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Weekend wrap-up

 Saturday morning we went to the beach.  

 Addie hunted sand crabs.  
Ellie hit the waves.  

 All three kids played in the sand and enjoyed a snack.  

 I soaked in the sunshine and took lots of pictures.  

 Kenny spent time in the ocean with the girls.  
Grins on all three faces for well over an hour.  

The little dude lounged in some shade.  
For a whopping 2.2 seconds.
Not long enough to give mom much of a break.  
But long enough to try on dad’s sunglasses giving mom a pretty adorable photo opp. so all was forgiven.  
Saturday afternoon included a shopping trip with the girls for new school clothes.  
Kenny and Ellie were good sports.
Addison and I could have shopped all night!
The two of us are positively giddy about our purchases. 
Church on Sunday.  
No pics because getting my crew ready and out the door on time Sunday morning is an unbelievable feat. And after church we are all in a race to see who can change out of dress clothes and into pajama’s first. 
It’s close, but I’m usually the winner.  
Then it’s afternoon nap time for Kole…
followed by a trip to the lot (everything is always followed by a trip to the lot).  :)
 And then some time at the park.

 Because the girls need space to ride.  (Safety first!) 

 And this boy needs space to run.  
LOTS and LOTS of space to run.
Two weeks of summer left!
We are cramming a lot in.
And then LET IT END!
Happy Monday everyone! 
xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up

  1. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!I LOVE weekends like that! Unfortunately, our weekend was spent cleaning the house, powerwashing the house and deck and cleaning the windows!! Better luck for us next weekend!! Hee! Hee!

  2. Your house is coming along so fast already. I love all the updates. We start school in two days, I am not ready to give up my kids yet, denial!

  3. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! I have to grin when you show your little man and tell how little time he spends on one thing! I have one just like it!!! :) I think 2.5 seconds is about the amount of time he can entertain himself…unless of course it’s something he’s not supposed to do! Then all bets are off and he’s like the energizer bunny and just keeps going! I’m right there with you and the shopping. My girls were very excited when we got to go…so wasn’t I. Too bad I wasn’t getting all those clothes for me :)

  4. Love your blog :)

    I wanted to ask if you guys were at Moonlight Beach by any chance? My in-laws live in Carlsbad and the photos look a lot like the beach we go to when we visit.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Susan – we have had SO many weekends like that lately! Never as fun to clean, but it sure feels good to start the week with a clean house. We had fun playing all weekend but I am paying for it today! Endless laundry, dishes, and a house and car full of sand. :)

    Hi Kimmie! We weren’t at Moonlight beach this weekend, but we go there all the time! I love Carlsbad. :)

  6. Sometimes a house can take over your life. I’m glad you’re squeezing some life in before school starts.

    Almost made a trip down to San Diego to buy a car, if I still want it, it may mean a trip to see you.

  7. Great pictures! The end of summer is bittersweet to me, I will miss the summer laid back schedule & time with my kids. Your so funny about all things ending w/ a trip to the lot. I would drive by it every day too !
    So exciting

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