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Insulation, drywall, siding and a question

Just popping in quickly to share a few recent house pics.  Sorry this week is house heavy on the blog.  It is all consuming at this stage! 

Two weeks ago everything was insulated.  Above is a picture of the playroom and the playroom closet.  A happy place for my kids to play and for me to organize all of their toys.  :)

Soon after insulation a huge crew moved in and started drywall.  

The drywall will be completely done by Friday and then another inspection.  Just a few weeks and we will start installing bathroom tile and cabinets!  We will also start the finish work!  Then my house pictures will be a bit more fun to look at.  :)  

The outside of the house was completely wrapped and there are holes and tunnels all over the back and side yard for pool and landscaping.

My porch pillars are framed!  In the back…

and in the front.  

And one of my copper roofs is installed.  Fun!  Because of our coastal weather the copper won’t take long to patina so it will only be this shiny and bright for 3-4 months.  
At some point it will be a nice blackish color.  
At least that’s what I hope it does.  :)
Then sheets of siding were brought in…
and installed!  YEA!  We have siding!  And I know what you’re thinking – a yellow house?  Not so much.  Just the color of the siding before it’s primed and painted.  The siding will be a nice grey at some point with lots of white trim.  

The sides of the house are almost finished and they are moving around to the front and back tomorrow.  

Kole’s pop out window.  :)  The siding is moving fast.  It amazes me how much is done each day.  I love to pop in to check on the progress.

And to shoot the breeze with these two.  OK.  I know I keep saying how much I love hanging out with everyone working on the house and how amazing everyone has been but I have to say it one more time.  My siding guys are THE BEST.  So friendly.  And hilarious!  I knew the second I met them we were going to get along famously.  They are so happy and funny.  They sing.  And tell stories.  And we ponder and discuss life’s mysteries.  And then I ohh and ahh at their work.  And offer to bring them food.  But they never let me.  Because they are so nice and hard working.  And funny.  Did I mention they are so funny!?  They really are.    
K – so I have a question for all of you and I would really love and appreciate your feedback!  
Should I keep the house yellow?  
No.  I’m kidding.  :)
Here’s the real question.
I’ve mentioned before a time or twenty that I don’t have as much time for my blog right now.  
When the house is built (and new house stuff isn’t eating away so much of my evenings) I will be able to blog more, but for the next 5-6 months I have been debating a few options.  
I will still blog as much as I can, but on days that I don’t have time to post which would you prefer?
OPTION 1 a guest post – I receive emails often with people offering to guest post on my blog.  I’ve been hesitant to start guest posting because personally when I visit a person’s blog I want to hear from that person, not someone else.  But I’m wondering what your take is on that?  Do you enjoy guest posts?  (Obviously if I decided to do this it would just be once in a while and I would be selective and only post things I think you would enjoy).
OPTION 2a re-run – it is so easy to re-post something I’ve posted before.  Are the re-runs fun or not so much?
and OPTION 3  just post nothing.  Crickets anyone??  :) 
Just curious what your opinion is.  Thanks so much for taking a minute to give me your two cents!  I always love to hear from the incredibly sweet and intelligent people reading my blog.  Am I buttering you all up in hopes to hear from you?  You bet I am.  :)

Happy Thursday friends. 
xoxo, Erin
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103 thoughts on “Insulation, drywall, siding and a question

  1. I am going to miss you!!! So much!! Your house is looking so good. I am sure it is hard with 3 little ones and all the house stuff. I don’t think 3 is a good option though. :)

    You are only human and can only do so much.

    Take care Erin


  2. Erin, I’m exactly like you and like to hear from THAT PERSON not some guest poster.

    In fact, confession, if I see guest posts on blogs, I can spot it from the first sentence and I just mark as read :)

    My preference is just post when you can – I would enjoy a weekly post from you more than reruns and guest posts which I will mark as read, of course :)

    Unless the guest posts are from Kenny (!) or your mom :)

    Reruns are okay but I will admit I skipped over most of them!

    PS the house is looking great – there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. I am new to your blog. And a re-run of some of your favorite, most popular, or special posts would be really great to read. Option two could be fun, but it could also be a pain in the butt, too. Number three…nah. ;P

    Stunning house by the way. Absolutely, STUNNING! <3

  4. I say go for the repeats.(re runs) I don’t really enjoy guest posts as they wouldn’t be from you.

    By the way, I think your house would look great in yellow – mind you, that’s my favourite colour so I would say that:)

    I don’t really understand half the house-related words but I still enjoy hearing about how it’s coming along. I bet it’ll be strange to see the blokes without hard hats on. Have you got one for Kole? I bet he’d be in his element with all the digging equipment etc but, as you mentioned, it’s too dangerous to take him there. He can watch Bob The Builder instead:)

    I hope you never give up your blog, you really do a brill job & I would miss you:)

  5. Wow, the house is looking good. :)
    I’m happy to wait until you can post. Don’t read the repeats or guest posts.

    Karen (New Zealand)

  6. Guest posts and re-runs are both neat *in moderation*. I’d say no more than once every week or two for either, and in the meantime, I’m happy to wait for something current from you!

  7. RE RUN!!!! And I feel the same way about guest posts… Your blog is amazing…, its personal and family oriented and if you start having guest posts it will change the dynamic and it will be hard to hear your voice on your original blog

  8. Hi Erin! Your house is looking fab!! I am happy to wait for new posts from you whenever you can fit them in :) (your blog is so well organised I find it really easy to look up anything I need to read again!) xx

  9. I hate that you cant blog anymore, but completely understand. I personally am not interested in reading guest posts, or re-run posts. I love that your blog is so organized that if I need to read a topic, I can search for it and then read whatever interests me. I would just say post when you can, and dont worry about the rest. Love the house, its going to be amazing fabulous.

  10. Hi Erin- your house looks gorgeous! I kind of like the yellow house against the blue sky! But, I am sure the color you have chosen will look amazing! I am not interested in guest posts. Thanks for asking us our opinion!! God bless!

  11. I also will definitely miss reading daily posts from you but it’s only for a time and you really need to focus on your house and family right now. I vote for occasional guest posts and some re-runs. Your blog definitely has it’s own unique flavour to it but I’m sure you would choose guest posters who have that same “feel” and who write about things your readers would love. Whatever you decide is fine though. And I love seeing the house posts!

  12. I say post when you can. I am a long time follower and I usually skip re-runs. Guest post can be great, I like them, they usually introduce me to a great new site. Or you can do a feature and show off a project you like or something fabulous you pinned. They are super quick to write; a few sentences, a pic and the link, done.

  13. I don’t enjoy guest posts at all. Love your re-runs and totally understand if you don’t have time. I’ll wait for when you do. Your house is magnificent! Thanks for all the wonderful pics!

  14. I don’t read the reruns. If a guest post is about organizing or parenting, I think that would be great. I’d rather see something new than nothing at all or something I can already find within the blog.

  15. I’m going to miss reading you terribly :( You’re the site I go to every morning as I find you such an inspiration. I’d have to vote for guest post while kindly asking if you would post an update every now and then? :)

  16. I would just post when you can, even if its only every 10 days! We read your blog because we like what YOU have to say! And as far as re-runs, that’s still work for you! Any of us can go read past posts of your if we’d like! So just take a break, focus on our kiddos, your house, your hubby, and when you can blog- do it! When you can’t- don’t!! It will just make your post at even that more special!! Absence makes the heart grow finder, right??!! We will be all the more anxious to hear what’s going on!!

  17. I’m a long time reader too so I breeze through the re-runs. I’m not into guest posting…so just nothing is okay – or just a photo with no words is good too (wordless Wednesday anyone?) I totally understand not having time for the blog but we will MISS YOU. I’d love to see you document and share more of the house process – I’m LOVING this part of the blog. So if you can’t do it now – please do it later when you have time! Don’t worry – I won’t delete you out of my reader for posts that are few and far between!

  18. Do whatever floats your boat. Whatever you have time for. We will miss you and I know you will miss us and it’s ok. We will all understand whatever your choice is. You can do all of the above. I hope you and the kids are feeling better. I really hope Addison is feeling 100 percent now. Don’t worry about us kiddo. By the way, have you started stocking up on Cadbury eggs like me?

  19. I vote that you only post when you can and don’t do anything on the other days. Even finding guest posters or re-runs will take time that you can spend doing other things. But I want to see tons of pictures of the finished house. It looks amazing so far!

  20. re-runs please!! I LOVE your blog!! Im not ready to quit cold turkey!! I don’t like guest posts either…good luck with your house! its beautiful and I hope everything continues to go smoothly.

  21. I LOVE YOUR BLOG & HAVE TO READ IT EVERYDAY! Post when you can or re-runs are great too! Just please don’t leave us! ;) Dawn

  22. Do what is easiest for you. Both A and B are fine and fun, and C will happen because that is life.

    Take care of yourself so you can take care of your kids and hubby.

    Your blog community will always be here, just do what is easiest for you.

    All the best,

  23. Hi, Erin!

    Please no guest posts. It’s been said over and over here in the comments, but you said it yourself – you read a blog because you like what that author has to say. I never enjoy guest posts as much as the real thing.

    I like the re-runs, but it seems that if you’re taking the time to post a rerun blog, you might as well do a short post. When you did re-run week, you added a new intro explaining why you were rerunning or your thoughts on that past blog. I would much rather read just a short note from you “I love my new house” or “I can’t find the box with my favorite boots” or the like than an intro to an older blog.

    You know I just moved in November, so I know how time-consuming all of it is! What if you take a break from blogging but keep us all updated using your Facebook page? This way you’re still in touch, but it’s easier to share a picture or a thought here or there. And when/if you DO post something, don’t feel obligated to respond to all of the comments. It’s great, but it’s not necessary!

    We’re very supportive of you, Erin! Do what you need to do. We’ll all be here waiting when you get back….and I can almost guarantee you’ll make up for any absences with an abundance of “Look how I organized/decorated my new house for the fall” posts later this year. :)

    And one last thing…the house is GORGEOUS!!! So excited for you!

  24. All three! Guest posts have led me to new blogs to read, and can be fun. Re-runs are also good. And your life comes first, so if you’re overwhelmed, not posting is fine too, of course. I love your blog!


  25. I don’t know about those 3 options. I think since you’re so busy with your house poor Kenny must feel left out. I think Kenny should keep up the blog! hahahahaha! Just kidding, of course, but I think an occasional guest post would be fun and some repeats are fun for reminiscing on some of your great ideas.

  26. This may sound bad but I would rather not hear from your (and know you are really busy) than to hear from someone else. I think guest posts are great if you just want to help another blogger get exposure but I would rather hear from the blogger herself. I am also cool with you posting less if you need to…but I love your posts!

  27. -runs or a picture of the day. Just use your iPhone and have one picture. Whether its of your shoes you’re wearing that day, a moving box, a sink full if dishes cuz you’re just too busy to do them. We love you and real life gets busy–especially

  28. I feel the same way about guest bloggers unless it’s someone special to you (like Kenny for a different perspective!)

    This is your blog! Please don’t feel like you have to entertain us, just write when you have time. That’s my 2cents anyhow. Thanks for sharing your life with us, love your organizing self! :D

  29. I say guest post or lovinglife’s great suggestion – a very quick post or a picture of the day. I like the idea of guest posts because it would be someone you picked and it is always nice to know about other good blogs! Re-runs don’t mean much to me since I feel like I can always go to your archives or do a Google search on these lines: “sunnysideupblog paper organization” :)


  30. I like the Facebook idea someone suggested! That way, we still get a little bit of Erin and it would be muh less time consuming for you. The house looks great :-)

  31. Re-runs and new Fashion Fridays! I think random updates are nice, too. Like once a month during those 5-6 months. (Some of those were not in your options, I realize that.)

    I am so happy for you guys and your new home!! Congratulations!


  32. I would read whatever you put up- reruns or guest bloggers, but how about some Instagram days or something like that, where you just share some quick pictures of what’s going on? Like the rest, I hate that you will be gone!

  33. Hey, I check on you every morning. You live in my home town, so it is nice to see what you talk about and stuff. It makes me less homesick. You are so busy right now, your faithfull followers would understand if you need to take a break. We women tend to think we can do it all or feel guilty if we can’t. You have to set your priorities and if blogging is not it right now then do what you need to do right now and don’t feel guilty about it. You husband has been such a support to you, you both need to this precious time of the last push in your house. You will have plenty of time later to catch up. Anyway, I know you will check in now and then because this blog is a theraputic release for you. So you won’t be out of the picture altogether. Take your break, come back when you need it and get back to us when you have the time. Right now your family is most important. You All are going through a major change. Be there for your brood. That is what being a wife and mommy is about; Knowing when to step back and be there where needed the most.

  34. Hi there! Today is my first to your blog, I’m checking you out on the recommendation of Kat over at They All Call Me Mom.

    Having said that, I like the yellow house :) I hope you’ll keep it that way. Kidding!

    As for guest posts, if the guest posts is similar to what you generally post about, I’d say “yes” – it is always fun to read other blogs, and what better way to introduce your readers to some of your favorite blogs than by having them guest post for you?

    I wouldn’t repost old stuff, that’s too fun for your core readers.

    Good luck with the house – I’ll be following along to watch the progress.

  35. I for one LOVE your house posts! I love to see the progress made, it feels like a blog episode of an HGTV show! everything looks fabulous! Are you on Instagram? One friend who used to blog all the time has transitioned to just an instagram post every day or so – it takes literally seconds and is still a nice way to keep in touch, but with minimal effort. I think its a great way to document life and stay in touch with friends while keeping it simple – and we all love simple.

  36. Erin,

    I don’t mind guest posts if they fit well with the blogger’s personality and niche.

    But, I will say, I come to your blog to read YOUR words. I’m not quite sure what it is about you, but I really like reading your thoughts on things, and I’m OK with waiting for a new post as long as it’s from you.

  37. I love your house updates, you are fulfilling my dreams, thank you very much! I’m also semi new to your blog, so I love the re-runs and an update when you can. Not blogging would be awful! Maybe your guest blogs can just be from someone taking dictation from you!! You might need to hire one of your cutie daughters to be your secretary for a while!! Enjoy your house planning!

  38. Your house looks great! As a new follower to your blog, I would personally love it if you continued the re-run posts as well as popping in when you can! :) Thanks!

  39. Hi Erin! I love the house progress – I can’t even imagine how exciting it is to watch it all unfold in person : )

    I shy away from reading guest posts for the very reason you do – I would much prefer to hear from the actual blogger, even if they post less often than usual. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably set yourself a post ‘schedule’ (like, every-other day) and when you don’t reach that goal, you panic. In fact, my (very) few readers also panic when I don’t post as often (my mom just called me yesterday because of that very reason. I had to laugh.). Maybe set yourself a new, temporary goal until you feel more at ease with the new house, new life changes, etc. I know I would completely forgive you if you slowed down for the next few months (as long as you kicked it back into gear soon! I’d miss your insights too much : ))

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

  40. Hi Erin,

    I would LOVE to see re-runs! Loving all the pics in this post btw!! How exciting…everything is coming along nicely!!! Hearing nothing at all would be horrible! On the other hand guest posts…..I rarely, like really hardly ever read guests posts on blogs that I read daily. I would much rather hear/read from the actual blogger…something about it doesn’t interest me that much :)

    All the best to you! :)

  41. Hi Erin,
    The house is looking great! And on that note, here’s my suggestion:
    I would love to see every detail of the house stuff! Bc I am a super nerd and I live that stuff, do I vote u posting a quick simple I-phone pic of whatever u r working on that day. Just something as simple as” here is my new shutter! Woohoo!” bc it is so much fun watching the process (& not having to do any of the work) I think readers would enjoy seeing the progress. Even if it’s just a single sentence& a pic. Bc I figure if u have already built a house it’s fun to see someone else go through the process,& if u are going to build a house soon, it’s helpful for sure,& if u r happy where u are them it’s still exciting to watch! Sorry about all the typos! I can’t figure out how to erase stuff & fix it. But anyway, my vote is more house stuff! Bc that is your life right now,& we will all come along for the ride! :-D
    Good Luck!

  42. I would like re-runs because it’s you and your family! I’m so excited for you but sad we won’t hear about your life in it’s moment. Good luck with it all!


  43. I would rather have re-runs and not guest posts. I know what you mean, I get a little disappointed when I see guest posts. Can you add a search bar on your page? I love all of your posts and it would make finding my favorite ones a bit easier. Your organizing posts are my favorite!!!

  44. Do you feel the love Erin? :) I was so excited to see the house pics-so beautiful and can’t wait-and you are right-now the fun starts with all the decisions to be made inside, and heck that’s as lot of work.
    We will be waiting for you, we love you, take your time, and whatever whenever you post, I’ll read it! You always make me laugh-you are so darn funny-just like those siding guys.

  45. Love your blog. I’m not a fan of guest posting…kind of lame I think. I am not a fan of re-runs either. I would rather wait to hear what you have to say.

  46. Erin, your house is looking awesome, I love the siding! So fun when is starts to come together. To answer your question, I vote for options 1 & 2, for sure not 3. Keep posting something, I’ve enjoyed the re-runs and I think it’d be fun to have guest post once in a while. Good luck with the house…

  47. Oh how I’ll miss you until your house is finished but understand that you only have so much time. I don’t really care for guest posts so I’d probably skip over them. Any chance we can get just one post a week from you? Nothing long and detailed. Just a check in post. I love what you share, always puts a smile on my face. Re-run posts are ok, but maybe just once a week. Love your honesty!

  48. Please don’t apologize for posting pics or info on the house because I LOVE to read and see anything you have to say. You could post a pic of your toilet and I would think it was cool! I wouldn’t mind guest posts. I would not read the re-runs because I have been a follower for a loooong time, so I’ve probaby already read it and I run a daycare so time is precious when I do take a few minutes and catch up on my favorite blogs during my “break”.

  49. Tiffany – you will for sure still here from me during the week! I was just wondering about days here and there when I get slammed and can’t post. :)

  50. Re-runs and guest posts would be my vote. I just starting reading your blog and I think without any posts I would be lost.

  51. The re-runs were fun! And they’re a great way to let people who haven’t been following you very long catch up on your wisdom and wit :) I also don’t mind guest posts every once in a while–it gives me the chance to discover new friends in blog land. Enjoy the time with your family, building up your dreams! The house is gorgeous and your family is precious. Do what works best for you!

  52. No guest posts. Sorry, just my opinion.

    Some re runs and post when you can.

    And personally, I love the yellow house! But I’m positive your finished product will look even more amazing.

  53. I vote relevant guest posts and reruns in moderation. Maybe you could have one guest post or rerun each week and then one post from you each week. There’s no rule stating how often you have to post. I enjoy relevant guest posts and have found some great blogs that way. I’ve read your blog for a long time so I’m sure I’ve already read the re-runs but I don’t mind seeing them again.

  54. I say do whatever feels best to you and then throw a big party at the new house for all your blogging fans :)
    Cheryl (Kathleen’s sister who can’t log on today for some reason!)

  55. Reruns or maybe post once a week or once a month. I love reading your blog daily. I read your blog while eating breakfast. So I will patiently waiting. When do u put your current house up for sale?

  56. Whatever works for you works for me. I can’t wait to see what your place looks like when it is all done and when you’ve got it all sorted and organised and gorgeous inside. All the best for all the busy months in the meantime. xx

  57. Of course, hearing from you is the best of all. I’d have to say, then, a “re-run” post would be better than a guest post or nothing at all :-)

  58. much prefer the repost! Don’t like guest posters on any blogs I read ever. Not posting at all will just make people visit less often I bet. Reposting is fun b/c if it’s something I’ve never read, it’s like NEW material and I have read it, it’s cool to see again from a different perspective/time.

  59. I actually love guest posts. I hate getting onto a blog that I love and being disappointed that there is nothing new to read, but I’ve discovered many new blogs that I love through guest posts. It will probably help to keep up the traffic too while you need a little extra time to finish the house. P.S. I honestly love the yellow!

  60. Erin! I love that you posed with your siding guys! That is too cute! You crack me up!

    I say just pop in when you can with a photo a day would be great! It’s such a busy and exciting time!

    I love the siding!

  61. I say post when you can. Not a huge fan of guest posts either. I love the idea of a quick post/picture of everyday life when you dont have time for a long post but still want to post something. We all would still feel connected and you wouldn’t have to spend much time on it at all! ~gina

  62. Hi Erin,

    I would love to keep seeing more of your house build! I’m Australian and most Australian’s don’t live in such massive houses so I am living vicariously. Your house is going to be amazing! Not that keen on guest bloggers and have been following your blog for a while so not that interested in reruns. Just post when you get the chance! Like the idea of a couple of photos and a few words if you are completely frantic.

  63. I don’t mind guest posts as long as they aren’t too often. It opens my world to someone I may never have ‘heard’ about before. I’ve found some great blogs because they’ve been guests on someone else’s blog. Reruns would be a good option in moderation too.

  64. Decisions are not easy. I think I’ll take Erin however it comes … reruns, updates, or even a guest you have chosen! The house sounds exciting.

  65. I am new to your blog and I love seeing all your ideas so a Re-Run or two would be great and maybe a few guest posts. You know you could just mix it up and do what you have time for at the moment. Keep us guessing. Ha ha ha. By the way the house looks great!!

  66. I don’t think guest posts are necessarily a bad thing. I have several blogs that I follow along with now simply because I came across their blog via someone else’s. I honestly came across yours when another blog I followed mentioned you when you were in the hospital after having Kole. Who’s? I honestly couldn’t tell you and may not read it anymore but I check yours all the time. :) I say do what you can, when you can. Life is overwhelming, with kids, without. With a new house, without. I just know I’ll be keeping a check on you. Take care! :)

  67. No re-runs, if we wanted a re-run we would go back and look at them! Just love your original posts. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE your house! It’s coming along sooo nicely. I’ll get you are just so excited for this to all be coming together so nicely. Love and miss you Erin.

  68. First of all, the house is looking great! Second, do what feels best for you. This is a hobby and know that even if you lose a few readers, they will come back when you come back.

  69. Maybe you can post something quick every other week. There is much to learn/teach during the home building process. While you may think the post is “off topic”, with such a large audience a reader is bound to gleen something from a short post/picture. For those new to your site, maybe you can post a header explaining why you are away and when you expect to return

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