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A new addition!

Well!  The last few days have been eventful to say the least.  We made a quick trip to Utah to finish up some house stuff (hooray for picking carpet and shutters!  finish line is in sight!).  And of course  to hang with family.  
My cute SIL is pregnant (due in a month and so thoroughly enjoying being 8 months along in 115 degree heat).  She had a dr. appointment soon after we arrived and came home and casually mentioned she was dilated to a 4.  What!!?  A 4!  I told her to pack her hospital bags.  She told me the doctor said it could still be a week or two.  I told her to pack her hospital bags.  I also told her to get busy working on a boys name because it was going to be a boy.  (They decided not to find out and EVERYONE other than me thought it was going to be a girl.)  Girl name was picked out.  Nothing confirmed if it was a boy.  Then I made her take some pictures to show off how beautiful she looked.  (Hello – I resemble a watermelon at 8 months.  This is how I look at about oh…. 4 months along.  Where’s the justice in that?  Not fair tall people.  Not fair at all.  Wearing my tallest shoes in this pic!)    
Dayna with her sweet Drew (Kole’s partner in crime).
And sure enough, the very next day I was taking pictures of her and Drew again.  
Only this time in the hospital.  

When I went to meet my new baby nephew.  And to say “told you so.”  
Dayna’s water broke in the middle of the night and it was so funny hearing them tell the story of scrambling to get out the door.  Austin was like “you’re kidding – you’re bringing your earrings?”  We were laughing.  Rule #1 during pregnancy – pregnant women get to bring WHATEVER THEY WANT to the hospital.  Men – don’t question.  Just do as you’re told.  Dayna looked amazing and I think the earrings added the perfect touch. 
Plus I just don’t think my brother has the right to question his wife when he showed up in a Broncos hat and a shirt with Yoda in pink sunglasses on it.  (Real classy Austin.)  
But the baby!  Oh my word!  He is absolutely perfect!  Isn’t he!?  He weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and they named him Finn.  When I walked in the hospital room and picked him up I was so overcome with love for the little guy I burst into tears.  There is just something about a new baby that brings so much love and happiness.  My eyes were still a bit red in this picture.   I sent up a quick prayer of thanks that this happened while I was in town.  I felt so lucky to get to be here when this sweet little angel came into the world.  

 Here’s a better picture of his face.  He is so tiny and precious!  
And look at that fuzzy little head!  His sleepy smiles and facial expressions combined with the intoxicating smell of a newborn seriously made me want another one!  Right up until I went to bed at night knowing that unlike my brother and SIL I would actually get some sleep.  
Proud grandma.  This makes grandchild lucky #7!  And he broke the 3 girl 3 boy tie.  
Now boys outnumber the girls.  
Proud daddy.  Austin was the youngest with two older sisters so he spent a lot of time as a child forced to play dolls with us.  His years of Cabbage Patch Kids and Rainbow Bright are about to pay off.  :)  

My favorite picture from the day.  I love the look on Drew’s face… 
 “Am I doing this right!?”
So adorable.  Seeing Drew hold his new little brother made me tear up again.  
A few memories came flooding back all at once.   
 I love this little family so much.  They are the greatest.   
Congrats again Austin and Dayna!  So happy for you both!
xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “A new addition!

  1. AWE! Erin. I am so happy you were there for the birth. How amazing is that. He is so beautiful. They are such a cute little family’

    The pictures are all so precious.

    Congrats Auntie!

  2. So great you were there and I know that Austin and Dayna would be too, my big brother was back home in Australia from London for just four days when my little girl decided to come two weeks early, we have always been so grateful he was there. Life is just perfect sometimes isn’t it :)Best wishes to your brothers family and enjoy the homestretch of the house building, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. Thanks so much everyone! Such a happy day. :) I can’t believe I forgot to mention his name! They named him Finn. I’ll add it to my post. Clearly I was up too late blogging again! :)

  4. Wow! So thankful you were there, Erin! Your wisdom and instincts to pack hospital bags was spot on! This post had me giggling and smiling. Such a sweet moment.

    Congrats to all of you!

    Andrea L.

  5. hi Erin!
    Cpngrats! such a sweet family!
    btw you did mention in the post that his name is Finn.

  6. The earrings were a perfect touch! And who looks that good after having a kid?!?! I’m jealous. Congrats to everyone on Baby Finn. He’s adorable!

  7. What a beautiful baby! And I love the name Finn! Can you share what their choice would have been if it had been a girl?

  8. Thanks again everyone! Such sweet comments. I know Rebecca – she is beautiful, isn’t she!? Anonymous – they were thinking of using Quincy for a girl. :)

  9. Oh thanks for sharing, Quincy is cute too! I forgot to mention that your sister in law looks like a supermodel, seriously who looks that good after having a baby? Even after I had time to shower and put makeup on, my face was so swollen and puffy! She makes having a baby look easy and glamorous! lol!!!!

  10. Awwwwe! I must admit I’m a little jealous of the drop dead gorgeous new mom! Even if I had earrings post delivery, they wouldn’t help me look THAT good :) WOW! That baby is lucky to get those fabulous genes. Great post, great family. Nothing beats a new baby. Congrats!

  11. So great! Nothing better than a new, sweet baby! I think it is so terrific that you got be there! Sometimes the stars do align. We certainly have been enjoying our newest little guy. Thanks again for all your advice! You r awesome!

  12. I love this entry. I just had a baby myself. I wasn’t quite 9 months but babies come when they’re ready to come. Congrats to the family!

  13. It should be illegal to look that good after just giving birth! She looks amazing! How wonderful it happened while you were in town!! Congrats to all!

  14. Erin, your new nephew Finn is beautiful! And I just adore his name! I am so glad that you were there for his arrival. Your sister-in-law looks amazing!

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