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Trick #347

The ol’ blog is off to a slow start this week my friends.  You see, lately my organized spaces aren’t looking so organized…

And I am feeling a bit… hmm… how should I put it?
Oh yes.
 It seems a certain someone…

 has been up to his usual tricks.  

 And is wearing his mommy OUT.  
All I can say is it’s a good thing he has learned to say “love you” and blow kisses my way at bedtime.
[Trick #347 – act sweet to mom at night before bed in an attempt to make up for the complete and utter chaos and destruction I created throughout the day.]
If I don’t post again until this boy of mine starts Kindergarten, (or if I die from exhaustion before we get to that point) you’ll know why.  
I have a feeling a few of you out there can relate.  
Enjoy your day!

And with the help of some extra strength tylenol, I’ll enjoy mine.


xoxo, Erin
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33 thoughts on “Trick #347

  1. Oh Erin, hugs to you. It’s such a full-on time of life isn’t it. I think you might need to get lots and lots of cobs of corn to keep Kole busy by the look of those very cute pics! Be kind to yourself and try for another hours sleep tomorrow night :)
    Emma in Aus

  2. Oh my gosh! It sounds like our boys were made from the same mold:). Mine is the same….the picture of Kole with the shoes….my little Aderik could totally been the culprit for something like that:). I am grateful for the kisses and hugs as well ’cause he wears me out too! Thankfully my girls are older and not as mischievous because I might be in a padded room somewhere!!! Haha. Hope your Tuesday is better and that the Tylenol did the trick for you yesterday!

  3. I totally understand. I have a 3 year old n a 11
    Month old. I read your blog daily. You have the best organization ideas n family routines. I’m excited for your new house posts

  4. It’s that time of summer…I can hear it in my voice! I went to bed feeling massively guilty last night-a short temper and way too much over reaction from two little boys fighting. Today is a new day, and only a few weeks till a routine settles in and school starts for the older ones. And I can’t wait till I can clean and straighten a room and it will stay that way for more than 2 minutes!
    Kole is SO cute….it is such a busy age-especially those boys! I get it trust me!

  5. I love Kole’s little curly twirls on the side of his head. I am sure he keeps you hopping! Enjoy it, you’re gonna miss these days!

  6. This post makes me laugh. Boys and girls are so incredibly different!
    I have 2 boys – ages 1 and 3. I have friends who have girls and they’ll sit nicely and play and be quiet and there’s no chaos. Then my 2 boys arrive and it’s like: Let’s take everything off the shelves and run around like wild hyenas!
    It’s exhausting, I know. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world :) And those corn on the cob pictures are adorable!

  7. Oh! I can TOTALLY relate! This past weekend my hubby was out of town so it was me and the boys and they decided to wreck havoc and not nap for 2 days in a row!!! This preggo mama was exhausted! And I can totally relate to the comment from another reader. I feel like my boys arrive and it’s like a tornado came into town! Hang in there, I’m right there with you! ~gina

  8. I hear ya! Trav has always been a little bit of trouble but it always amazes me how they change overnight when they turn 2! I always say that it’s a good thing these little babies/toddlers are so stinkin’ cute because it makes it really hard to get angry at them and not just want to kiss those chubby cheeks!

  9. Ha! This makes me laugh. Just yesterday, I told my son {aged 4} that he’s lucky he’s cute. As a fellow teacher and mama, I’ve come to master “the look.” All I need to do is give him “the look” and he’ll stop whatever he’s doing, shrug his shoulders and say “I love you mama.” But, yes boys never stop but they sure know how to steal their mama’s heart.

  10. Yep, I have one of those at my house too! I need lots of Tylonel! He also has a huge obsession with shoes and takes ALL the shoes out of the closet to try and walk in them whenever possible! It’s “cute” but very messy and time consuming to put away.

    I thought of you yesterday afternoon as I pulled up your “homework cabinet” post and copied it exactly at my house! I actually thought you might be a little shocked if you ever come to my house and see your exact system sitting in my sunroom! Right down to the pink bins! It was a GREAT post and it simplified things immensely at our house…my kids haven’t seen it yet but I know my daughter will be over the moon. Your ideas were simple but genius, I gathered all the scattered crayons and markers that my little guy gets into all over the house and put them in the those lidded bins with labels. It all looks so clean and together. Now I can find my 5 year old’s workbooks and remember everything we have worked on because it’s right there. Thanks for your ideas!

  11. LOL been there , done that! My two are older, my son is 13, my daughter 10.
    My mom ( she had 8 children), her best advice was “This too shall pass”
    and it does, it gets easier :)

  12. My little boy is 4 1/2 and it just occurred to me last week that he no longer wants to get into all of my stuff!! I can actually put my ribbon and scrapbooking stashes within his reach, and amazingly, he no longer gets into them and pulls everything out. I thought that would never end!! I love the sweet, sweet moments of baby & toddler-hood, but it’s a wonderful freedom to feel like you can have your own things again!! ((hugs)) Before you know it, you’re little boy will be too busy playing with his cars and Legos to get into everything of yours! :)

  13. Oh my word! Thank you so much for your comments everyone! I knew so many of you would get it! Boys really ARE so different than girls. My girls at this age would sit and color or look at books or do something constructive for longer than 5 minutes. Kole never stops! Like you said Sara – a wild hyena comes to mind! :) I know I’m going to miss this stage at some point. I tell myself that over and over all day! Jess – you are right though… he has stolen my heart and I love that little stinker so much. Even though I think I may just end up with Jen in a padded room somewhere! HA!! :) (loved that one Jen)

    Lynnsey – YEA! I’m so excited that my craft/homework cupboard post was so helpful! I agree – it’s so simple but it works great for the kiddos. Thank you! Your comment made my day! :)

  14. I can SO relate! My blog posts are sometimes weeks apart. And I hate that! But it is what it is, and this stage in my life is super busy. So, I just blog when I can.

    By the way, I love how some little curls are twisting up in Kole’s hair (the high chair pictures) Is he due for a haircut, or will you let the curls come out more? So cute!

  15. Erin, I can SOOOO relate! My 8-year-old with severe autism has so much trouble sleeping and today we’ve been up since 2 am! Yawn. Hang in there, you are definitely not alone! I hope that you get a little bit of calm in your day today. :)

  16. Ah…the baby shuffle is what i call the toddler days! A big fat fountain drink with that Tylenol should the trick!

  17. Erin – I completely feel for you. My 2 1/2 year old has been giving me a run for my money lately. She is so stubborn and obnoxious at times, I want to pull my hair out. Her big brother just started kindergarten and I still haven’t decided if this is going to be better or worse than having them both home with me! :)

  18. *waving my hand wildly* I get it! I get it!!!

    I have already told you about my -holycrapi’mgoingtohavetogototheparkeverydayfortherestofmylife- breakdown moment when Seth was little.

    I remember thinking, how come he doesn’t sit and watch movies like my girls did? :)

  19. Oh so precious and exhausting at the same time! He’s so cute. I remember the pre-teens were easier with my son than daughter if that helps :)!

  20. Thanks Katrina! I actually just took him to get his hair cut. I loved the curls, but the top of his hair was hanging in his face and driving me nuts. It grows so fast!

    TheFiveDays – I’m so sorry to hear about your son! Being up in the night like that is the absolute worst because it makes the next day when everyone is so tired equally awful. I’ve been there many times. Glad we’re not alone!

    Lauren – most days I laugh AND cry! :)

    And Shari – I’m heading to the park in an hour. Yes. It is my new residence. Wish you were meeting me there today!

  21. Yes, 4 boys here, but it’s my 23 month old that is killing me. Just in the past couple weeks, he has started to slow down slightly. But boy can he make a huge mess while he’s “entertaining” himself.

  22. I remember those days …my twins are 11 now but at age 2 they could trash a room in record time!
    BTW your linen closet is a thing of beauty!

  23. I think some kids just have ‘the master of disaster’ gene. Child #3 has it and the jury’s not out on #4, but its not looking good.
    Maybe its the weather? #4 screamed for an hour tonight while I took her swimming/made dinner/got her ready for bed. #2 and #3 are fighting. I’m going insane.

  24. How did this happen?! Why is he only in a diaper, next to the car with the doors open. Never mind. You are cleaning out the car.

  25. Lol I have 2 girls and I’m pregnant at the moment. I find out in a few weeks if it’s a girl or boy, but all these comments are kind of scaring me if it’s a boy!! :) My girls just love to play together with their dolls and dress ups, I guess a boy will be a major learning experience?! :) But you guys seem like such great buddies, I’m sure either way it’ll be perfect, give or take a day of exhaustion or two :)

  26. I have 4 boys! My house is one loud mess constantly! I have one sweet girl who sits and colors and plays quietly and I am amazed daily at her!

  27. Ha! Long story for that one Kathleen.. but I should have been cleaning out the car! :)

    Abby – don’t stress at all! I LOVE having a boy. But yes- perfect with a dose of exhaustion. :)

  28. I’m sorry Erin, I know exactly how you feel. And to be honest… sometimes it’s nice to know someone else goes through the same things I do. If we can make it until they turn 3… 3 is a magical age ;)

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