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A blog plan!

Thank you SO much to everyone who took the time to give me some feedback on my post last week!  Because of you I have a solution for my blog for the next 5-6 months while we finish building our house.  And I’m so excited about it!  For now, no guest posts because it seems the majority of you feel the same way I do about them.  I’ll pop in with a re-run maybe once or twice a month because I enjoy looking back and it might be fun for those of you who are newer to my blog.  The rest of the time (most days) you will still be hearing from me – just on a smaller scale.  :)  Several of you suggested just posting a picture or two a day – something simple – almost like Facebook or Instagram.  I love that idea!  That way I can still post often, stay in touch with all of you, and record things I don’t want to forget.  But it won’t be as time consuming which is what I need right now.  There won’t be a lot of organizing and decorating.  And there certainly won’t be any scrapbooking.  (Once we move into the house and things settle down I’m betting there will be an abundance of posts in those categories!)  But for now, I’ll mostly be sharing pics of how the new house is coming along and every day family/life pics.  I’ll also bring back Fashion Friday, but just share one or two things I wore during the week.  YEA!  I’m so excited to have a plan.  You all know how much I love making a list and having a plan.  :)   Thank you again for your kind words and such a great solution!  It’s almost as good as another solution a few of you came up with – to turn the blog over to Kenny.  HA!  Can you imagine!?  His post titles immediately popped into my head… how he lives in the real world so that I can “float above it,” why there needs to be a ban on extra pillows on beds, all things related to Charger football, and countless quotes from Armageddon like “Harry doesn’t know how to fail.”  I know.  If that doesn’t move you to tears what will?   
 I think it’s safe to stick with a picture or two a day.   :)

So here is my “picture of the day.”  Even though it was taken a week ago.  
Happy March everyone!  
xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “A blog plan!

  1. You always make me laugh! I think that is the one thing I look forward to on your blog. Of course, I love how real you are and that you are the sweetest person.

    Life changes and sometimes you have to change with it.

    Take care Erin! :)

  2. Hi Erin! So happy to see that you have reached a blogging solution that everyone is happy with! Seeing pictures of your beautiful family and your home will be wonderful!! Have a great day!!

  3. I don’t want to complicate things but I think guest posts from Kenny could be hilarious :)! Enjoy this magical (and super busy) time of building your dream home. Cheering you on.

  4. A warm, golden sunset and eucalyptus trees in the background… I love and miss San Diego. Great shot of your family.


  5. Yay instagram your blog, love it. I was worried you’d go MIA for months or the majority would suggest guest posts, so glad they didn’t, I love the blog because its about you, not guests!

  6. Yay! My favorite posts (after organizing, of course) are the ones with house pictures and just every day life – it energizes me to work on our own home renovation (much smaller scale) and be my daughter (who is also much smaller!) Thanks!

  7. A lady with a plan – love it! So glad you’ll be around. We would have all missed you terribly : )

    And yes, if Will took over my blog the categories would be “Braves baseball,” “Why Lonesome Dove is the greatest movie of all time,” “Why the Simpsons is the greatest TV show of all time,” a post or two on The Rule Against Perpetuity, and “More Braves baseball.” Exciting stuff, I tell ya.

  8. I think you’ve come up with a great solution! If I remember correctly, didn’t Kenny post during your emergency hospitalization? So…he at least knows how to use Blogger. It may be fun to have a post from him regarding the building of your home from his perspective. :)

  9. Love your idea! Just remember to keep it simple. A photo and no words or just a few words. I can see you feeling like you need to add more. Don’t. Your family (and new house) need you right now. So happy that we’ll still get to hear from you every once in awhile. And I love the ideas others have shared–having Kenny, the girls and even Kole guest post. Hilarious!

  10. I love this plan! As a new reader, I will very much enjoy seeing re-runs (since they’ll be your favorites!), and I think the photos will be a wonderful way to check in periodically!

    I might steal that idea for myself, as things get hectic in my own life! :)

    Beautiful new house, by the way!!

  11. I think Kenny should post on the blog. Come on it was his post about the almost dying that brought out the hidden fact that like a million people were reading your blog. Well maybe it was the almost dying thing…no I’m sure it was Kenny.

    Kenny I think Armageddon is a great movie. My favorite line….
    “scariest environment imaginable, that’s all you gotta say, scariest environment imaginable.”

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