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Teacher Gift (re-run)

I’m giving myself a major pat on the back for making it through this week.  Anyone else feel the same?  To reward myself tonight I’m going to go to bed before 1:00 am.  Which is something that hasn’t happened for a while.  But to do this means I can’t post the pictures I wanted to share today.  If only I didn’t need to sleep!  Do you ever think about that?  How much you could get done if you didn’t need to sleep?  I think about it all the time.  Mostly late at night when I should be sleeping.  :)  I’m rambling now because I’m tired.  Anyway!  Since I’ve been thinking about teacher gifts this week (how I’m going to come up with an extra hour to pull something together this year) I thought I’d share a past post on a gift idea I came up with for Addison’s teachers a couple of years ago.  And I know most of you have either seen this post or you are already out of school and don’t need teacher gift ideas.  But I am sharing it anyway because the pictures of my little cookie watcher are some of my favorites.  And well…  because quite frankly I don’t trust myself to post when I’m this tired.  :)
{Teacher Gift – Originally Written June 2011}
WHERE has this week gone!?  First week of summer has definitely been a busy one.  Summer actually hasn’t happened yet for my Addison.  This is her last week of pre-school and this weekend is her little graduation ceremony.  
For Ellie’s teacher, I kept things simple and just did my standard gift card (always to either Nordstroms or Target – the two places I’d want a gift card to!) along with a personal card from me and one from Ellie.  But with Addison, we went a different route because she has SO many teachers who have had an influence on her during the last two years.  
First, Addison made cookies.  I hate to bake so I just turned it all over to her.  
 Kidding!  Kidding.  Kind of.  She did help a lot.  And yes, she’s wearing a Halloween outfit.  In June.  Because that’s the way we roll around here.  And once Addison is on outfit number 6 of the day – you just stop caring.  Ya know?

Kole was our official “cookie watcher.”  He took his job pretty seriously pulling himself up to his post every few minutes to make sure the cookies were progressing to his satisfaction.   
Since Kole had everything under control in the kitchen, Addison and I got to work on our cards. 
Addison drew a picture of her with each teacher.  She is the one on the right with the curly hair.  :)  
I pulled up the shoe collage I made for Addison’s birthday letter, added a little journaling in Photoshop and had it developed as a 4×6 pic.  Quick and easy.  

Last week I found some cute plates on clearance at Target and snagged about 15 of them.  They were perfect to hold our oatmeal cookies.  Which thanks to Kole, were cooked to perfection.

Then I just used some scrapbook ribbon and plastic wrap I had on hand to tie everything together.

A quick and easy gift with a personal touch.  My favorite kind.
We gave them to her teachers today and I couldn’t help tearing up.  So did several of her teachers.  I am so sad to say good-bye to this second family of mine.  
 Even if it is just for a couple of years until my little “cookie watcher” is ready for pre-school.  Good thing that isn’t for a while though – this little one is needed in the kitchen.

xoxo, Erin
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5 thoughts on “Teacher Gift (re-run)

  1. Very cute idea Erin! I have a sort of off the wall question. Do you have any ways that you use to keep your home smelling clean and fresh? You seem like you really have a way with the whole cleaning aspect, so I was wondering your opinion on that. Hopefully you got some sleep! Happy Summer :)
    -Julia in PA

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