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Halloween picture dump

Does anyone have a Halloween hangover like I do?  I’m recovering by eating chocolate and staying in my pajamas as long as possible this weekend.  Costumes were low on my priority list this year because of the move so I told the girls to just decide what everyone should be.  El really wanted to be Smurfette and Ad really wanted to be Alice in Wonderland and after 30 minutes of debate over which theme we should choose I finally just said “we’ll split up!”  El and the boys can be smurfs and I’ll dig out my old Queen of Hearts costume to join Addie.  Done.  
So here are my smurfs in all their glory.  Kenny was a really good sport this year.  :)

Alice and her Queen.  With no crown because it’s lost in the garage somewhere.  
Oh!  And I chopped my hair off the day before Halloween.  
Because we aren’t going through enough changes right now.  I needed one more.  ;)
This is Kole spoting mom and dad for the first time in his pre-school Halloween parade.

He got excited and came running and then we couldn’t get him back in the parade.

A little fishy cracker bribery to the rescue. 

Fun morning with my little trouble maker.  :)
Love watching my kiddos strut their stuff.  
Three parades and classroom parties later and it was finally getting dark!  We went to a party at a friend’s house for dinner and then all headed out trick-or-treating..
 A real man right there.  One who will completely humiliate himself for his children.  :)

 You’ll notice in this picture the kids are holding gift sacks for treat bags.  Our treat bags are.. you guessed it!  Lost in the garage somewhere.  I made an emergency run to Target between class parties to buy something for the kids to take trick or treating and everything Halloween was SO picked over.  Gift bags to the rescue!  “Whatever works” seems to be my new motto these days.  It was a fun Halloween.  Crazy just like they all are.

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Halloween picture dump

  1. They all look so cute. And, kudos to you and Kenny for dressing up. Especially this year with everything you have going on. You hair looks amazing, always does! So jealous.

  2. Hi Erin!
    Love the new do!
    And I LOVE your roll with the punches attitude.
    I can’t imagine how crazy moving with three kids must be.
    We plan on moving very soon and I am already stressing about packing!!
    I’ll take after your roll with it attitude though. I hope! ;)

  3. Thanks everyone! Such fun comments. I don’t know that we had the time or the energy to dress up this year, but that’s life with kids, right? You do it anyway. :)

    Riley – Wondering why you’re asking? :) I do.

  4. Brill costumes & pix:) I especially like the ones of Kole, he’s so cute.

    I still love how in the US you dress up in fun costumes. Here it’s all about witches & ghosts etc, which as a member of the church I find hard at times.

    Did you do the booed thing this year? I told someone about it yesterday & she was really negative about it – I think booed is a lovely idea & wanted her to get excited with me:)

    I didn’t realise that the children have Halloween parades/parties at school. I bet they’re fun.

    One year I’d really love to be in the US for Halloween & join in all the fun:)

    By the way, I’m curious about the contacts question too!

  5. Oh, Erin! This is one Halloween to remember always!! You are all so cute in your costumes, and you are right – Kenny is a REAL man, because he is a FAMILY man!! The Smurf costumes are adorable! And the Alice in Wonderland costumes are so cute! Kole looks so excited when he sees you – I just love that.

    Oh, and I love your new haircut!

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