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The most important work

Isn’t this the best quote?  I stumbled on it a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.  I was especially thinking about it today because I had so many things I needed to get done and instead found myself on the floor for an hour making letters out of train tracks.  :)  It’s so easy as a stay at home mom to feel like you are just spinning your wheels.  Not being productive.  Not getting anything done.  Like your day consists of snack time and play time and meal time and park time.  Because most days it does.  Especially with a baby or toddler underfoot – phone calls are hard to make, e-mails are impossible to send, and you consider yourself extremely lucky if you can spend more than 5 minutes getting ready.  Sometimes children can feel like distractions from things we “should” be accomplishing.  But this beautiful quote reminds us that is not the case.  Children are not the distraction, everything else is a distraction from them.  
One way that I have tried to focus on spending quality time with my children while feeling like I am getting something done as well is to involve them in every day housework.  

A few pics of Kole “helping” with the laundry today.  :)  My little assistant helps me sort the piles and put the clothes in the washer – all leading up to his favorite part – pushing the start button.

Sitting back to admire his work.  
I know that one day in the not so distant future I will be able to make a phone call.  And answer an e-mail.  And spend more than 5 minutes getting ready.  
And I am going to miss my little “distraction” terribly.
xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “The most important work

  1. Amen! That is exactly how I feel, Erin!!! I love that quote, too – I want to print it out.

    Oh- I had a little issue with my blog this week and I lost my URL (long story but I forgot to update my credit card and my url got deleted- nightmare!!!)

    so anyway – my blog address is now just:

    I love seeing the house pics you’ve been posting. I can’t wait for you to move in and see how you decorate. Yay!!!!

  2. One of my favorite songs by Trace Atkins says it perfect.

    “You’re gonna miss this
    You’re gonna want this back
    You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast
    These are some good times
    So take a good look around
    You may not know it now
    But you’re gonna miss this.”

    He is so adorable.
    Love that quote! It is so sweet!

  3. Perfect quote Erin! Love it. My kids are getting older
    ( my son is 14, and my daughter is 10)
    Treasure this time w/ them, because you blink & they are older :(
    And being a stay at home mom is a wonderful job!
    We live down the street from a pond & my kids grew up going to the lake daily in summer & my friends & I used to say we wondered when a day would come when we can sit at the lake & talk & not be chasing kids,etc.
    Well, my son starts his 1st job there next summer life guarding! Crazy how things change & time flies.
    I am rambling , but you get the point, enjoy this time now :)

  4. Thanks for posting that. I needed to hear that. I have 4 kids, 9,7,5, and 2 and had a meltdown yesterday with my 2 year old because he was destroying everything in his path. I think he just wanted attention, but boy it tested my patience to where I actually cried. I kept thinking, how come I can’t keep a nice house, complete a thought, etc? But I looked at my 9 year old and remembered when he was 2 and then realize that it does go by quickly and I need to enjoy this phase. And there will be a time when I can complete projects, etc.
    Thanks for the great post.

  5. The song Cathy’s World referenced is such a good one for what you wrote today! And it makes me cry every time I hear it. And not just a few tears. Full out bawling :P

  6. Amazing timing! I was just sitting here enjoying my first cup of coffee and looking at a few of my favorite blogs and thinking to myself that I needed to make a better effort to spend quality time with my kiddos and not let the distractions of every day life get in the way of that. Yours was the first blog I went to this morning and found this! I love it. I’ve made it the background on my computer and will work hard on reminding myself of this. Thank you!

  7. Great post, Erin.

    Remember all my feelings about ‘wishing’ Eden’s child- hood away because she was so hard?? Well, now I’m sad she is growing up.

    You’re an amazing mother.

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Cathy – beautiful song. So true!

    Sarah – good idea to use that quote as a computer background! I may have to do that too. :)

    Thanks cute Shari! I know! We complain and then cry! :) You know I think the same of you.

  9. I needed this reminder today…I always feel that I just can’t keep up with the housework and all the “stuff” that needs to be done and I’ve been stressing about it lately. This reminder that time spent with my 2, 3 and 4 year old is most important and the rest can wait was just what I needed! Thanks! :)

  10. I LOVE this. Found your blog the other day and I am so glad I did! I am in the beginning stages of building a new home also, so it is really fun to see the progress on yours. I’m officially de-lurking now!

  11. Yes, enjoy your “distraction” b/c he will be grown before you know it. My little guy is in kinder this year and I really miss having my buddy to hang and play with every day. I love the photo of your little guy sitting in front of the washer or dryer and watching it. Such a toddler thing to do. :-)

  12. Such a wise quote! I love this post. I did a post a while back on how I “play” with my 3 -year old while still doing work. We played “I’m the mommy and you’re the child” and she was the mommy and her job was to tell me (the child) to get my chores done before I could go out to play. So she told me to get the dishes done and do some laundry…and she’d keep coming back into the room to give me more directions and to check on my progress. As long as I played “house” with her, even as I was doing “chores”, she was happy. And I felt like I was playing with her AND getting work done. A win-win!

  13. Thank you for this quote. I’m a stay-at-home mom to 2 little boys and lately I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I don’t like that I can’t get much done. But you’re right… the other stuff can wait. I too know I’m going to miss these days.

  14. A great reminder! It is so hard to remember some days because you just need to get something DONE. My kids are 9,7, and 5 and although they are all still keeping me very busy I am already starting to miss having a baby/toddler around VERY much. You are smart to be enjoying teeny tiny Kole because he’s going to be a young man tomorrow (haha!). And he is so darn cute!!! Love the picture of him watching the washer at the end. :)

  15. This is a great reminder for busy moms. I shared this on Pinterest and will be sharing it on Facebook as well. I recently started working from home. Over the summer vacation, I tried to mold my work schedule to my five-year-old daughter’s needs. Yeah, I might not get everything finished on deadline. But what’s more important? Finishing everything exactly when I want to, or having meaningful conversations and impromptu dance parties with my child. Sometimes you need to just blast the Pandora, kick off your shoes and teach your kid how to do the running man. Even if it’s only for ten minutes.

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