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Dining Nook Table

I have finally found a table for our dining nook!  And I say finally because making this decision has probably taken me longer than any decision ever should.  We have had our current table for years and we bought it used.  To say it is ready to retire would be an understatement!  There are crayon drawings on the bottom of it, scratches all over the chairs, and all sorts of interesting things carved into the table top from drawings and homework.  I was ready to replace the table a few years ago but decided to make it last until our next house.  I know the new table will be with us for the long haul enduring the same type of abuse so I wanted to find something I loved that was up for the challenge.  :)

When we were originally designing our dining nook I pictured a round table in the space.  In fact, I had this table from Restoration Hardware picked out and was all set to buy it as soon as we moved in.


 But then we moved in and put our old rectangle table in the space.


And while I didn’t like the actual table here, I liked the size!  It fit the space nicely…
and allowed plenty of room for people to get in and out of the french doors on the side (something I was a little worried about with a round table).


Plus we would be able to fit more chairs with a longer table which is always a good thing.
So the hunt for the perfect rectangle table for our space began!
I had already bought my all time favorite table for our formal dining room (Restoration Hardware farmhouse table) so I was really starting from scratch.  
Here are a few that I considered but didn’t make the cut:





I liked all of these tables and considered each one.  Measured for them, checked them out in the store when possible, and pictured them in the space.  But for one reason or another they didn’t work (too long, not the right finish, didn’t love the legs, etc…).
I have a small obsession with zinc right now (bought Kenny a zinc desk for his office that is SO cool) so my designer/friend sent me this picture of a table from Ballard Designs with a zinc table top as a suggestion.  I LOVED the idea of a zinc table top, but wasn’t crazy about the legs.  A little too weathered for my space and we already have so much white going on.  I thought about painting the legs, but then I read reviews about the table and realized I couldn’t fit two chairs on the ends because of the bar across the bottom.  It just wasn’t the one… even though I wanted that zinc table top!
Pottery Barn has an outdoor table with a zinc top that I have loved since it came out and I was always planning on buying it for our outdoor entertaining area.
It’s the Abbot Zinc top fixed dining table and I seriously can’t picture a more perfect table.  LOVE the thick zinc top.  Love the wood X legs.  Love the simplicity of it.  I was admiring it again one night and said to Kenny “Man – I wish this was an indoor table because it is EXACTLY what I want for our nook space.”  And Kenny said “why can’t it be an indoor table?”  Oh my word.  DUH!  I can be a bit clueless at times.  :)  WHY couldn’t I put it inside!!??  I can!  So I did.  I ordered it that night.


 And here it is in our space.  The size was perfect!  Yea!  I’m so excited about this table.  The fact that it is an outdoor table means it’s even more durable for the abuse my kids will inevitably dish out!
The wood legs are perfect with all of the wood we have going on in our family room.


And I knew that the zinc table top would work well with our light fixture and all of the chrome hardware we have in the kitchen.


One thing I was also looking for was a smooth table top.  I’ve found that tables that have a lot of grooves or planks work for a formal dining space you only use once in a while, but not for every day dining with kids.  I can’t handle fishing out all of the crumbs!  This zinc top is so smooth and easy to wipe clean.  My love affair with zinc lives on.

Now for chairs!  Our old chairs are killing the look.  I’ve found lots of options and just need to narrow them down.  I’m also searching for a rug to go under the table.  But for now I’m just happy to finally have a table figured out for this space.  I have thanked my husband multiple times for giving me a light bulb moment that I’m quite embarrassed didn’t come sooner.
xoxo, Erin
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23 thoughts on “Dining Nook Table

  1. Hi Erin,
    The table looks great! I myself would never have had that aha moment either! It really works well in your home. I do see a peek a boo of your drapes (I think)… please show!!!
    I have to say ever since I have been reading your blog you have given me so much inspiration to decorate my house!!

    thanks again for sharing!


  2. It will hold up better indoors. We looked at their zinc top bar last year and my dear friend who is a mgr at our PB store told me not to get it if it would be exposed to the elements in any way. Our porch is covered but not screened. She said it would rust and the zinc does scratch.

    1. i have this table outside. loved it initially but after one year it’s a mess. scratches very easily and impossible to get the scratches out. the pretty little flecks are only on the very thin top layer and underneath it’s just a solid sheet so it really looks bad:(

      1. Oh no Laury! So sorry to hear that! Ours has held up so well! But of course we have it inside. We do have two little scratches, but I expect things like that with three kids. :) Overall we have loved this table! xo

  3. To funny I bought the round table from RH for my kitchen nook and the modern farmhouse table from Anthropology!

  4. Erin, I really like the simple lines of your new dining table for your kitchen nook! I especially like the chunky wood legs in the X design. Like you, I wouldn’t have thought ‘outside the box’ to use it indoors! It is absolutely perfect for your space. Now, comes the really hard part – finding chairs! Somehow, I know that whatever you decide on will also be perfect!

  5. It looks great! I’ve been searching for a kitchen table also and have likewise been searching forever to find something just right. I actually found an outdoor table that I love too and I also thought, “hey, it should hold up better since it’s built to be outside.” But it had an umbrella hole in the middle and I didn’t think that would look to cool inside. :)

  6. OMG Erin, are those sharp corners going to possibly be a safety issue with the kids kitting their heads etc into them? I just picture kids playing / horsing around and someone’s head hitting one of those sharp metal corners and cutting their skin or worse. I only mention it because you might not have thought about that? (not trying to be negative, only helpful)

  7. What did you decide about dining chairs Erin? I love your table choice….I have windsors similar to your old chairs…and am agonising over what to do with them…paint them, stain them, sell them….so I dying to see what you settle on :-)
    Love Love Love your new home :-)

  8. Hey Erin,

    How does this zinc table top hold up with every day wear and tear. We have 2 young ones who do everything at the dining room table, including eating, coloring, and using it as their play area. Any regrets with this purchase?

  9. Hi Erin,
    Funny I saw the table from Ballards and wasn’t looking for the white legs.
    I too have been wanting a zinc or concrete dining room table. What are you using to clean the table and does the table stain from any foods?
    Thanks so much for letting me know.
    And what chairs did you end up going with?

    1. Hi Michelle! That table doesn’t stain and I just clean it with a wet dish rag. I haven’t tried anything else on it because I haven’t needed to. I went with some metal chairs. If you type “dining nook” into the search bar of my blog I’m sure they’ll pop up for you in a post somewhere. :)

  10. Hi there. I am about to order thos table for my kitchen/dining room and was just curious how it has held up?

    1. Hi Lisa! It has held up great! It has a few scratches (I put some felt under the tray I now keep on it) and it hasn’t had any since. We really like it! :)

  11. Hi I love the table but I have a question I clicked on the link to the table and it says, top is made of durable concrete that’s sealed for maximum weather resistance. Is yours really zinc or concrete to me it looks concrete but I was interested in the zinc top table. Is the link the wrong link? Help? Is there a different link to your table?

    1. Hi Jacqueline! My table does have a zinc top but they’ve stopped making that one! The new table at PB is identical except a concrete top instead. I’m wondering if it’s because the zinc was scratching too much? So sorry! Bummer they don’t make it exactly like mine anymore but I bet the concrete top is more durable and that’s why they switched. Hope that helps! xo

  12. Thank you for answering! I figured they might have changed it but I was hopeful. I love zinc and I love the way it ages too. There are all natural non-toxic ways to clean zinc and remove stains etc. but I like the way stone, copper and zinc age not everyone does. Zinc is a great choice if you have kids because of the anti-bacterial properties. Thanks again!

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