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A roof! With some sap on the side

Hi friends!  Sharing a few pics of our new house progress.  I love the framing stage!  It moves so quickly and every time we stop by there is so much more to see.  Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks –   
Kenny standing on the girls’ upstairs balcony.  
Upstairs hallway.  Every time I walk up here I picture myself in my pajamas in the morning waking the kids up for school.  :)  It will be strange being on a different floor than them.  I think I’ll love it and hate it all at the same time.  

This is a picture of Kole’s room upstairs and you can see the outline of a door framed.  We discovered some empty space next to his room because the roof is pitched behind it so we are going to create a cool little addition.  We’re thinking of putting in a bookcase and making it a secret door that opens into a little hang out for him.  I love the idea of a secret door!  It’s so… secretive.  Although now that I’ve shared it with everyone reading this blog maybe it’s not so secretive after all.  :)  I’m picturing a fun space for all of his trains.

The girls beg to go to the new house so they can rake and play in the dirt in the back yard.  We could move in and not even put grass in that yard and my kids would be so entertained.  
Dirty – but entertained.  :)
These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago.  They were just starting the roof.  
 Kenny and Ad on the front balcony. 

 A view of the back of the house.  Roofless.  :) 
 This is how things were looking a little over a week ago.  

And this is a picture from last weekend.  We have half of our roof!  Very exciting.  Now it’s finally starting to look like the house that has been in my head for years just waiting to come to life.  :)

It’s a bit surreal seeing this house take shape and several times when I have been walking through it I start to feel emotional.  Partly because I’m sleep deprived (which always results in easy flowing tears!), and partly because I see our future in this house.  I see Christmas morning in the family room.  I see birthday parties in the back yard.  I see friends over for dinner – preferably prepared by Kenny at the grill so that I don’t have to mess up my kitchen.  ;)  I see my girls walking down the stairs all dressed up for their first date.  I see all three of my kids growing up and Kenny and I growing older together.  I see good times and bad times and every time in between in this house.  And sometimes it makes me want to cry.  Happy tears, but tears just the same.  I am a visual person and I love picking out cabinets and fixtures and paint colors and picturing what this house will look like when it’s finished.  But even more than that, I love picturing all of the memories that will be made in this house and how over the years this house will become a home.

And I am going to stop writing now because Kenny so enjoys teasing me when I get sappy and I have just given him an abundance of material for weeks to come.  :)

Enjoy your day! 
xoxo, Erin
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25 thoughts on “A roof! With some sap on the side

  1. We had a secret room behind a bookcase in our basement when I was a teenager. It was so fun to hide in there and make noises when unsuspecting guests would come over.
    Your house is looking amazing!

  2. So much progress. It already looks stunning. You will be making so many memories. You made me laugh about Kenny cooking on the BBQ so you don’t mess your kitchen. I remember when we first bought our house. It had that new house scent. I didn’t want to cook in it and lose that new smell. I still don’t want to cook in it…Ha! Can’t wait to see more pictures as it progresses!

  3. Omg, omg!!!! I remember when we built our first house…soooooo exciting….and just as exciting watching yours be bulilt. And its friggin HUGE!! I love how its not just a huge rectangle sticking up in the air, we totally like the same styles of houses. Most of my saved floorplans look like yours. The secret bookcase is oh so cool. I cant wait to see the inside when its done. Eeeeek!

  4. Wow it looks like a real house with the roof on! – it looks gorgeous! You almost made ME start crying with that last paragraph! – I can’t wait to be building our own place!! And you’re just going to love that you spent so much time and brainpower and energy making everything perfect! :) Secret space = awesome! :)

  5. Super exciting! So much progress. I can’t remember if I’ve asked this before but, What will the square footage of your home be? Thats awesome about the secret door! WhenI was little my best friend had a small door & a craw through that led to to room next to hers & we played in it all the time!

  6. Your home looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing the journey. That last paragraph really got me. My mother-in-law passed away on Friday, and we bought our house from her. So, we have 29 years of memories in our home already given the time they lived here and now the time we have lived here. So many Christmas Eve breakfast memories(an annual event that we hold for my husband’s extended family) and gatherings of family large and small. I could go on and on, but I will try to stop here. We have been SO blessed, and you will too in your new home! I cant wait to watch them unfold here for you.

  7. This house is amazing! Woot woot! I’m a little confused though. In all the pictures I never saw a picture with the words
    “Stephanie’s bedroom”. LOL
    I am so happy for you and Kenny. You guys have worked so hard for this and deserve every ounce of it!

  8. Thank you so much everyone! Such sweet comments – it is so fun sharing this experience with all of you!

    Dee – I’m so sorry to hear about your mother in law. How special for you that you can always remember her and so many good times in your new/old home.

  9. Erin!
    I am so happy to see the house coming along. This is too exciting. I loved what you said about seeing your future in the house. Well put.
    I love watching it all come together. Thanks for posting all the pictures. So fun!
    I am coming to CA in Nov. with Dave’s family. We are doing a 3 day Disney package and a day at the beach. I don’t know if we will make it down to San Diego though. I will for sure come down some time when you finish the house. I can’t wait to see it!

  10. love it!!! looks great..and cannot wait to see how you incoporate your style and organizing into that amazing space!!!

  11. Your home is going to be beautiful!! All of the memories you make inside with your family just add to its beauty and meaning! Loved the “sap”, so there, Kenny! haha. :)

  12. Thanks everyone!

    Paula – thank you! I am having a hard time being patient. I can’t wait to move in and start organizing everything!

    Koni – fun to hear from you! I’m calling today. :)

  13. Looks great! I love following along on your progress. The different roof peaks are beautiful, and it gives your home alot of character! I am probably almost as excited as you to see the final outcome!

  14. So exciting Erin! So happy for you and your cute family. Good luck with all the decision to come and try to get some sleep ;) Be sure to keep posting pictures of the progress, it’s so fun to see your house coming along.

  15. Erin,

    I’m glad someone else bawls at sentimental thoughts other than me! :-p I’m such a cry baby but I suppose that’s just the way I’m supposed to be. It’s very exciting to see everything come into shape! When is your estimated move-in date? Looks like they’ll be hanging drywall by Christmas. :-)


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