are perfect with the table. Your bench and pillows are just lovely. You should be “Designer of the Year”!!

  11. I think the table and room could support any of the chairs with the bench. I do love each of them and which ever you choose, I am sure will look lovely. I am partial to a chair with some upholstery, but just adding a pillow always softens the look of a wood piece. Can’t wait to see the room completed…

  12. For chairs I think that you should do the ones that match the 5 you have but with the arms. It adds a little bit of contrast which is fun.

    Also have you ever checked out IHeart Organizing blog? She does a great job of adding color into neutral spaces!


  13. Loving your opinions! Thanks so much everyone!

    Thank you Cathy! Now I want to head to Target! :) So fun to have your b-day so close to Mother’s Day. Double the fun for you! :)

    Hi Amanda! The dining hutches are 43 inches wide. The actual glass cupboard is 13 inches deep but the dining hutch comes out 18 inches because the bottom cabinets are deeper and there is a sort of shelf above them. The paint in the hutch is called “Elf” by Frazee. Thanks for your sweet comment! So glad you like it. :)

    Thanks Piper! Yes the bench and pillows were custom made so I ordered them through a designer. We chose the 8 foot long table. It’s the Restoration Hardware farmhouse table. So fun! Be sure to check it out!

    SS – not rude at all! I know it’s not normal to have a formal room styled so casually. :) Fancy formal dining isn’t really my style so when I agreed to have this room in our house Kenny said I could make it as casual as I wanted. This was our compromise! :)

    Thank you Jane and Sandy! :)

  14. Wow, Erin. It looks like your dining room just step out of the Southern Living Magazine. Love the colors. What color of white did you use for your cabinets? They look so clean, casual, & elegant at the same time. I might hire you to come help me with my house. Thanks, Diana

  15. What color and fabric did you chose for the chair cushions on the Madeleine chairs?? Thanks!

  16. I love it all Erin. It’s like watching my dream house come to life. I have weird question, how big are your windows in the dining room? Is it 4 individual windows or 1 large one? And your plantation shutters do they swing out too? Are they hard to clean? I just ask because I am thinking of switching out our old blinds for plantation shutters. Where did you purchase yours from? Thanks so much for making my day. Stephanie

  17. Beautiful fabric choices (isn’t it fun to pick out stuff like that : )) And that bench – I think I’m in love!

    I would say go for the more formal looking chairs on the end of your table. Your dining room is large enough that I don’t think they will overpower the space at all – I think you’d be really happy with how much they add. They’ll also make it look a *tad* more formal (for Kenny), but still keep it fun and casual (for you!). Either way, it’s beautiful though. Have fun!

  18. I don’t think anything is going to detract from that gorgeous bench, Erin; so I would go with the beautiful Opt. 1 chair that would add some height at each end of the table.

  19. Super cute chairs, bench and fabrics! The chairs that match the others but with the arms would add a bit of fancy.
    Some glassware in the cabinets would look good and a touch of silver. Maybe some frames with black and white pictures. Or even some books in there….maybe from places that you have traveled to or coffee table “like” books.

  20. Thank you Diana! What a sweet thing to say! I don’t know our cabinet color (it was a mix by my cabinet guys that I chose) but it is almost identical to the white we used for all of our trim and molding and that is all painted in Frazee’s “Arothane white” 001. Hope that helps!

    Anonymous – I chose the Sand Belgian Linen pad (their in stock cushion) for the chairs. :)

    Stephanie – thank you so much! Dining room windows – it is one big one with two skinny ones on the sides so 3 individual windows. (I’ll have to share a pic of the window sometime!) They are about 8 feet wide and 7 feet high total with all the window trim. And yes – the shutters swing out. They are SO easy to clean. I need to do a post on them. We purchased ours through a friend who owns a window covering company in Utah. I love them so much and would highly recommend them!

    Thank you so much everyone! Loved your comments. :)

  21. I love all your decorating posts! You have awesome ideas. Have you thought about teaching a decorating e-course or something similar? (hint, hint)

  22. Love the table and chairs. I would love option 1. But maybe go with the matching arm chairs to go with the side chairs. But, I would still want to “see” if option 1 would work.
    Love “What about Bob?” Thanks for reminding me. Maybe I’ll watch it again this weekend.

  23. After reading the comments i seem to not share the popular opinion — i love the bench but think that you need heavier head chairs to balance the room. In its current formation the bench has a disproportionately heavy presence, in my opinion. I really like the first option you presented!

  24. Happy Tuesday to you too!! Seems like you’re having great time decorating dinning place… I like the decoration so far and those furniture’s in the images are truly perfect for decoration. Thanks.

  25. Choosing chairs with a high back would balance out the size of the bench I think. The gray chairs are a nice neutral, but the wooden ones are too unsubstantial and a little jarring to the eye. The room is coming along nicely. Love the pillow fabrics!

  26. I love the chairs, but I don’t think they fit well with the tall looks unbalanced. I would suggest taller chairs (all of them…not just the ends) or another idea is having the bench height lowered. The room is really coming together beautifully and I love the color scheme, now all you need is a big bowl on lemons on the table! Happy mother’s day!

  27. I just found your blog today and really enjoy it. I’ll give my opinion on your chairs even though I am really late to the party, lol.

    I’d move the bench back between the two cabinets. The height will be prettier there and it will give some additional seating for the holidays. You’ll be able to see the pillows there and it will really make everything pop.

    Then, I’d use option 1 for the heads (ends) of the dining room table. I’d use your current chairs on the sides of the table. And finally, I’d like to see you use some of the patterns from the pillows on the chair cushions to give the room a little more punch.
    You might even just purchase the pillow covers and have them made or put over the cushions.

    I’d also like to see a buffet on the right side of the room. You could add two pretty lamps to add to the room color and I’d bring in a mirror.

    As for the commenter that said it was too casual…I disagree…I think it’s very pretty and refreshing.

  28. Hi, I am restyling my family room. I have been looking for some navy and yellow pillows. Can you please share where you purchased your pillows. I will be looking on etsy. Thank you

    1. Hi Elsa! My pillows are all custom. I ordered them through a local designer/friend. I can give you her info. if you want to shoot me an e-mail! :)

  29. I love your blog! I just discovered it. It’s fantastic. I love how you organize and decorate EVERYTHING! I have a question about your custom bench. How tall is it?

    1. Oh my word Marina! What a sweet comment. It seriously made my day. Thank you so much! My dining bench is tall! It’s 4 feet high from the ground up. :) xo

  30. Hi- Can you comment on the sturdiness of the RH chairs? Wondering how well they have held up for you so far..thanks

    1. Hi Jan! Mine have held up well although they don’t get a ton of use because that’s our more formal dining room for special occasions. I wouldn’t stand on them, but they are sturdy great chairs. :)

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