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New House

House is painted!

 Ok.  Here is where I last left you with a new house update.  The color on the left of the picture below was my original pick. I looked at one shade darker and it was darker than I wanted (not shown here).  So I had my painter just enhance our original choice to 150% of its natural color (shown on the right).  And we had a winner!  Ready to see some before and afters?  I just love a good before and after!


I’m so thrilled to be done with rock and exterior paint!  Definitely two of the toughest decisions for me during this whole building process.  Now all major decisions for the exterior have been made and I can just focus on finishing the inside.  There are still things to be done on the exterior. Black shutters for a few windows, doors painted (probably going with black to match the shutters), finish the roof, railings for balconies (starting those tomorrow), some additional trim on the columns, and a few minor changes and touch ups with paint here and there.  But we are close to being done on the outside!  And it feels great.  :)

My garage doors are so filthy!  It’s hard for me to not take a scrubbing brush to them.  I have to fight the urge every time I’m at the house.  :)  A lost cause until landscaping is done.  
Pavers are all done.  

And we have started planting trees!  

On this week’s agenda:  

– More cabinets and built-ins are coming
– First wave of counter tops and sinks will be installed
– More tile work in bathrooms
– Exterior balcony railings
– Rock for porches and outdoor space floors installed
– And they are going to dig a hole in the backyard for a trampoline.  I think Kenny and I are more excited about it than the kids are.  :)

So it will be a busy week at the house!  And we still have two more weeks of school left which are jam packed with field trips and final projects and parties and everything else you can imagine.  I’m so ready  for summer.  And so jealous of those of you who are already out of school!  I’m mostly looking forward to not packing lunches and NO HOMEWORK.  Again, probably more excited than the kids are.  :)

Enjoy your day everyone!
p.s.  Thank you so much for all of the past sweet comments about the house AND for your help with the paint color!  So grateful for all of my blog friends.  :)
xoxo, Erin
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70 thoughts on “House is painted!

  1. Oh my gosh Erin, that color is perfection!!!! Love it!

    Enjoy the last couple weeks of school, we have 3 days left and I am thrilled for the same reason you are!

  2. The house looks beautiful!! Sounds like lots of exciting stuff this week. I know you are ready for your kids to be out of school but maybe them being in school part of the day will help you have the time (mentally) to make all your decisions! Just looking on the bright side. :)

  3. Looks so good! I love the gray and I think the darker choice was a good one. We have a light gray house and a lot of times it looks washed out to me. I think you need a live-in nanny to help with the kids – I’ll be right there! I too would love to see a floorplan sometime!

  4. My husband and I are thinking about building a house, so details about your journey here are very helpful! By the way, what “style” is the architecture? I’m getting a Craftsman Feel?

  5. Love the final color Erin! Looks great with the stone. I love all the different roof peaks too. You sure did a beautiful job with all of your ideas and planning. Cannot wait to see the final inside pics too! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you thank you everyone!!

    Anonymous – I will definitely share more of the inside of the house at some point!

    April – I know! It’s such a mixed blessing!

    Melissa – How soon can you get here!? Not joking! :)

    Anonymous – my architect calls my home a hybrid of craftsman and coastal. Which sounds right since those are definitely the two styles I love. :) The inside is very craftsman. Lots of clean straight lines – shaker style cabinets, etc. Congrats on possibly building!

  7. Hi, I’ve been lurking for a long time and now am compelled to comment. I love the house, but it’s huge. I know you are young and full of energy, but may I respectfully ask how you will keep up with all of the housework.?!?!? I can’t keep up with our 2 br house and I have no children or inside pets. Please please please blog about your cleaning schedule after you get moved in and settled! Love your organizational and decorating skills!

  8. Thanks so much friends!

    Anonymous – I’m a little worried about that myself! Ha! :) One thing I’m counting on with a bigger house is that are a few rooms that won’t be used a lot of the time – only for certain occasions (formal living, dining, etc.) – so those rooms won’t need much cleaning other than dusting/floors. I will definitely blog about my cleaning routine once I settle into one!

  9. Hello,

    I am a long time reader, but rarely comment. We are building too. I have a love hate relationship with the process. We too are doing an in ground trampoline. Our landscaper will only dig the hole. We have looked into several different installation options and would like to know what you chose to do.

  10. You hit a home run with the paint color your chose. The house is looking amazing and so happy for you. Thanks for sharing the process with us all.

  11. Oh wow Erin, it looks so beautiful! Your paint choice looks so lovely and classic. Congratulations! And a belated happy birthday to Miss 7 :) I’m a bit late because we just had a long holiday weekend down here xx

  12. The color came out beautiful. Love It! I can’t wait to see it with the shutters. Will the railings be black also? Something about adding some black that really makes any room outside or inside look classy.

    So excited for you!

  13. WOW – I LOVE your new home!! I am really anxious to see your floor plan, too! I am especially anticipating seeing a photo of the backyard, with your sidewalk path that circles the perimeter, your swimming pool, and now – your fun trampoline! You think of EVERYTHING!! You’ll be moving in before you know it!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  14. I love the house posts! I’m such a sticky-beak :)
    Keep them coming. I can’t wait until the inside is finished. The colour looks great.

  15. My gosh Erin…it is sooo BEAUTIFUL!!! Great color choice. It is coming along so quickly now it seems. You are doing such a great job

  16. Love the house. It is totally you. We just moved into a bigger house a month ago and there is a lot more cleaning. I’m struggling finding the right balance n trying to work full time n take care of 2 kids n husband. Made your banana muffins super yummy! My blog is

  17. Erin,

    The darker gray turned out beautiful! Great job! So cool to really see it all coming together now. It’s very large, yet still reminds me of a quaint cottage or craftsman style home. How exciting! I’m excited for you and your family.

    Andrea L.

  18. Love your home posts! Can’t begin to imagine having to make all those decisions! Looks like you made all the right ones! Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. You guys are seriously spoiling me with all of these sweet comments! Thank you so much. It means a lot to me that you all like the color! :)

    The Mrs. – the color is called “Capricorn” but like I said, we enhanced it and made it darker. It is by Frazee and Kwal paint (they both have the same color).

    Cheryl – I totally understand the love/hate relationship with building. It’s exciting and I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to do it, but it is EXHAUSTING. So time consuming and draining to always be dealing with the issues that come up. Anyway – trampolines! I will post about what we end up doing at some point! :)

    Thanks again everyone! So much! xxx

  20. Oh Erin, your house is absolutely gorgeous!! What a gift your family has to build the home your kids will grow up in!!
    Can’t wait to see the inside!


  21. Thank you Dee, Meg, and Megan!

    Megan – you and your cute mom are welcome anytime! Bring my mom with you when you come and we will have a party! :)

  22. Holy smokes this has all gone by in a blink of an eye for me! Funny how having children makes the time go by even faster. So excited for your house and for you to move into it….another transition in your life….a new place for forever memories to be made and remembered for a lifetime. :-)

    Hugs from Kansas!

  23. I still have never seen a house with so many roofs. Santa is going to need a GPS to figure out which roof to land on and what chimney to go down. How do you organize roofs? Alphabetically or numerically? It is a roofer’s paradise. So many roofs and so little time. I live where it snows. It would come down like those puzzles where the ball goes through a course of downward paths.
    Love the color with the stone.
    I want to go out there and just watch the rain come down off your home. Awesome!

  24. Hi:) we are just starting in on the building process. Yikes 😳 Way more then we ever dreamed! I am in love with your floor plan! Did you design yours? Or is there a restores to view them? Also how many square feet is the main floor?

    1. Oh my word Suzie! So exciting! We did design our home custom from the ground up with an architect. I’m not sharing the floor plan or square feet on the blog, but let me know if you have any other questions along the way! Happy to help! I’m excited for you! You’re about to begin a wild but rewarding ride. :) xo

  25. Erin, I love EVERYTHING about your home! YOu have done such an amazing job. I do have a question about your rock and brick. Would you share the vendor info? OR color name? Thank you. Building a home in Herriman, Utah. I wish you could fly out and do it for me! HaHa!! :)

    1. Hi Nicole! Thank you so much! So sweet of you. I wish I had that info. for you! I don’t. The rock was actually a mistake! It was supposed to be a different style and we had to make ours work (long story!) so I picked out different brick at the last minute to match it and I can’t even remember what it was called! Sorry that’s not more help. Best of luck on your new build! Exciting stuff for sure. :) xo

  26. If you had it to do over again, would you use the same color for exterior? I love your house pictures but the old chip they showed us at Sherwin Williams looked more purple than yours does.

    1. Hi Sandra! I would! I really like our exterior color. It doesn’t have any purple tones so I’m wondering if they got you chip right? xo

  27. Hi Erin,

    I’m a building right now and have been searching for your paint colors. I know there was a post about it and I’m still searching for it. You said your grey on your outside if “Capricorn”. Is that right? Did you share your white and black exterior paint names? It’s so hard to look at the little paint chips that look gray to me and know which one will be the right white for me! I’ll keep searching, but in the meantime if you have time to reply I’d really appreciate it!

  28. Okay this is Shannon again! I just found your paint post! I didn’t see anything about the black you used. Do you mind sharing that! I think I got everything else. I did notice that at some point Frazee was described as Sherwin Williams and then I saw it linked with KWAL. Are they all affiliated or is one of them the right one? Thanks again! I am having fun building, but am so overwhelmed with the decisions!! Just knowing I love these color and can pick them without a second worry checks one thing off my list! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I grew up in St. George too, so its fun to hear you talk about it. I think you are my brothers age!

    1. Hi Shannon! Congrats on your new home! I know.. it’s so many decisions! The black I used on my exterior doors is “Black” by Dunn Edwards.. super original right? :) I’m not sure about SW being linked with Kwal? I just know Frazee is now part of Sherwin Williams. Sorry I’m not more help with that one! Who is your brother!? How fun you grew up in SG too! Love it there. :) xo

  29. Hi Erin-
    Your exterior paint color is still my goal. I had Capricorn made up and it looked purple to me. I then asked for 150% and it seems really dark. Do you think yours had any other adjustments to the formula? Also, can’t locate your trim color. Would you say it’s a bright white? Soft white? Yellowish or grayish?

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Sandy! That’s so strange! No other adjustments! If it’s too dark for you I’d have them lighten it a bit! And my trim is definitely a bright white. :) xo

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