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Organizing solutions (my way your way)

Hello hello friends!  I’ve rounded up some serious organizing eye candy for you today.  Woot woot!  (You know I mean business when I break out with a “woot woot!”)  I have been so inspired lately with fun organizing solutions that are similar to methods I already have in place so of course I had to share them all with you!  Enjoy!
You’ve all seen my craft space several times.  It has been so nice to have a set cupboard for the kids to keep all of their art supplies.  But if a cupboard is nice…
how fabulous would a whole armoire be?  I love that most used toys can be stored low for little hands, art work is displayed on the doors, and at the end of the day everything can be closed up and hidden.  Genius!

I also love the idea of keeping an “art tray” nearby stocked full of pencils, scissors, markers, etc. so that supplies are always within reach.

I’ve shared how I store my jewelry.  Necklaces hang on hooks on the wall and everything else is crammed into a small jewelry box (so excited to revamp this system after we move!).
Here are a few other fun ideas…
Use simple mini hooks to hold necklaces.

Or try multiple jewelry stands!  I love that everything is out on display here.  I think I’d wear my jewelry more if I could see it all!

I’ve always kept my nail polish in this simple divider.
But what a fun idea to use an old spice rack?  Or a new one.  :)
I love seeing creative organizing solutions.
A simple book from Hallmark has helped me keep track of birthdays and organize my cards.
But how cool is Jen’s solution for organizing cards?  Categorizing just makes me smile!  This way you can stock up on cards and always have one ready to go if you are short on time.
It’s like having your own mini Hallmark right at your fingertips!  :)
In the past I have used a simple trash can to corral wrapping paper.  This was especially handy for me during the holidays when I set up my Christmas wrap station.
But how simple and fabulous is this solution?
Cup hooks holding dowels make smart wrapping paper storage!
Labeled Ziploc bags for kids’ clothes each day of the week has been a lifesaver for helping us plan and lay out weekly outfits.  Mornings have run much smoother since we implemented this little system!
But if I had the room…
I LOVE this solution too!  Hooks on the closet door with a simple paper label for each day of the week.  You could also add the hooks on a blank wall in your child’s room.  So smart!
In my linen closet I store cleaning supplies in labeled bins.
But I think next time I organize cleaning supplies these lined wire baskets with labels are calling my name.  So stylish!  About as stylish as toilet paper and cleaning supplies can look if you ask me.  :)
And you’ve all seen our makeshift mudroom on a wall in our garage.  It has worked well for us, but I love the following solution even more…
All you need for this is a shelf with some hooks and a hallway!  A perfect place for kids to drop off shoes and backpacks.  And a happy place for the family calendar to live as well!
YEA!  So many fun organizing solutions.
Hope this post made you as happy as it made me.
xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Organizing solutions (my way your way)

  1. I love all of these organizing tools. Mt favorite is the wrapping paper. I have mine in a rubber maid container. It is made for wrapping paper. It has a section on top for bows. It is such a pain though. I think I will be using the one you showed.

    My daughter loved when you posted about outfits in the zip lock bags. They just went on vacation and it made getting ready in the morning so much easier. Miss Berkley was even happy with it.

    Cute ideas Erin. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Greatings from Spain! I follow your blog, it’s so usefull the organizing solutions you ever post! It help me so much, thank you for sharing and sorry for the bad english

  3. This post did make me happy :). Love, love the art tray and going to do this for the different therapists rooms in my office! Thank you!!

  4. Great inspiration! Have I told you yet this week how much I loved your craft cabinet? I pretty much leave that remark in every comment! Copied it down to the Martha labels you used and still such a great system for us.

    Altho my 8 year old daughter (who also loves to organize – she’s my mini Erin!) took one of the bins to her room and added pencils, markers, dry erase, etc. I was horrified! NOOOO – not my art system – put it back!! I was going to ask you, do your girls ever do this or are they happy to leave your sytems alone? My daughter is always “helping” me with things like this and I don’t have the heart to tell her I don’t like her ideas. :(

  5. I use a few of these solutions as well! I could look at organizational pictures all day! Something about a nicely organized space that evokes calm and peace in my otherwise chaotic life with my two kiddos! :)

  6. Thanks friends!

    Lynnsey – this happens to me all the time! Ellie just totally re-arranged her bookshelves (and I had them so perfect!). I try to roll with it – even though it’s not easy for me! When it comes to their things I like to let them feel like they have a say too. But if what they’ve done isn’t working well I talk to them about a compromise! :)

  7. I love these ideas.
    What is the birthday card book from Halmark called? I ususally rewrite birthdays every year in my planner and it can be such a hassle.

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