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Fun decor (model home)

Do you love to go through model homes as much as I do?  Every time new home developments are going up I love to take a walk through the model homes.  The models are always decked with so many beautiful moldings and furniture.  Yes – they are totally staged and far from what “home” really looks like.  And they are usually full of way too many silk plants and overly themed bedrooms, but still.  So fun to get decorating ideas that you can tweak and apply in your real home.  I went through some model homes recently and thought I’d share a few pretty pics I snapped with my IPhone.  
Loved this ceiling.  

I also loved this display shelf.  Minus one or two silk plants.  :)

How cool are those floors!?

I thought this was a fun idea for a fireplace mantel – just a painting and two pictures on the right side.  The painting isn’t really speaking to me, but I love the simplicity of this.

LOVE this formal dining room.  Aren’t those lights cool?  It made me want to add a brick wall to mine.
But I chickened out.  :)  My sister has a brick wall in her formal dining room that she and her husband put up and it is gorgeous too.  
I do believe I will.  :)

Navy is always fun.  

I especially liked the print on these chairs.

These stairs were gorgeous!  Fun sitting area – you know – if you get tired half way up.  
There’s even a place for the dog to take a breather.  
This is such an easy arrangement for a picture gallery.  Saving it for future inspiration.  

The right side of this media built-in was a bench seat.  I don’t know how much that would get used in our house – everyone wants to be facing the TV.  :)  But it sure looks pretty!  Plus you all know I can’t resist anything that has a few wide planks in the background.

Want to see the whole room?  It was my favorite!
Ahhhhh.  LOVE this!  Love all of the crisp white with pretty blue accents and dark furniture.  And I especially love that coffee table!  It’s huge!  My kids would be camped all over that thing with every toy  imaginable so fast my head would spin.  It wouldn’t be a coffee table in our house.  It would be a fort and a boat and a barbie party pad.  :)  
Like I said, model homes may be a bit staged, unrealistic, and a little too perfect, but they are also full of fun inspiration!  Thanks for taking the tour with me.  :)
Happy Thursday friends!
xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Fun decor (model home)

  1. Oh my goodness Erin. I LOVE going through model homes!! I wait for the sign to go up that says they are done and ready to see. I have taken so much from model homes and added it to my house. I have bought a couple of things from model home stores. The pictures you shared are stunning.

    I just did our master bedroom in navy and white. It is so crisp and I used a lot of the same fabrics. It is my favorite room in our house now. When I start something like this it turns into, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” Poor Marty. I think we will be seeing a lot more navy in our house. On to the living room…lol.

    This post made me smile, because you have given me some new ideas. I’ll be sure to have Marty thank you!

    Love ya,

  2. I love every picture you snapped! Do you also walk through model homes and come to displays full of glass and think “clearly they don’t have a Kole” (or in my case a Kylie)? I always wonder who this fake family is that they can put expensive vases on low shelves :-)

  3. That is unlike any model home I’ve ever been in! I love the navy blue in the living room. I’m sure your dream house will be even more gorgeous!

  4. Thanks everyone! I know Cathy – once you start re-decorating it’s a never ending process! I love navy. I bet your master is beautiful!

    Lindsey – ha! So true! Glass everywhere! No way a toddler would last 5 minutes in these homes. All of my decor is above the waist. Low tables sit empty. :)

    Tiffany – oh no – pressure! :) So sweet of you to say!

  5. Love it! When I was a little girl my parents would take us to model houses a lot on the weekends and I would pretend I lived in them. :) They are still fun!

  6. You should rethink a brick wall somewhere in your house! We did a whole wall in our kitchen-it is just beautiful, everyone gasps when they walk in the kitchen-definitely a focal point!

  7. We call them ‘show homes’ here but I think the American label is more apt ;) I love that brick wall idea! Never seen that before, but I do admire a whole house exterior of recycled old red bricks in our neighbourhood whenever I walk past it. Thanks for the inspiration Erin and happy weekend to you xx

  8. Dying for a house update. Logged in here first thing hoping to find one.
    *random person who loves your blog and is living vicariously through you and your new home* :)

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