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Garage Organization

Garage organization!  It has been on my mind lately.  And I’ll tell you why.  My garage is a MESS.  Seriously.  It’s driving me crazy right now.  Aren’t garages hard to keep clean?  They are such a catch all for anything there isn’t space for in the house.  Whenever life gets busy, my garage is the first thing to go.  

Plus, as you know, there is a certain little buddy of mine who has made it his mission to un-do everything I’ve done in this space.  :)

As soon as I get a chance I need to spend a few hours cleaning things up again, but the main problem with my current garage is that I never completely organized it to begin with.  We did a few things that help keep our garage in order…

like adding some storage above the garage door,

putting in hooks for our ladders,
hanging yard tools and coats on racks,

placing shoes on additional racks, 
tossing flip flops in a designated basket,
and of course, I went completely type A one afternoon and organized and labeled all of our mini odds and ends (screws, nails, drill bits, etc.).  I’ll never forget the day Kenny came home from work and I proudly showed him this.  He gave me a look that said you have now officially gone off the deep end… maybe staying home with the kids wasn’t such a good idea after all…  

 The rest of the garage is a lot of storage sort of lined up along one wall.  “Semi organized clutter” I like to call it.  Boxes hold holiday decor but they aren’t labeled.  Kids’ toys are tossed around randomly.  There isn’t a set place for a lot of the stuff we have along this wall.  (I was going to take a picture of my garage mess today and then before I knew it, it was dark, but trust me – it’s not pretty.)  :)

“Semi organized clutter” is NOT going to happen in my next garage!  Every time I’m at the new house I spend some time hanging out in the garages visioning how I’m going to organize everything.  I can’t wait!  We are going to “lose” a lot of stuff in the move, let me tell you.  It will be a great opportunity to simplify.  If I wasn’t moving, I would pick a day and completely re-do my current garage.  There are so many effective ways to store garage items in an organized way.  Here are a few of my favorite organized garages on Pinterest that have given me some great inspiration…

Simple shelving is a great way to display items often used.  The bright colors of rain boots and baskets make the garage a much happier place.

Peg boards are perfect for organizing tools.  I’ve seen so many fun peg boards on-line lately.  Such an easy, in-expensive way to corral odds and ends.

Painting your peg board is a cheap and easy way to bring even more color to your garage space.  Who says garages have to be dark?  Love this idea.  

I also love these simple storage shelves right by the back door with extras like paper towels.  And how brilliant is the basket for balls!?  Perfect idea if you have a house full of boys! 
This picture shows how you can truly maximize your space by getting things up and off of the floor.  I love the way everything is lined up!  I’d be so happy to pull my car into that space every day.  

Another fabulous way of hanging/storing everything vertically.  

Love these long hooks for string and tape.  I have things like this in a drawer in my current garage and I am always digging through it trying to find something I need.  This solution is so much better! 

A wall of hooks!  Genius!  So easy to find what you need.  
Labeled baskets are another great garage option for keeping random odds and ends easy to locate.  

These last two pictures made my heart skip a beat.  Talk about organization!  Every single thing has a place and a label.  You sure wouldn’t waste time hunting for what you need in these garages!  I’m a big fan of clear containers because they allow you to easily see what’s located inside.  I’ll take it!  :)
Garages usually aren’t a fun space for people to organize, but what a great feeling once you do.  I think of how often I am in and out of my garage every day – emptying trash, getting in and out of the car, grabbing outside toys for the kids.  It’s a space I want to enjoy and these inspiration pictures have given me so many fun ideas for my new garage.  Hope they have inspired you too!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Garage Organization

  1. I love the bikes hanging. Bikes are my biggest pet peeve! On base here in Germany we dont have a garage and boy, do I miss my big 3 car garage we had at our house we built back in the states. I cannot wait for that again!!!! Until then I will just keep my little basement locker organized. :)

    Your new garage is huge! Hubby was drooling over it.

    Have a great day!

  2. Oh! “The garage” It is the one and only place in my house that I just can’t seem to get right. I promised myself once it cooled off I was going to empty the whole garage and start over. (Once we get rid of the pool table.) It was fun to have but we just don’t use it anymore. I did the bins to organize everything Christmas. It is a place that is semi organized. I just need to put a better plan into action. Love the ideas you posted.
    Love how “your little buddy” helps out in the garage. To cute!!

  3. Oh to have a garage to organise! I wish! We don’t even have a car port yet, our cars get parked in the backyard. I dream about having a garage one day. Hopefully it will look like the pics above. :)

  4. Erin when we moved we “lost” so much stuff…stuff NO ONE even noticed we lost…even furniture! :) It was the BEST thing ever about moving.

  5. Great ideas:). I especially like the yellow wellies:)

    I haven’t got a garage but I have got a shed in the garden which badly needs re-organizing. There’s some great ideas on here.

    I like the peg board & clear boxes ideas. I can’t stand having to open up a box to see what’s inside, especially when I’m in a hurry!

    The garage from Siam House Design would make me feel uncomfortable,It looks too perfect!

    By the way, do you have sheds in the U.S?

  6. Love the last pic of hooks all along the wall, I told Sam the other day this is what I want in my house -especially in my master bedroom. I don’t know if you have this problem, but we seem to always have a hand full of clothing items that aren’t clean, but they aren’t really dirty either. (once worn jeans, hoddie sweatshirts, pajamas, etc) And I don’t want to put them in the dirty clothes (I refuse to do more laundry than what is necessary) But they don’t really belong back in the drawer with the clean stuff, and sometimes just gets left on the floor, on a chair, etc. I thought about adding a coat hook/rack in my room but there isn’t really space, I found some over the door hooks and put them over my folding closet doors so far I have been hanging the clothing items there—but these few hooks fill up fast and it would be much better to have them all around the perimeter of the room. :) ok slight exaggeration–but I would be okay with several more.

  7. Awesome! We just de-cluttered our garage, but if I had my way I would go all out and build shelves and get clear containers and make it amazing. But we will probably be moving within the year so these grand ideas will have to wait. Thanks for sharing so many ideas. Many of them made it to my “Garage Organization” Pinterest file.

  8. Lol you seriously make me want to move, immediately, to someplace with a giant garage!! :) We’re in a cute little unit and we have a tiny storage cupboard downstairs. It is so well organised, that despite the fact that the whole cupboard is completely stuffed from top to bottom, it won’t fall out when you open the door! It’s actually pretty impressive :) You also can’t find anything in there, and I can’t actually do anything about anything in there because it’s all giant stuff that’s too heavy for me to lift, but I’m obviously not missing it, so we might ‘lose’ a bunch of it sometime soon anyway. Love the ideas you post :) Also drooling over the tiny labels you did for all the nails and nuts and bolts – I can’t wait to be so organised one day!! And no matter how insane he’d think I was, I’m sure that at least subconsciously, as he reached to grab for something or other without even having to LOOK, my husband would love it :)

  9. A word of advise, if you’ll have it. We did overhead storage all along the back wall of our garage. I don’t know if it was a weight issue, or the length of screws that we used, maybe both, but something gave way and we lost that shelving unit and all that was stored up there. Be careful with the weight of things you place on those wall attached shelves, and be mindful of the length of screw that you use to install them.

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