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Girls’ bathroom (questions answered!)

Peeking up from my mounds of boxes to answer your questions on my girls’ bathroom today!  Oh my word.  I feel like I’m making progress but there is just so much STUFF we are weeding through.  I unpacked all weekend and still feel like the piles are never ending.  The bad news is that life and the kids won’t stop right now so that I can take the time I need to really unpack and move us in.  Oh how I wish they would!  
The good news is that I found my crockpot.  :)  
Where did you buy the light fixtures?  

These fixtures are from Quoizel Lighting and you can find them here.

What are you doing for window treatments?  

We put plantation shutters on most of the windows and french doors throughout our house (aside from a few I’m going to buy drapes for).  I’ve always loved them.  

Perfect to block the light, allow a little light..
or open them for a lot of light.  

The girls’ have french doors in their rooms with windows on the sides of them.  Their rooms are BRIGHT.  I love how sunny they are.  Happiest rooms in the house.  We decided on plantation shutters for the whole wall.  These pics show the door shutters installed.  Their window shutters are coming this week.  In this pic El’s door shutters are open.

 And Ad’s are closed.  Their rooms are pretty sparse at the moment.  We haven’t bought them furniture yet – just the beds.  This is their old bedding making due until headboards and new bedding comes.  Hopefully in the next week or two!  Once I get those in place I will start working on decorating the rest of their rooms.

We are also getting by with old bathroom rugs and mismatched stools at the moment.    
I laughed when I laid these rugs down.  
They seemed so much bigger to me in their previous bathroom.  :)
I’m hunting for some fun new rugs that will coordinate with their rooms.  El threw off my original decorating plan with her explosion of purple, but I’ll figure something out!
Where will hand towels go?  Hardware for that?  

I placed their hand towel holders on the wall next to their built-in side cabinets.  I ordered them from Top Knobs – the Edwardian Collection in polished chrome.

We also added some new towel hooks on the wall (the only wall space we had to hang towels so that was an easy decision!)  These hooks are the Aubrey hooks from Restoration Hardware.

We bought most of our cabinet hardware at Restoration Hardware.  The pulls on their drawers are also the Aubrey pulls.  I adore them and put them in my laundry rooms too.

The hooks are spaced far enough to the right so that the girls won’t hit them opening their cabinet.  

I mentioned a door that leads to the toilet.  You can see it to the right of the hooks.  

I put these toilet paper holders from Top Knobs in several of my bathrooms.  Totally did this because my kids are AWFUL about switching out new toilet paper rolls and it drives me crazy!  I wanted to make it as EASY for them as possible so there are no excuses!  Just slip it on.     
It’s the little things.  :)  
A few pics of their shower niche…

 These little niches in the showers were hard for me to figure out!  How high do you want them?  How wide?  What materials?  Where will the water spray?  Not a big deal in the end, but at the moment I was certain I was going to destroy every shower in my house by not spacing these right.

 Here’s a tip if you are putting marble in your shower.  I used the marble on the back of the niche, but the bottom of the niche is a tile called “statuary” that looks like marble.  That way you don’t have to worry about shampoo and soap ruining the marble.  We did this in our master bathroom shower too.

What color of grey did you paint the walls?  

Their bathroom wall is the same grey as my family room and hallways – “Seattle” by Frazee.  I was originally going to paint it a fun color, but after the girls’ bedroom paint went up I was afraid we would have an Easter egg look going on with three bright colors in line with each other.  :)  I decided to keep their bathroom a neutral grey and bring in the bedroom colors with rugs and towels.  I would add pops of grey in the girls’ rooms too if I totally had my way.  But their rooms are a compromise and the girls don’t want grey.  Just bright colors.  We’ll see what I can sneak in…   :)

I think that was all the questions!  Anything else I’ll answer in the comments.

And to my friend Shari who said in the girls’ bathroom comments regarding finally seeing new house pictures – “now I feel like I’ve eaten just one potato chip out of the bag and I want more!” …  

Ha ha… that cracked me up!  More are coming.  Just be patient with me.  If you all saw the current state of my garage and half of the rooms in my house right now you’d understand.

At least I found my crockpot.  
xoxo, Erin
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71 thoughts on “Girls’ bathroom (questions answered!)

  1. Oh Erin. I LOVE plantation shutters. They are absolutely beautiful. One more question Erin, where did you get the girls bath tub? What size is it? And also where did you get those stunning sink faucet and bath tub fixtures??? I am so happy for you!! You did a fabulous job.

  2. Hi Erin! You made my day!! You got plantation blinds throughout the house – my favorite window treatment ever!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way they look in the girls’ bedrooms and bath! They are such a classic look, and I adore them! I also love all of the door & cabinet hardware you have selected, and the toilet paper hardware is perfect! That gives me an idea to change ours! I’m so extremely happy for you and your lovely family. Eventually you will get unpacked, and you can start putting up your Christmas decor! I can’t wait! Take care!

  3. Again, I just love this bathroom. And the girl’s rooms look so fun and clean and girly. Really like the colors – you picked nice shades of these colors! It won’t seem so bright once you get them decorated.

    Also – have to tease you a little bit. You know one doesn’t need to build and ENTIRE new house just to have those handy toilet paper holders…you can actually just replace them in your old house like I did. :)

    Love it and yes, I need more potato chips!!!

  4. Thank you so much everyone!

    Burse Blessings – the tub fixtures are from Moen. I’ll look them up and add that info. and the tub info. to my post or the comments later today when I have time to find my paperwork on all of that. It’s here somewhere! :)

    I’m so glad you like the shutters Jane! Thank you!

    Lynnsey – oh my word – you’re so right. Fixed that wording! So glad you like the colors! :)

  5. Every time I check out your blog I feel like we are living parallel lives lol (three kids, two girls then a boy, mine are 11 8 and 6, married high school sweetheart etc etc but the latest thing is we just moved about a month ago and I can totally relate! I just wanted the rest of life to just pause or something so I could make a significant dent in the millions of boxes :) And my poor crockpot as seen more use in the last month than the last year combined!
    Your house looks amazing and I love all the hardware!

  6. Erin, I haven’t commented but have been an reader on your blog over the years. I know, one of those scary people. :)

    Thank you for sharing this. I have just been through this process and continue to as we update/redo parts of our house/landscaping. This is not for the faint of heart.:) I appreciate your style and your humor. I think we would be fast friends in real life :)

  7. I love it all but I think the marble inset in the shower is my favorite. The gray and whites and marble all look fabulous together. A great base to start with before you bring in the colors of the bedrooms

  8. Mmmm…I LOVE plantation shutters. Every year we come and vacation in San Diego for a few weeks and I swear I’m going to steal the shutters from our rental house every time. I LOVE your style…seriously it’s like you are in my head with the things you have chosen…love, love, love your new house. :) My husband on the other hand hates that I look at your blog because our budget for our new house is ever increasing..hehe.

  9. I just wanted to say that I think it is so funny that my aunt and uncle built a house about a year ago, and my two cousins have a jack and jill bath similar to yours with their rooms on the sides. Their bath is white or gray and their rooms are aqua and purple, same colors on the same sides =) Their mom brought some gray into their rooms (though they’re a few years older so probably don’t mind as much) and brought some aqua/purple into the bathroom I think to help balance it out. I personally think the colors look good together, very calm yet still fun for younger girls =)

  10. Thanks so much for sharing photos of your gorgeous new house. Would also love to see a photo of the current state of your garage! :) I seriously don’t know how you have time to get anything blogging done with all the unpacking and all.

  11. Hi Erin,
    Your shutters are gorgeous! We are about to order plantation shutters and I am torn between 3 1/2 inch or 4 1/2 inch louvers. Can you tell me which ones you chose and why? Also who made your shutters?
    Thank you!

  12. So fun and so beautiful at the same time. I love the touches of marble in the shower inset, the thoughtful hardware choices and the shutters (swooning over the shutters). Glad you found the crockpot. We are moving in 4 weeks and have 2 dogs and a cat plus my daughter’s dog we watch during the day and will be in temporary housing for 3 weeks. Fun times! Keep posting so I can gain inspiration that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

  13. I love your bathroom. No doubt, I’ll make the same for my daughter. If you will give such nice ideas for bathrooms, then I think no would like to come out from it. Shutters are looking the best.

  14. Thank you Sam! We really are living parallel lives! :)

    Shumway Family – so nice to hear from you! Thank you for your kind comment. Fast friends for sure. :)

    Jackie – your comment made me laugh! My husband hated it when I would check out Pinterest each night .. adding more and more “ideas” to the house. :)

    Julie – definitely not getting as much done as I’d like to!

    Thank you Amber! We put the 4 1/2 inch louvers on almost every window in the house. I personally love the big louver look. BUT – we put the 3 1/2 inch louvers on the french doors we covered because if not the shutters would have stuck so far out of the room. My girls’ rooms are the one place we also put 3 1/2 louvers on their windows because we wanted them to match the doors since they are all lined up together. Joe Goodwin (from Southern Utah) did all of our plantation shutters. He is a high school friend of mine. :)

  15. Erin – I have been following your blog for a while and love your new home! I have a quick question – my daughter’s room is the same color as Addison’s and I have been looking high and low for a new comforter. Not seeing anything I am in love with. Did you order something yet and if so, from where? Thanks!

  16. Love your new home! My daughter has the same color bedroom as Addison and I have been looking all over for new bedding. Any suggestions? Did you find something yet for her room?

  17. Burse Blessings – ok – found my tub info.! Not from Moen (sorry!) — it was a Kohler Sunward. It’s 60 x 42 (model #K-1163-s1).

    Andrea – I ordered bedding for my girls through Serena and Lily. Just the really simple comforters with solid colors (El – hot pink and Ad – blue). I know Ad also has a blue wall, but we are doing a hot pink headboard and colorful pillows. Hope it comes together! I had a hard time finding something I loved too so I just decided to keep the bedding simple and bring pattern into the room with other elements. I’ll blog pics as soon as I get them!

  18. I have a suggestion for the person looking for bedding. Last year I purchased a really cute set at JCPennyy’s online. I just looked it up on the website and they have a new set that is very similar to the one I got last year. I think it would be perfect for a room with blue walls. Here is the link:

  19. I LOVE your site and thank you so much for posting your beautiful new home! You are doing a great job and I love everything you have done! Amazing! I noticed the french door hardware, would you mind posting where you ordered them and the color you went with. Thank you again for sharing!

  20. Your girls’ bathroom is GORGEOUS! Do you remember the size of the cabinets and Aubrey pulls? Thanks!

  21. What brand are your cabinets or are they custom built? I love the simple but rich look of them!! We are in the process of adding on to our second floor (totally overwhelming…can’t imagine building a whole house!) and I have two bathrooms to figure designs out for. Thanks!

  22. Hi Janette!

    They are custom cabinets. Good luck with your bathrooms! I know – it is SO overwhelming! I can’t believe I survived it. :)

  23. Hello,
    Beautiful bathroom!! Looking to remodel our bathroom and love your grey tile flooring! What type did you use? Brand? Color?

  24. Thank you so much! Here is the floor info – good luck with your re-model!

    Manf: Alfalux – Olimpia Series – Color Clay

  25. What are the dimensions of your girls vanity? And what are total measurements of the bathroom all together? This jack & jill bathroom would look beautiful in our remodel design. Love it. Thanks, Terri

  26. Wow, Erin. Your girls bathroom is gorgeous. I love how spacious your girls bedrooms are. Could you tell what size beds you bought them? Trying to decide what size to buy my kiddos. Full or Queen? Thanks.

    1. Thank so much Trinity! We bought them queen beds because we figured they could double as guest beds if we ever needed them too! :)

  27. Hi there! I know I am very late to the game, but absolutely love this bathroom. I have a question about the vanity…what are the dimensions and where did you get the cabinets from? I love the design and I have been looking for ideas for our master bath. Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Hi Eileen! Our cabinets were all custom – built for the house. Sorry that’s not much help! Have you looked at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn? They both have beautiful bathroom vanity options! xo

  28. Your girls bathroom is gorgeous. Odd question, I really like the design of your girls bedrooms and share bathroom. And was wondering if I could get the window measurement in them bathroom? As well as the window measurements in the girls bedrooms and the measurements for the French doors too? Would love to see if we can create something similar for our girls. Thanks so much, Summer

    1. Thank you Summer! We are traveling so I don’t have those measurements with me right now! I’ll try to remember to send them when I’m home. If I forget shoot me an e-mail next week! xo

  29. Hi!
    I just stumbled across your blog on Pinterest. We are just starting to build our new house this week. My daughters bathroom is going to be grey and white. What is the brand and style of the tile floor you used in your girls bathroom. I love it! Great blog!

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you! Good luck with building. It’s so fun and awful all at the same time. ;) Here is the info. for my girls tile:
      Manf: Alfalux – Olimpia Series – Color Clay.

      1. Thank you for getting back to me about the tile. I agree, building will be awful and fun all at the same time. We’ve already had a few snags and it’s just the beginning. It’ll be worth it in the end.

  30. Love your beautiful bathroom, fantastic design! Just wondering if you remember who makes the marble look tile you used to line your shampoo shelf, I’m having a hard time finding similar trim pieces, but TOTALLY love the tip to prevent staining on real marble. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Janine! I got that fake marble from a store in southern Utah (St. George) called “Southwest Tile and Stone.” I’m sure you could call and see if they have info. on how to order it! xo

  31. Can you tell me the manufacturer of the faucets for the sinks in the girls bathroom? I am looking for some just like them. Thank you!

    1. I’m so sorry Shelaina! I can’t remember! I looked tonight to see if I had it written down somewhere in my house notes but I don’t. :( Sorry I’m not more help! xo

  32. Hi there, My husband and I are remodeling our bath and I bought Carrara tile for the shower floor. I am reading about sealing, cleaning, installing ect. Could you let me know how the shower floor is holding up and what sealant if any you use? Are there any stains? I just want to make sure I use the right products on the shower! Are you still totally happy with your choice? Thank you!

    1. Hi Rozlynn! Our shower floors are holding up great and I’m so happy with the Carrara marble! No stains so far! One small piece on the floor in our master bathroom has a bit of an orange tint but that’s it! We did use a sealant but I can’t remember which one. My tile guys actually put it on. LOVE the Carrara! Good luck with your bath remodel! xo

    1. Hi Kelley! I heard it was discontinued! But here is the info. just in case you can still find it: Manf: Alfalux – Olimpia Series – Color Clay

  33. Hello there,
    Greetings! I just came across your blog. You have a gorgeous, warm, and lovely home. I wonder if you have the name of the tile that you used in your laundry and girls bathroom floors. Im trying to find a gray for my master bath. I’m doing a lot of white subway and the exact tile you used for the backsplash. Just in case you see this, I’d love to know the name and brand.
    I LOVE your blog!

    1. Hi Pat! You are too kind. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I’m not sure if you can get my tile anymore or not, but here is the info. in case! Good luck with your master bath! Sounds like it is going to be beautiful! xo

      Manf: Alfalux – Olimpia Series – Color Clay.

  34. Hello,
    I’m in the process of remodeling our master bathroom and was looking into similar tile choices for our shower. I’ve never had any marble in our house and was wondering how you clean and care for the marble shower floor and marble floors elsewhere in your house? Have you had any problems with them? Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie! So sorry I just saw this comment! I use a little bit of dish soap mixed with warm water on our marble! The marble floor in our master bathroom does stain easily. We have some circles that look like water marks. I’m not sure what they are from because we are so careful. The marble in all of our showers has held up beautifully! I would use marble everywhere again because I love the look but my husband would do something different on than marble on the bathroom floor. Different opinions on that one. ;) I hope that helps! xo

  35. Yess !!! You do have amazing tenant , Looks amazing , When I see a colour on the internet that I like I go to the paint store to look Its completely different of course, what colour would you say your colour of grey looks like ?? Is it blueish , greenish purplish ??? What I see is a grey colour with a bit of blue in it , when I see the wall colour on its own it looks grey but when I see the wall colour with your time in the bathroom it looks blue ??

  36. Hi Erin! I happened upon a Pinterest pin from your master bathroom that I loved, which led me to your blog, and now I am hooked :)

    I know this is an old post and I have used the search/find features to see if this has already been answered (I don’t see that it has): Can you tell me how the white shower grout is holding up in your girls bathroom?

    I am about to start a remodel of my master bath and want to do white subway tiles with white grout on the shower walls, but am trying to determine how much effort/upkeep the white grout might require. Many of the photos I am finding online used a darker color grout, which I am not fond of for the space I am working on.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ann! Thank you for your sweet words about my blog! I’m so happy you found me! :) Our white grout is holding up SO well! I had it in my girls’ bathroom in our last house for years and it always looked great. I think it’s because it’s in a bathroom.. you really don’t have many spills and messes other than water so it stays looking clean. Might be a different story in a kitchen! Definitely don’t hesitate to do white grout in a shower if that’s what you love! Ours still looks brand new. :) xo

  37. I love your blog and you’ve created such a beautiful, warm home. I’m digging this bathroom and using it as inspiration for a potential gutting of a current kids bathroom. I’m hoping we have room for it. Do you happen to have dimensions for the bathroom, or just a length on the vanity. It’s all gorgeous!

  38. Hi Erin! :) I absolutely love your house! We are currently remodeling our kids’ bathroom and our master bathroom! ;) I love the quartz that you chose for your kids’ bathroom. Could you share what it was that you used? Thank you so much! :)

    1. Hi Abby! Thank you so much! They quartz in my girls’ bathroom is Caeserstone “Organic White.” I have it in my kitchen too and absolutely love it! Hope that helps. :) Good luck with your remodel!

  39. Can you tell me where or how you did the mirrors? I need some JUST like that (minus the top portion probably). Do you need to have mirrors custom framed with a simple white frame?

    1. Hi Natalie! I drew a picture of the mirror frame and just had my carpenter build it when we built the house! Then I had the mirror people come in and measure the opening for the mirrors. :)

  40. Hi! I’m in the process of a master bath remodel and hav made many of the same choices you did here, what is on your tub deck? The quartz or something else? Thanks,

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